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Chapter 1106: Punishment from Fei (Part One)

“Self-Detonation?” The smile on Fei’s face turned colder, and his presence continued to increase. In fact, the speed of his strength increase got even faster!

Under the effect of such power, even the air in the Royal Palace of Zenit got thick and viscous as if it turned into liquid. Even the supreme masters such as those orc masters of the Dog Clan who had acute senses felt like the s.p.a.ce before them became distorted, and everything around them moved as if they were seeing things through ripples.

The natural elements had become violent and unstable around Busquets and Pedro, but they were pressed down by the insane pressure. After being unstable for a while, they gradually calmed down like playful kids who were shocked.

Under Fei’s supreme G.o.dly power, these demi-G.o.ds couldn’t even self-detonate and commit suicide as they wanted.

“You… so vicious!” Busquets’ voice directly shot out of his vibrating throat, and his stare was filled with resentment as if he was casting a vicious curse on Fei.

“What? You finally got to experience what it feels like to have your life controlled by others? You finally feel the anger and frustration of being powerless?”

Fei directly stared at Busquets and Pedro. These two’s resentful and vicious stares couldn’t even cause the slightest disturbance in the king’s mind.

The king was still smiling calmly like always.

“I will make Barcelona pay back the amount of pain and suffering that it put on Zenit. Don’t worry, I won’t let you guys die like this. I still need to send you back to Barcelona!”

After saying that, Fei slowly reached out his right hand, and streaks of golden flames rushed out.

Pedro and Busquets couldn’t control anything, and they were pulled into mid-air.

The golden energy flames completely engulfed the two, and streaks of red energy was slowly pulled out of these two demi-G.o.ds’ bodies.

“You… you are taking away our strength! You…”

Feeling his demi-G.o.dly power flowing out of his body like a flood that broke the dam which was blocking its way, Pedro started to shout like a madman.

Busquets also struggled and tried to fight back, wanting to stop this horrifying thing from happening.

To supreme masters who had been through numerous battles and had strong wills, death wasn’t scary for them.

The only thing that would easily destroy these supreme masters was taking away the strength that they were so proud of.

This punishment was able to make Busquets and Pedro collapse much more easily than any other form of vicious torture.

These two supreme masters of Barcelona who could dominate in the Northern Region of Azeroth were controlled. Like chicklings that were held up by invisible hands which clutched their necks, Busquets and Pedro couldn’t do anything to break free, so they roared and cursed like insane people in mental hospitals.

Regardless of what these two did, their ending was irreversible.

As their strength flowed out of their bodies faster and faster, an unprecedented sense of weakness struck Busquets and Pedro. Their bodies curled up, and wrinkles appeared all over their skin. Their eyes turned cloudy, their voices turned hoa.r.s.e, their teeth began to fall off, their hair turned white, and age spots appeared on their bodies.

In just about 20 seconds which was short, it seemed like thousands of years pa.s.sed by these two.

This was one of the consequences of losing demi-G.o.dly strength.


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