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Chapter 1275: Darling, Are You Okay?

“Yeah,” Nian Xi said excitedly. “My Big Jiang-jiang is very capable, but Yuning is more capable than the robot. I told you that you shouldn’t have arranged all those blind dates for me before. The best will always come.”

“Em, you are just lucky,” Murong responded to her.

Luosang sighed. Recently, she found that Nian Xi and Nian Junting had one thing in common. They both liked to show off.

At 6:00 p.m., Big Jiang-jiang was preparing dinner in the kitchen as Luosang watched. As a girl, she was jealous of Nian Xi.

Nian Xi’s boyfriend was not only handsome, but he was also able to develop all sorts of high-tech products. He was like Doraemon, who could give her anything she wanted.

Well, unlike him, my husband is… Luosang glanced at Nian Junting who was sitting on the couch. She sighed.

As she sat back on the couch, Nian Junting abruptly pulled her close and asked her coldly, “What was that look in your eyes?”

“The look of admiration.” Luosang lied.

“Good.” Nian Junting rubbed her hair, then whispered to her, “I know that you’re jealous of her for having the robot. But that kind of thing is lifeless. Is it as adorable as our Sister Lan? Is it as good at taking care of the baby as Sister Lan is? Besides, all Jiang Yuning can do is satisfy her with things like robots. A guy needs to spend time keeping his girl company, to warm her bed and to fulfill her physical needs. Am I right?”

Luosang thought for a moment, then felt that he was actually right.

Before she responded to him, Murong Cheng said to Nian Xi, “Did you clean your apartment on purpose to welcome us? This place is perfectly tidy.”

“No. Yuning came over yesterday and cleaned it,” said Nian Xi.

“He cleans your apartment?” Murong Cheng was surprised.

“Yes. He does better work than the cleaning lady that you hired before. He even washed my sheets last weekend.” Nian Xi sighed. “I think he’s spoiling me.”

Luosang swallowed the words that she was going to say to her husband.

“I washed your panties,” Nian Junting hurriedly whispered to her.

That was true. Luosang stayed silent.

At that moment, a loud bang was suddenly heard from the kitchen, followed by a few seconds of silence, then a series of noises. Everyone was startled.

Nian Xi attempted to rush into the kitchen to stop the robot, but Nian Junting stopped her. “What are you doing? It’s not a living being and it might hurt you! I think it’s pretty strong and is out of control.”

“Are we gonna let it trash my kitchen?” Nian Xi stomped her foot anxiously.

“The kitchen is not important but keeping you safe is.” Nian Junting pushed the ladies backward.

Big Jiang-jiang destroyed half of the kitchen and still didn’t show signs of stopping. Nian Junting worried that it might come to the living room, so he fetched a bowl of water and poured it onto the screen on the robot’s chest.

It worked. The robot made a few stiff movements, then fell on the ground and stopped moving.

Nian Junting walked up to the robot to see what was wrong with it. Once he approached, Big Jiang-jiang suddenly raised an arm and punched him in the chest, pus.h.i.+ng him away.

“Darling, are you okay?” Luosang gave a start, then hurriedly held him up from the ground.

Nian Junting cursed in a deep voice. It was the first time in his life that he was embarra.s.sed in front of the woman he loved. As he tried to move, his chest gave him severe pain. Thankfully, Big Jiang-jiang didn’t move again.

The kitchen was destroyed.


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