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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian is a web novel created by Ye Xue, 葉雪, Leaf Snow. This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 841: I’m helping Luosang to Scratch an Itch

“Absolutely,” Nian Junting said happily. “Come on dad, let’s get out of here, we’re never coming back to this place again.”

When they walked out, there was a bunch of reporters eager to snap photos of them.

Lu Kang drove over and they got in the car.

Xu Zhengxuan looked around and finally asked, “Where is your brother?”

Luosang could not bear to tell him the truth.

Tears were welling up in Xu Zhengxuan’s eyes. “He hates me and he doesn’t want to see me, right?”

“Dad, Mother had a difficult time raising him on her own, especially when he was little.” Luosang stopped herself from speaking further.

Xu Zhengxuan nodded his head. “I understand, I was a fool back then, I let them both down. Where are they now?”

“In Xia City.”

“Can we go there now?” Xu Zhengxuan said agitatedly. “I want to see them, even if they hate me. I want to apologize to your mother until she forgives me.”

Luosang was in a difficult spot. “Dad, it’s over between the two of you, you should move on too. Mother won’t be too happy to talk about the past.”

Xu Zhengxuan sighed. “When we were young, we were very much in love. We hid our feelings from each other because of our pride. It has been years and I must explain myself to her. Even if she doesn’t love me anymore, I’m ok with that.”

Luosang could only nod her head. “Even so, you’re not in a rush to do it now. Let’s go home first.”

When they arrived at their old home, they realized that the décor had stayed pretty much the same.

When Nian Junting entered Luosang’s bedroom, he was triggered by many of the photos placed all over her room. “Is Yi Jingxi sick in the mind?”

“Let’s remove them.” Luosang couldn’t stand seeing the old photos as well.

Nian Junting tore a photo from the wall. It was a picture of Luosang kissing Yi Jingxi and she looked happy and contented. He glared at the woman beside him.

Luosang didn’t say anything and took his lips to hers as she proceeded to tear the photo into two.

Nian Junting’s expression lightened. When they were almost done with the photos, Luosang turned to see Nian Junting sniffing the bed in her bedroom like a dog.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Yi Jingxi must have lain in your bed before, I can smell a disgusting stench.”


“Your nose is like an animal’s.”

Nian Junting threw out the bedsheet as well. Lu Kang brought a new bed cover and they changed to the new set.

When they were done tidying up, Nian Junting carried Luosang over to the bed.

“Junting, this is most relaxing day I have had in three years,” Luosang said introspectively. “I’ve always wanted to redress my father’s grievances but I didn’t expect this day to come so quickly, thank you.”

Nian Junting patted her head. “Only a simple ‘thank you’?”

“What else do you want? I’m even carrying your child now,” Luosang said coyly.

Nian Junting planted a kiss on her lips. Luosang playfully bit his lips.

“Naughty,” Nian Junting spanked her behind playfully with one hand and his other hand quickly disappeared inside her pants.

Luosang s.h.i.+vered and she felt a tension in her lower abdomen, she was blus.h.i.+ng now.

“Sang… is your mother staying with Junting in An City?” Xu Zhengxuan suddenly walked in.

The door wasn’t locked, he was shocked when he saw them and then a little angry. The two reacted quickly and sprung up. Nian Junting was thick-skinned so his expression stayed the same. But Luosang was embarra.s.sed and her fair cheeks were bright pink. Since she was young, Xu Zhengxuan had taught her that she should not engage in any pre-marital s.e.x. He had made sure she followed his teaching when she was with Yi Jingxi.

“You brat!” Xu Zhengxuan was enraged.

Although he already knew that Luosang was pregnant, he was still upset to see his daughter being taken advantage of. It was like someone had stolen his beloved little girl.

Nian Junting stood up immediately and said in all seriousness, “Dad, I’m helping Luosang to scratch an itch, she said that her belly was itchy.”


How could he spout such nonsensical lies?

Xu Zhengxuan was angry. Did he take him for an idiot? His son-in-law was so shameless.

Luosang just wanted to move on from this embarra.s.sing topic and she asked quickly, “Dad, what were you asking me earlier on?”

“I was asking you where your mother was staying at now. Is she staying with Junting?” Xu Zhengxuan was a little embarra.s.sed about his eagerness to find out about Mo Jin.

“Nope,” Nian Junting smiled. “She stays next to us, she bought a villa in our estate.”

Xu Zhengxuan was stunned, he could tell how rich Nian Junting was, his estate property must cost a fortune.

“Your mother… what does she do now for a living?” Xu Zhengxuan stuttered with embarra.s.sment.

Luosang told him the truth. “She makes short films and does photography as a side job but she owns a couple of well-established estates. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Morrison family. They reunited five years ago and she inherited their a.s.sets.”

Nian Junting added, “The Morrison’s owns the world-renowned steel company.”

Xu Zhengxuan was silent. He looked happy but tears were welling up in his eyes.

“That’s good. Your mother was an orphan and she always wanted to reunite with her family. I’m glad she has found her own clan now; her status has changed dramatically as well.”

Now he was an ex-convict and jobless. He’d lost his company too. Mo Jin was in a good place but she was out of his league now. Like how he used to look at her from above. It was retribution on him, fate was playing a cruel joke on him.

Luosang was a woman, she didn’t understand why her father fell silent suddenly, but Nian Junting could understand his feelings. “Dad, you were framed back then. Princ.i.p.al Cheng will be investigated now. I will find a way for you to regain your position again.”

Xu Zhengxuan was stunned and a tear escaped his eyes. “Junting, well…”

“The court made a mistake back then and wasted three years of your life and ruined your reputation. They can’t just patronize you with three years’ worth of salary, you should regain what belonged to you.” Nian Junting patted his shoulder. “You are still young.”

“Am I still young?” Xu Zhengxuan grimaced.

“Of course, dad. Although your hair has turned white, your skin has retained its elasticity. Luosang and I will bring you to the hair salon tomorrow to dye your hair black and you will look forty again. I can tell that you must have been extremely das.h.i.+ng when you were young; look at how beautiful and perfect Luosang turned out. Although you’re older now, you are the most charismatic elder I have ever met.”

“Really?” Xu Zhengxuan was glowing now.


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