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GDK 817: Goldstone Energy Crystal Trading Enterprise

“Father, you may not know it, but during all these years, the thing I lacked most are black crystal coins! It was after leaving you that I discovered that doing anything in this world takes black crystal coins… “ said Han Huo as though he was grieving. He kept on grumbling about being limited by the number of crystal coins he had.

Han Tu nodded in agreement as Han Huo spoke. He was hugging the sack of black crystal coins tightly as though afraid that someone might s.n.a.t.c.h it from him.

“That… erm… “ Myles had a wry smile. He did not understand how a father as rich as Han Shuo could have two ridiculously stingy kids. He opened his mouth but no words came out for he did not know what to say. He was confused and curious about the three’s relations.h.i.+p.

Han Shuo fiercely glared at Han Tu and Han Huo and said in an annoyed voice, “What a disgrace! It’s just crystal coins. In the future, I will give you any amount you want!” Han Shuo then turned Myles, put on a smile, and said in embarra.s.singly, “My apologies. My two sons are still a bit wet behind the ears.”

Han Tu and Han Huo suddenly turned to look at each other and exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with lights of excitement. They then simultaneously turned to look at Han Shuo in foolish smiles and asked, “Father, you have gotten rich? Haha, wonderful, wonderful!”

“I was never poor!” Han Shuo let out a groan and said, “Let’s leave. You brats have brought enough shame on me already. I will give you any amount of crystal coins you want later!”

“Yay! Fantastic!” cheered Han Huo. He then turned to Myles in a disdainful face and proudly said, “Old man, you hear that? My father has plenty of crystal coins. Next time, don’t act like a sn.o.b!”

“I did not… “ replied Myles as he forced a smile. He thought, It was you who tried to take my item like a robber. When did it become me who is in the wrong?

“Young master Han Huo, Young master Han Tu, I beg you, please, for our sake, please don’t be so reckless around the City,” pleaded the most senior Ethereal City divine guard on the scene. He was afraid that the two might cause even more and even bigger troubles around Ethereal City soon.

“Not your G.o.dd.a.m.n business!” replied Han Huo. He offhandedly said, “I know you are a gang with them! Don’t think I can’t see that!”

“You, you… “ the divine guard was absolutely speechless. He didn’t know what to do so he turned to look helplessly at Han Shuo.

But before Han Shuo could speak, the old man called Myles suddenly jolted as though he recalled something. He looked at Earth and Fire Elite Zombies in astonishment and asked, “You, you two, what are you called again?”

“My name is Han Huo. Is there any problem?” Fire Elite Zombie turned fierce again. He said, “Old man, you should know to appreciate our kindness. We have given you one hundred black crystal coins. What more do you want? You better not make me angry, or I’ll burn down your shop!”

Myles suddenly burst into laughter and seemed rather happy. He looked at Han Huo in an amused manner. And as though he was not afraid of him at all, he replied, “Go ahead. But if you burn down the shop, someone is gonna get you!”

“Old man, you are asking for trouble!” Han Huo then turned to Han Shuo, pointed at Myles, and said, “Father, you heard him. He is insisting on messing with us!”

“Hahaha, if you burn down the shop, you are shooting yourself in your foot! By then, when my shop owner comes for you, I doubt you’ll dare complain even if he whacks you!” said Myles. He didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

“Grandpa Myles, are you alright?” the shop a.s.sistants were astonished. They felt that Myles had been behaving rather abnormally.

Han Huo seemed to have been infuriated by Myles’ words and he claimed in a fearless face, “Who is that person? Other than my father, whoever tries to beat me, I will pay it back to the person by ten folds!”

Myles ignored the astonished shop a.s.sistants. Under the wrathful eyes of Han Huo, Myles pointed at the signboard as he smilingly said, “I’m not the owner of this shop. I’m only managing the shop on behalf of the actual owner. Look, do you see what’s the name of this shop?”

“Goldstone. So what with it?” groaned Han Huo.

“Goldstone Energy Crystal Trading, they have branches not just in Ethereal City, but also in the Destiny, Fire, Life, Wind, Earth, and Lightning Dominions. It is an enormous energy crystal enterprise!” explained the Ethereal City divine guard who had just been insulted by Han Huo.

“Then? So what?” Han Huo was fearless. He did not turn to look at that divine guard but had his eyes fixed on Myles.

“Nothing much! Haha, but my master’s name also carried the word ‘Han’!” Myles still wore a big smile on his face. His gazes suddenly turned to Han Shuo as though he was even more curious about him.

Han Shuo’s eyebrows rose in surprise. He quickly asked, “What is his name?”

“My master’s name is Han Jin!” replied Myles before he started laughing heartily. Then, after taking a short pause, Myles curbed his smile and asked in a low voice, “Only a few in this world have this name. But I’m sure you are familiar with this person, right?”

Han Huo and Han Tu turned to look at each other in great astonishment. After a long while, Han Huo suddenly shouted, “Little Gold! Turns out to be him!”

