WebNovel Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 155 – Third Master Likes to Tease Wanwan, Bad Hobby

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Chapter 155: Third Master Likes to Tease Wanwan, Bad Hobby

Song Fengwan had gone back to her room to take an afternoon nap before continuing studying. She was about to take her examinations, so she couldn’t help feeling nervous.

In the afternoon, Qiao Xiyan came to tell her that they were going out for dinner.

It was snowing heavily in the north, and many highways were still sealed for snow removal. Judging by the road conditions, she would be returning to Yuncheng in the next two days, so he got her to pack her luggage.

“So fast?”

“You have a few more days before your exams, yet you’re not in a hurry. Auntie has already called twice to rush you. There’s an examination venue in Yuncheng, and many students have already gone there to prepare in advance. The surrounding hotels are all full.”

“Oh,” Song Fengwan replied in a low voice.

“Pack up. We’ll go out for dinner later.”

Qiao Xiyan gave her a deep look. When I sent her over here before, she looked unwilling. Now, she’s reluctant to part ways? Has she developed feelings after staying here?

With the time of the examinations, they could have always delayed leaving for two days. But Qiao Xiyan was really annoyed by Huai Sheng’s knocking of the wooden fish.

Had he been twenty years younger, he would have definitely beaten this brat up. But it was unreasonable for him to argue with a child at his age.

Knocking of the wooden fish, reciting Buddhist scriptures, and making squeaky sounds were very annoying.

The little monk was probably here to jinx him.

The main thing was that he had ruined a piece of jade. He felt aggrieved.


It had snowed heavily last night. The snow on the road had been cleared away, and the heavy snow had melted, but the cold wind made people s.h.i.+ver.

Song Fengwan looked at her phone and realized that it was Christmas Eve tonight. It would be Christmas tomorrow, a major holiday, yet her cousin had actually asked her to rush home.

He isn’t the least bit interesting at all.

If he continues like this, when will he find me a sister-in-law?

Thinking that it was the holidays, she deliberately put on a red woolen sweater and a white down jacket before heading downstairs.

Fu Chen and Qiao Xiyan were sitting on the same sofa and watching China Central TV’s news channel. They occasionally talked about current affairs and politics, which were boring and vapid.

Huai Sheng was crouching on the ground and tugging at Fu Xinhan’s face.

Not only did this dog have a lot of meat on his body, but his face was also round. After eating so many good things, he actually dared to s.n.a.t.c.h his steamed bun too.

He wanted to slap him again, but he hurriedly retracted his hand.

Buddha, your follower has sinned. As a monk, I should be merciful and not bear grudges. Even if he’s a dog, I should be merciful. I shouldn’t discriminate against him, and I should care for all living beings…

After chanting, he gently stroked the dog’s head.

Fu Xinhan bared his teeth. He felt a little scared from his touch.


The four of them drove off. Qiao Xiyan had chosen the place online—a popular restaurant specializing in Beijing dishes.

When they entered the private room, they ordered four dishes and a pickled vegetable and mutton hotpot. Qiao Xiyan ordered hot freshly-squeezed red bean juice for Song Fengwan and Huai Sheng.

Huai Sheng held the gla.s.s and took small sips.

“Do you drink alcohol?” Qiao Xiyan looked at Fu Chen.

“I’m a Buddhist. I abstain from drinking.”

Qiao Xiyan only ordered a pot of hot wine for himself. He wanted to thank Fu Chen tonight, so he couldn’t possibly use tea as a subst.i.tute for wine. He would appear insincere.

Song Fengwan drank the red bean juice and criticized him in her head.

What abstain from drinking?

This big fat liar. He obviously drinks alcohol, eats meat, and is even interested in women.

If that event hadn’t happened, I would really have been deceived.

My cousin wants to have a drink with you. Why are you pretending to be virtuous?

“Wanwan, why are you looking at me?” Fu Chen suddenly s.h.i.+fted his gaze to her, as though he could see through her at a glance. This girl is probably scolding me in her head.

“Big Sister, are you really leaving?” Huai Sheng bit his lips. “Didn’t you say you would accompany me? I just got here. Why are you leaving?”

“I’m going home for the exams. They’re very important.”

“Are you coming back after the exams?”

Qiao Xiyan raised an eyebrow. What’s wrong with this little monk?

“This…” Song Fengwan smiled awkwardly. “I have other exams to prepare for after this exam. I think I’ll be very busy. ”

“I heard from those senior brothers that the women outside the mountains are good-looking, but their words can’t be trusted. The more beautiful a woman is, the better she is at lying. I thought that Big Sister was an exception. I didn’t expect you to be the same.” Huai Sheng pouted, his tiny face fuming.

Huai Sheng was very smart and had a high EQ. Although he was criticizing Song Fengwan, he was indirectly praising her beauty. All girls liked to hear such words. This didn’t make Song Fengwan feel upset. Instead, she felt very comfortable.

She s.h.i.+fted her seat and sat beside him. “Big Sister is really busy. I’m not lying to you.”

After the entrance examination ended, the campus recruitment would start soon. Everyone would be rus.h.i.+ng to various universities to take the examinations, which took place at different times. She might have to travel around outside for the next month or two.

