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Chapter 92 A Perfect Deal! (3)

The other members of the Fei Li Battle Team were also impressed with the huge Skill Storing Palace, and they also went to the doors of their respective Attributes to ask the employees about their own Skill Storing.

As Zhou Weiqing walked towards the right-most door, he asked the employee at the side of the door: “h.e.l.lo, I would like to ask if you all have any Heavenly Beasts with the Time Attribute within this ‘Others’ exit?”

The employee had clearly noticed the group of them earlier, and naturally knew they were from the Fei Li Battle Team, who had managed to battle their way into the top four of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. As such, he was extremely courteous as he replied: “Hold on a moment, let me check for you.”

As he said that, he lifted his hand and swiped it across the large gem on the side, and a strange sight appeared as the gem lit up in a dim gold light, and an image appeared on it.

Zhou Weiqing’s jaw dropped as he stared in shock. “What is that?!”

The employee said proudly with a slight smile: “This is an invention by our Skill Storing Palace, and can only be found here. It consists of the Spatial, Light and Darkness Attributes, and our own specialised sealing formations and some other secret techniques to create this unique gemstone. It allows us to store images and information, and it is extremely convenient for us to search through it.  We call it the l.u.s.tre Gem.”

As he said that, an array of light appeared as he continued controlling the device. Turning back to Zhou Weiqing, the employee said: “Alright, there are twenty seven Heavenly Beasts in total with the Time Attribute, of which twelve are of the s.h.i.+ Stage, eight of the Zun Stage, seven of the Zong Stage or higher. You can actually check on their Skills and their effects and power here before you decide on which one you would like to try Storing, and that will save a lot of your time. Once you have chosen, we will send someone to send you to the corresponding Skill Storing Chamber. Here in our ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace, every of our Heavenly Beasts have their own personal chambers, even the lowest staged ones.”

Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in surprise: “Every Heavenly Beast has their own chamber? That must have taken so work, effort and s.p.a.ce!”

The employee smiled faintly, saying: “This must be your first time in our ZhongTian City right? This is actually not a secret, but the entire underground, 300 metres below the ZhongTian Plaza, it is all actually part of our Skill Storing Palace. We have the capacity to hold more than three thousand different Heavenly Beasts!”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing sucked in a cold breath. What sort of wealth was needed to splurge like that?! Sigh… the Heavenly Bow Empire did not even have a Skill Storing Palace, yet look at their Skill Storing Palace over here. This was truly the power of the top Empire… Envy, Jealousy, Hate!

After a moment of surprise, Zhou Weiqing focused his gaze on the gemstone screen, looking through the options as he prepared to choose two Time Attribute Skills to Store. If he could manage to gain two power Time Attribute Skills, it would undoubtedly be a huge benefit to their team effort in the upcoming matches.

“If you still have Elemental Jewels which have not gone through Skill Storing, I recommend that you hold off temporarily for now.” Just as Zhou Weiqing was looking through the options, a familiar voice rang out from behind him. At the same time, the employee beside him was already bowing at a ninety degree respectful bow from the waist.

Zhou Weiqing turned in surprise to see that Shangguan Longyin and appeared behind him unknowingly, smiling at him.

“h.e.l.lo, Senior Shangguan.” Towards Shangguan Longyin, he definitely had a very favourable impression.

Shangguan Longyin waved towards the employee, who quickly moved back to the far end, leaving the two alone.

“Weiqing, I have reported your terms to the two Palace Masters, and they have considered it very seriously. Unfortunately, we do not have any dragons, and are not able to meet that. Second Palace Master also indicated that he will not use Third Miss’ marriage as a bargaining chip.

Zhou Weiqing nodded rather indifferently, saying: “I understand. That’s alright then.” He had a firm grasp on psychology, and he knew that in bargaining, he could not show any sign of urgency, only then would he be able to gain the greatest benefit.

As expected, Shangguan Longyin quickly said: “Wait, don’t be so hasty, let me finish. The two Palace Masters said that if you are willing to sell your Immortal Deity Technique to us, we can use three G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to trade with you, and we can even specially design them for you. At the same time, we can let you stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island as long as you want, and the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Skill Storing Palace Headquarters will also be available for you to go through Skill Storing as necessary.”

Hearing Shangguan Longyin’s words, Zhou Weiqing almost drooled with glee. Originally, he had thought that after much bargaining, he might be able to get a single custom made G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, and that would be a great profit for him. Unexpectedly, their first counter offer had already been a direct three, with the added free Skill Storing! Without question, the Heavenly Beasts on the Heavenly Jewel Island were likely to be even better than those of the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace, and this was perhaps why Shangguan Longyin had stopped him from choosing earlier.

The trade terms were so good that Zhou Weiqing was unable to reject them, and even his thick skin was unable to continue conning them further. In order to calm himself down, he did not agree at once, instead asking: “Senior Shangguan, what does this staying on the Heavenly Jewel Island as long as I want mean?”

Shangguan Longyin said: “That is actually a right that only the Heaven’s Expanse Palace main bloodline has. Basically, what it means is as long as you want, you can leave and return to the Heavenly Jewel Island anytime you want, and n.o.body will stop you. Simply put, you will have an ‘infinite Heavenly Jewel Plaque’, or in other words, you will be considered a part of the Heavenly Jewel Island, but without any restrictions on your freedom.

In truth, the reason why Shangguan Longyin was here to speak to Zhou Weiqing today was because the two Palace Masters had discussed Zhou Weiqing’s situation in detail, examining every sc.r.a.p of knowledge they had about this youth.

