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Chapter 106: Coaxing

Fu Chen looked at the girl in front of him and took a deep breath. Her eyes were watery, and she looked very helpless.

I got tricked by her, but I didn’t even scold her. But now, she’s the one feeling wronged.

Song Fengwan raised her arms, wanting to break free from his grasp, but lacked the strength.

“Are you crying?” Fu Chen was a little annoyed. But he still adjusted his emotions and tried to speak gently.

“No.” She looked up and seemed to be struggling to control something.

Fu Chen lowered his head and moved closer so that their eyes were level. He loosened his fingers slightly and caressed her hair. “Did I frighten you?”

“Hmm?” Song Fengwan harrumphed softly, her eyes watery.

When he got closer, he found some cold sweat on her forehead and the tip of her nose, and even her breath was cold.

Recalling how the little fellows in his family had also been scared to tears by him before, he could only control his temper and comfort her gently. “It’s alright. I don’t blame you. Don’t cry.”

“Really?” Song Fengwan looked straight at him, seemingly asking for a guarantee.

“Yes.” What else can I do? Even if I got tricked just now and feel bitter about it, I still have to endure it and coax her.

After getting a satisfactory answer, she sniffed. “Actually…” She bit her lip. “My stomach hurts. It’s… It’s that…”

“Your stomach hurts?” Fu Chen furrowed his eyebrows even more. So this little girl was lying to me just now, wasn’t she? The saying ‘the more you care, the more entangled you get’ is true after all.

“Yes.” Song Fengwan was on her period. Her stomach was hurting badly, and she had planned to go downstairs to see if there were any painkillers.

But she didn’t expect to meet Fu Chen in the corridor and couldn’t avoid him. When she wanted to go back to her room, she was in so much pain that she didn’t have any strength left, plus she was panicking. So when she couldn’t open the door, she was so anxious that she cried.

“That’s all?” Fu Chen heaved a long sigh of relief. Falling for her tricks twice in a day… I’m putty in her hands.

Song Fengwan nodded in embarra.s.sment. “Are there any painkillers at home?” If she was in pain all night, she wouldn’t be able to go to school tomorrow.

“Go back to your room and wait.” Fu Chen stuffed her back into her room before turning around to go downstairs.

When he saw s.h.i.+ Fang around the corner, his gaze turned cold. “Still looking?”

s.h.i.+ Fang rubbed his nose. You’re having troubles with Miss Song, but why am I receiving the brunt of your anger?


Having my period… What’s more at Fu Chen’s house… After Song Fengwan returned to her room, she pondered for a moment. Then still wrapped in her pajamas, she went downstairs again.

The first floor was very quiet. Fu Chen wasn’t at home. Did this person just leave me in my room and run away?

What a beast!

Song Fengwan was too embarra.s.sed to disturb others, so she endured the pain in her abdomen and held on to the table while rummaging around for a long time. She finally found the first-aid kit in a kitchen cabinet and took out the painkillers. She kept mumbling, wis.h.i.+ng she could curse Fu Chen to death. I thought he was going to get medicine for me, but sure enough…

Men are all pigs.

She endured the abdominal pain and was about to boil some water. Just as she turned on the tap, she heard the sound of the door opening. Fu Chen was holding a plastic bag.

“You’re on your period. Don’t touch cold water.” Fu Chen walked over quickly and pulled her aside.

“I wanted to boil some water.” Song Fengwan stared at him angrily.

“Go back to your room or wait outside.” Fu Chen picked up the electric kettle, filled it with water, and plugged it in.

He then took out two packets of brown sugar from the plastic bag and threw the painkillers that Song Fengwan had painstakingly found into the trash can. He did everything all in one go.

“You…” Song Fengwan was furious. How dare you throw my thing away? I went through so much to find it!

“Go back to your room. I’ll bring the brown sugar to you later.” Fu Chen turned his head to look at her. The little girl was hugging her stomach with her back hunched, and her face was full of resentment as she looked at him.

Afraid that he would run away again, Song Fengwan followed him in the kitchen for a while.

