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Chapter 971: The Battle of Sicily Island (Part One)

The giant dragons roared and circled in the sky.

There were so many of these creatures that they were uncountable. Also, these creatures were born to be strong. Both in terms of magic energy and physical strength, each dragon was insanely powerful.

By now, some of them had already landed on the ground. Their large bodies were like mobile destruction machines, and the dragons’ breath could melt through everything.

Fortunately, after managing Sicily Island for the last 1,000 years, the Holy Church had made its headquarters extremely firm and stable.

After the initial chaos, more ear-piercing sirens sounded, and streaks of silver holy flames enveloped the entire island. Waves of glaring light fluttered on the Holy Mountain like ripples, blocking the dragon breaths and the magic attacks. Also, silver magic shields appeared everywhere throughout Sicily Island, protecting all the critical structures.

At the same time, angry roars sounded from the Holy Mountain of the Holy Church.

Like male lions that got their partner taken away during mating, the masters of the Holy Church flew into the air from the Holy Mountain and the other places on Sicily Island like giant groups of bees. With warrior energy flames and magic energy flames burning around them, they battled with the intruders who appeared abruptly.

Shiny flame circles exploded everywhere in the sky.

Each explosion represented the death and fall of a human master or a dragon.

Only masters on or above the Moon-Cla.s.s Realm could fly in the sky. However, during this time, the lives of Moon-Cla.s.s Elites weren’t more valuable compared to ants in this chaotic battle. Right now, many of them died and fell from the sky at every second like raindrops.

The roars of the dragons and the shouts of the humans mixed. The scenes at Sicily Island made this place look like h.e.l.l.

After the initial shock, Samaras and his peers started making moves.

“These d.a.m.n dragons! Protect Sicily Island! We need to fight back!”

The young Samaras was a brave holy knight, and he had a strong and firm belief. Although his strength was only at low-tier Eight-Star, the honor that he had for a long time and the self-sacrifice education made him have no thought of backing off. Even though he was facing powerful enemies that he couldn’t defeat, he wouldn’t retreat.

Quickly, this team of holy knights locked their eyes onto a giant dragon that was spitting fire and causing destruction near them, and they rushed over.

“Protect Sicily Island, protect the Holy Mountain, protect… that girl in the Holy Choir. Even if I die in battle, I will be satisfied and pa.s.s away in honor!”

Samaras drew his sword and pierced toward the giant creature in front of him.

Right now, such scenes were happening all over the island; Samaras was only one of the many people who were fighting back.

In legends, during the Mythical Era, the dragons were the powerful creatures that could rival G.o.ds and demons. Each dragon was born to be super talented either at cultivating warrior energy or magic energy. Besides, the powerful bloodline guaranteed that every member of the Dragon Clan could become powerful fighters. As long as enough time pa.s.ses by, and they mature, any dragons could achieve this even if they didn’t cultivate that hard.

If the dragons had stronger reproductive abilities and more members in the clan, the Mythical Era would have been called the Dragon Era.

After hearing so many legends regarding dragons, humans had a natural disadvantage when facing dragons as they were less confident.

“How dare you invade Sicily Island? This is staining the G.o.ds! It doesn’t matter who you are! You have to pay with blood!”

Suddenly, a majestic voice sounded from the Holy Mountain in the center of the island and resonated in the region. Then, an eye-piercing light ball dashed out as loud singing of the Holy Song appeared.

At this moment, a giant [Sword of Judgment] that was more than 1,000 meters long suddenly struck down from the sky; the terrifying force in the sword even torn a giant crack in the sky.


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