Shangguan Tianyue had not expected that this son-in-law to be of his actually had such an outstanding talent. Although he had not gone through any proper training of Heavenly Jewel Masters from a young age, and could be said to be extremely lacking in that sense, he had already achieved an unbelievable height after a mere three years of his Heavenly Jewels Awakening! That was already more than comparable to any of their main disciples or bloodline, in fact, perhaps not just in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but even the other Great Saint Lands too. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was still only seventeen years old, and he had a great future ahead indeed.

When Shangguan Tianyue had heard Shangguan Xue’er’s report to him, he had finally acknowledged this son-in-law to-be of his, at least on a primary level for now. Soon after, Shangguan Longyin had came back with news about the cultivation technique of his and the willingness to do a trade. After much discussion between Shangguan Tianyue and his elder brother, the First Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang, they had finally came to such a decision.

Without question, the terms given by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace were highly advantageous, almost unbelievably good. It could be said that they did not bother bargaining, directly offering him their maximum bottom line. First of all, they wanted to see what Zhou Weiqing’s character was like facing such a huge enticement, and the other reason, perhaps more importantly, was to have an excuse to officially train and develop Zhou Weiqing properly, and to also keep him on good terms with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. After all, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was extremely huge, and though the two Palace Masters might have absolute power and say, they still needed to consider how their subordinates would think.

After listening to Shangguan Longyin’s words, Zhou Weiqing paused for a moment, deep in thought, before finally saying: “I’d like to thank Senior Shangguan and both Palace Masters for their kindness and generosity. With such favourable conditions, if I do not accept, I would be much too greedy. However, I do have a small request – I do not require designing custom G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls as I have several designs in hand. I myself am actually a Consolidating Equipment Master, and I hope that the three sets of G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls can be according to the designs I have. At the same time, I also hope that I can watch during the creation of the three sets. Besides that, I am extremely happy with all the conditions.”

“You… you have G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll designs?! Could it be … a Legendary Set?” Shangguan Longyin exclaimed, looking at him in surprise.

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “As you have seen, I already have a G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, and that is the first piece of my Legendary Set. As such, I will definitely only Consolidate the other pieces of my Legendary Set in order to complete it.”

Shangguan Longyin nodded, saying: “That is not a big problem. Of course, if you have the designs it is even better, and will save us much trouble too. However, to watch our Masters at work, that might be difficult. After all, G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters have very high status in the Heavenly Jewel Island, and even our Palace Masters aren’t able to order them to do anything they do not want. This will depend on your own luck; we can put forth the request to the Masters who will work on your sets, but whether or not they agree is up to them. If they do agree, that will be good; but if they do not agree, we will think of something else to compensate you with.”

Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate any further, smiling as he said: “Alright, then I fully accept all the terms of the trade. Even if the Seniors do not wish to, then that is fine.”

With Zhou Weiqing providing his own designs, it was much easier than customizing a design for him. Furthermore, by using his design, the G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Master would naturally be able to remember it, and it would actually be a benefit to the Heavenly Jewel Island! As such, that was the reason why Shangguan Longyin said they would compensate him.”

Of course, Zhou Weiqing was extremely clear about that point. As a Consolidating Equipment Master himself, how could he not know about the importance and value of a Legendary Set design? However, he would not take out the entire set of designs, no matter how much money or favourable trades, he would never do so. After all, he had to ensure that this Legendary Set of his was unique, and one of a kind. This was his teacher Huyan Ao’s teaching lineage’s Founder’s fruit of painstaking labour, and was a top quality work that could possibly make history. How could he possibly sell or trade it away?

Of course, if it were only three designs out of the entire set, that would not be a big problem as the overall secret of the entire set would still be kept. With those three sets of Scrolls, it would be more than sufficient to tide him over until he reached the six-Jeweled cultivation level. By that time, he was also confident that his own Consolidating Equipment Master skills would be polished to a new height, and perhaps he wouldn’t be far from creating his own equipment by then. After all, some of the earlier Scrolls in the Sets did not totally require a G.o.d Tier Jewel Master power, with only a Zong Stage Jewel Master power required.

Even though Zhou Weiqing had an incredible talent on his Heavenly Jewel Master cultivation, he had never given up on the dream of becoming a G.o.d Tier Consolidating Equipment Master. After all, his goal was not just an ordinary fighter, an ordinary adventurer, but a leader, a leader who would bring his Empire to new heights. With the draw that a Consolidating Equipment Master brought to Jewel Masters, it was much more than being any ordinary powerhouse. He had already felt that deeply even as just a mere Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master, experiencing first hand how important such a master could be. With that, how could he possibly give up such an important step to his dream? Furthermore, he held the hopes and dreams of his teacher Huyan Aobo as well, and he had given his promise.

As such, after some quick thought, Zhou Weiqing had added the request of watching the creation. No matter how good having the scrolls were, it would be even better if he could learn how to create them himself, and watching a G.o.d Tier Consolidating Master create them would definitely teach him something, paving the road for his future as an outstanding G.o.d Tier Consolidating Master of his own. Still, he did not want to add too many requests, at least trying to give the impression that he was honest, many naive. After all, his Immortal Deity Technique perhaps wasn’t worth that much! If not for his relations.h.i.+p with Shangguan Bing’er, perhaps he would be afraid that they would renege on the deal after realising the true nature of the technique.

How could poor Shangguan Longyin know that this honest looking youth in front of him, who was in truth more shrewd and cunning than a monkey, had already calculated so much. Seeing that Zhou Weiqing did not try to add anymore conditions, he immediately felt the impression of the youth increase another notch.

Just in the time that they were discussing, the other three Battle Teams had slowly arrived one by one. These three teams stood at a distance from one another, without any discourse between one another, though they glared icily at each other once in a while.

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