“Aren’t you going back?” Fu Chen lowered his gaze and stared at her. Any other time, he would have wished for her to stick to him all day long, but now was not the time.

“Third Master, have you really never had a girlfriend?” He actually knows to buy brown sugar.

Fu Chen stared at her with a serious expression.

“I was just asking. Hehe~” Song Fengwan lowered her head resentfully. Her ears started to heat up from his stare.


“I’m just…” Song Fengwan coughed twice, a little tongue-tied.

“Before my sister got married, there were always a few days every month where she would always order me to do things here and there and be very demanding. Whenever she felt the slightest unhappiness, she would get angry at me and even kick me. I asked her why, and she said that…

“She just felt that I looked annoying.

“She said that women had bad tempers these few days, so even if there’s anything I’m dissatisfied with, I had to hold it in.”

Fu Chen’s tone was calm, as if he was having a casual conversation.

Song Fengwan lowered his head and tried to hold back her laughter. Third Master Fu was kicked by someone before?


“Go back to your room after you’re done laughing.” Fu Chen patted her head. “Don’t run around if you’re not feeling well.”

Only then did Song Fengwan obediently return to her room.


After making the brown sugar water, Fu Chen went to her room. It only took a minute, but Song Fengwan had already changed more than twenty positions on the bed—lying on her stomach, kneeling on the bed, lying down flat on her back, lying sideways. But all the positions weren’t working no matter what. She just wished that she could cut herself open with a knife and die.

So when Fu Chen pushed the door open and entered, she was lying on the bed like a walking corpse, hugging her phone and scrolling through Weibo.

“Drink this.” Seeing that she was not feeling well, Fu Chen didn’t mind her playing on her phone for a while.

Song Fengwan got up and held the cup. The brown sugar water was very hot, so she could only take small sips. With hot water running down her throat, she felt much more comfortable.

Her period was usually quite regular. But recently, a lot of things had happened, and she had too much anxiety, so it didn’t come for a long time. Plus, she also went to the ski resort with Fu Chen for two days, so the pain this time was probably especially severe because of the cold.

Just as she lowered her head to drink the brown sugar water, someone lifted a corner of the blanket. Before she could react, a pair of warm hands suddenly touched her abdomen.

“Third…” Song Fengwan was stupefied. What is he doing?

He isn’t drunk this time, right? Is he taking advantage of my weak body to do something to me again?

Just as she was about to kick him away, something even warmer landed on her stomach. It was a hot water bag.

“Put this over your stomach.” Fu Chen already took his hands away and was sitting by the bed, his expression as serious as usual.

Song Fengwan nodded silently. Seems like he was taught well by his sister.

“You can just tell me. You don’t…” Luckily, it’s winter, so I’m wearing a lot of clothes. Otherwise, his hands would have touched my body directly.

“What?” Fu Chen pretended not to know.

“Men and women shouldn’t have physical contact with each other. Do you understand now?”

Fu Chen saw that her face was unusually serious and smiled. He suddenly leaned closer. “You want me to be responsible for you?”

His voice was hoa.r.s.e and deep, attractive and pleasant.

Song Fengwan’s pupils dilated as she shook her head vigorously. I didn’t mean that at all.


Then you’ll have to be responsible for a lot of things.

After Song Fengwan drank some brown sugar water and hugged the hot water bag, her body gradually warmed up. She felt so comfortable that she snuggled under the blanket. And she didn’t even worry about Fu Chen being in her room all along…


When Uncle Nian woke up in the middle of the night, he saw that the kitchen was a little messy. The first-aid kit had been taken out, and there was even an open box of brown sugar. He guessed that Song Fengwan wasn’t feeling well, so he went to check on her.

Her door wasn’t closed. He lightened his footsteps and pushed the door open…

He planned to check how she was doing. If she was fine, he would have just closed the door and left. But once he entered…

His jaws dropped…

He walked out with a pale face, looking as if he had seen a ghost.

Third Master and Wanwan…

Why are they sleeping on the same bed?

It’s really like seeing a ghost in the middle of the night. She’s not even an adult yet… Why couldn’t Third Master bear with it a little longer?


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