“No wonder the senior brothers said that women are the source of calamity and the root of evil. One mustn’t come into contact with them.” Huai Sheng spoke self-righteously, not knowing that he would be slapped in the face in the future.

“I’ll come and find you after I’m done, all right?” Song Fengwan had to come if she wanted to apply to the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Swear to Buddha.”

Song Fengwan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She could only listen to him. Only then did Huai Sheng tug on her hand and call her ‘Big Sister’ affectionately once again.

“Big Sister, your hand is so smooth. It’s different from my master’s and senior brothers’.”

“Really?” Song Fengwan touched his hand, feeling conflicted.

It hadn’t been long since winter started, but he was already suffering from frostbite. Even though Uncle Nian had applied hand oil on him before they went out just now, his hand was still rough and chapped.

Fu Chen lowered his head and took a sip of hot tea. It was a very wise decision to fetch Huai Sheng back.

This little monk knows how to judge the situation. Not bad.

Meanwhile, the corner of Qiao Xiyan’s lips twitched.

The little monk is young, yet he is touching a girl’s hand.

He declared that he follows the rules and precepts, yet he’s clearly a little pervert.


Soon, the dishes were served. Qiao Xiyan wanted to talk to Fu Chen while drinking, so Song Fengwan helped Huai Sheng pick up some pickled vegetables and mutton. They were all family, so it didn’t matter who started eating first.

“Eat quickly.” Song Fengwan doted on him even more.

Huai Sheng hesitated for a moment and even put his palms together. He apologized to Buddha first and asked him to forgive him for committing another sin. “Amitabha. Forgive my sins.”

Song Fengwan looked at him and laughed. Qiao Xiyan stared at him, itching to sc.r.a.pe his s.h.i.+ny head with a knife a few times.

You should just eat if you want to, yet you insist on acting out such a scene.

Who are you trying to fool?

Huai Sheng and Song Fengwan had practically been eating the whole time…

… Until Qiao Xiyan pushed a small wine cup in front of her and filled it up to the brim. “Come and make a toast to Third Master with me.”

“Just let her drink her juice.” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. This was home-brewed Chinese white wine. It was sweet, mellow, and had a high alcohol concentration. Song Fengwan might not last more than one cup with her alcohol tolerance.

Song Fengwan glanced at Qiao Xiyan, who remained cold and silent.

“I’m fine.” Song Fengwan stood up with the wine cup in hand. “Thank you for taking care of me these few days, Third Master. Thank you very much…”

She uttered plenty of polite pleasantries. Fu Chen got up and held his teacup. When the cups touched, there was a clinking sound. Only then did Song Fengwan swallow the wine.

Although there wasn’t much alcohol in the small wine cup, it was spicy when it slid down her throat. She hurriedly picked up her juice and downed the large gla.s.s.

This liquor…

… is so strong.

Qiao Xiyan kept toasting Fu Chen, and the wine he ordered was quickly finished. When he drank, his complexion didn’t change much, but his eyes became a little dreamy. He already looked drunk.

“Cousin, it’s enough,” Song Fengwan reached out and tugged at his arm.

She had only drunk a little, but her chest still felt like it was on fire, and her entire body was sweating and burning.

“I’m going to the restroom.” Qiao Xiyan also felt a little drunk and wanted to wash his face to sober up.


Not long after Qiao Xiyan left, Song Fengwan saw the teapot arrive in front of her on the turntable. Her mouth and tongue were dry, so she poured herself a cup of tea. “Third Master, do you want some tea?”

“Okay,” Fu Chen replied. Because there had been Qiao Xiyan between the two of them, they had not spoken much during the meal.

Song Fengwan got up and walked over to his side to pour him some tea. She shot him a look out of the corner of her eye, put down the teapot, and leaned over toward him.

Fu Chen frowned. Why did she suddenly get so close…

What does she want to do?

Song Fengwan reached out and gently brushed a spot below his eyes. She even blew a mouthful of hot air…

Her breathing carried the stench of alcohol. It was hot and burning.

Fu Chen liked to tease her. Although his face looked calm, it wasn’t like he wasn’t emotionally affected. When she leaned over like this…

To him, it was like a disguised form of seduction.

When did this little girl become so bold?

Song Fengwan frowned as her fingertip rubbed below his eyes. But Fu Chen suddenly grabbed her hand. His wrist exerted force, and the distance between the two of them instantly narrowed.

“Third Master!” Song Fengwan’s face paled from shock.

“What are you doing?”

“No, on your face…”

“It’s dangerous to grope a man’s face, understand?” Especially when he has designs on you.

“There’s an eyelash.” Song Fengwan’s wrist was held by him, and she couldn’t break free.

“You wiped it off?”

“No… no.” The eyelash seemed to be stuck on his face.

“Really?” Fu Chen smiled at her. “Then continue wiping.”

Song Fengwan’s heart skipped a beat. Didn’t he just say that touching his face is dangerous?

But he wants me to continue wiping?

Huai Sheng, who was chewing on a pickled vegetable, glanced over and then lowered his head hurriedly… Amitabha. Do not look at what is contrary to propriety.


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