The hostility instantly vanished from Han Huo. He even went forward to pat on Myles’ shoulder in a friendly manner and said in a big smile, “I have been wondering why I find you so pleasing to the eye. So it turns out that we are all on the same side!”

“Haha… “ Myles forced a smile as he thought, Huh? Since when did you find me pleasing? I thought you wanted to burn down the shop just a moment ago?

“d.a.m.n… Little Gold is indeed doing real well, so much so that he has his own shop. Huhu, if I knew that he is the master of Goldstone, I would have asked him for some crystal coins!” lamented Han Tu with his palm on his head. There were branches of Goldstone Energy Crystal Trading Enterprise in the Earth Dominion but Han Tu had never imagined that his brother, Metal Elite Zombie, was the shop owner.

“My master has instructed that those whose name starts with the name ‘Han’, specifically Han Shuo, Han Tu, Han Mu, Han Huo, Han Shui, and Han Hao, may take anything they want from the shop, free of charge, and we are to give them any amount of crystal coins they want!” explained Myles smilingly before he invited them, “Shall we head inside and have a chat?”

Han Shuo was also shocked by the news. He did not expect that the owner of this shop would be Metal Elite Zombie. And from the words of that divine guard, Goldstone had been very prosperous, with many branches established in numerous Divine Dominions. It appeared that Han Jin had been much more financially successful than his brothers.

But after spending a moment thinking about it, Han Shuo felt that it was only reasonable for Han Jin to get filthy rich. Given his extraordinary sensitivity towards ores, as long as he spent some time on it, he will surely find ore deposits of any kind. An average being needed to excavate for years or even decades before they could locate the ore veins in a large mountain or creek. Han Jin, however, could tell what ores were located in the region and point to the exact spots of those ore deposits just by walking around the area.

With this wonderful ability, Metal Elite Zombie could find and extract rare energy crystals at a lower cost and in less time, allowing him to sell them at a compet.i.tive price without cutting on his profit margins. Blessed with this advantage, it would be a wonder if his business doesn’t get huge and prosperous!

Han Shuo was very proud of what he had achieved with the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy in the City of Shadows. However, the Celestial Pearl paled in comparison to Metal Elite Zombie’s Goldstone Energy Crystal Trading enterprise located in various divine dominions. Han Shuo felt that his son had outs.h.i.+ned him.

“Yes, let’s have a chat!” replied Han Shuo as he nodded and smiled. They then walked into the Goldstone shop.


Simultaneously, in a thin jungle outside Ethereal City, a battle was happening…

A group of sinister G.o.ds br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the aura of death were a.s.saulting a small family clan. It was clear from their looks that they were G.o.dhunters cultivating in the energy of death. All of them were fierce and formidable looking. They were well-coordinated and worked wonderfully as a team. It seemed as though they knew a certain fighting formation.

Members of the small family clan traveling to Ethereal City were being slaughtered one after another with every valuable item they carried looted. Those who cultivated in the energy of death had their divine energy slowly sucked dry.

“Many times before your family clan had tried to annihilate us. Didn’t expect yourself to have such an ending, did ya?” a one-eyed G.o.dhunter whose face was filled with scars remarked grimly while staring coldly at the last remaining survivor with late-stage midG.o.d strength.

“I did not expect any of you to grow this strong. But that doesn’t matter, for sooner or later, all of you will die to my patriarch! He will hunt down each and every one of you!” The midG.o.d was a tough character and felt no fear even in the face of death. He suddenly cried, “Let’s rot in h.e.l.l!” He was prepared to severely injure or kill the G.o.dhunters with his death!

A three-meter long bone spear abruptly streaked across the sky. It sucked away all the elements of death in the s.p.a.ce it pa.s.sed. And before that midG.o.d could self-destruct himself, the bone spear had pinned on him. He died instantly!

This late-stage midG.o.d had shown no capacity to resist or even react to the bone spear that came out of nowhere. Evidently, the attacker’s strength was way above his!

A teenager wearing a calm face walked into the scene unhurriedly. His gaze was chilling, sinister, nefarious. He had seven long and white bone spears attached to his back. His body overflowed with a mightily intimidating austere aura. Upon arrival, he held out a hand and moved his fingers. The three-meter long bone spear immediately flew back into his spotlessly white palm.

The brows of the teenager slightly wrinkled before he said in a deep voice, “Next time, cut the c.r.a.p and just kill.”

All the G.o.dhunters in the area respectfully bowed when the teenager appeared. The one-eyed G.o.dhunter whose face was filled with scars looked at the teenager with revering eyes before he lowered his head and said, “Yes, Chief!”

The teenager nodded and commanded, “Stay around this region. You may carry out attacks on your own. I need to make a trip to Ethereal City. None of you will step into the City without my explicit instruction.”

The one-eyed and scar-faced G.o.dhunter stared blankly for a bit before he respectfully asked, “Chief, when will you return?”

“I don’t know. But while I’m away, be more careful with your actions. Do not attack any group that has a highG.o.d.” The teenager then straightforwardly left the gang of sinister G.o.ds and headed for Ethereal City by himself.


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