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GDK 746: G.o.ds above G.o.ds

Aobas.h.i.+ and Erebus narrated their journey once though. HS remained in silent contemplation for a long while.

Finally, HS let out a soft sigh. He said softly, “Perhaps that would be better for her. Her mother should be able to take care of her best.”

“I wonder who her mother is. To me, she feels even more formidable than the G.o.dhunter’s boss. In front of her, I couldn’t even raise the thought of resisting!” exclaimed Erebus. He still felt somewhat terrified when Andrina’s mother was mentioned.

“We have completed the mission and there wouldn’t be any G.o.dhunter around Skyorchid Fort for some time. I will return to the City of Shadows and report to the City Lord with you,” said Aobas.h.i.+.

“Erebus, do you know anything about the origins and strength of the G.o.dhunter’s boss?” HS asked Erebus after thinking for a moment.

Erebus forced a smile and replied, “Absolutely no clue. But from my observations, what we met in the underground palace was merely a clone of the powerful being. Had Andrina not used some unknown method to shatter the clone, none of us would live to talk here.”

Save for me, thought HS. He was able to utilize Blood Disa.s.sembly in escaping.

“It rather unfortunate for us that Andrina was picked up by her mother. Otherwise, we could ask her about G.o.dhunter’s boss when she wakes up. She must know a thing or two about G.o.dhunter’s boss!” Aobas.h.i.+ said disappointedly.

HS shook his head and disagreed, “Even if her mother did not come to pick her up, I’m sure she wouldn’t tell us much after she awakes.”

“Huh? Why is that?” asked Erebus. He took a short pause before adding more questions, “Bryan, how did you get to know Andrina?”

“I ran into her by chance. She was under the pursuit of G.o.dhunters when I first met her,” HS answered Erebus’ second question before he explained, “I have been asking her about the G.o.dhunters since the day we met. But for all these while, she was tight-lipped and wouldn’t reveal a thing. I doubt she would tell us anything even if she is still with us.”

“I see… “Aobas.h.i.+ nodded and said, “Alright then, let’s not waste words on discussion among ourselves but head to the City and ask the City Lord about this. Given his insight, His Lords.h.i.+p might know a thing or two about the G.o.dhunter’s boss!”

“Sure!” agreed Erebus.

HS, naturally, had no objection. he stayed in Skyorchid Fort for one day while Aobas.h.i.+ and Erebus prepared for their departure. As soon as they made all the necessary arrangements, they began the journey with HS.

Half a month later, the three arrived at the City of Shadows.

HS did not have time to return to his Celestial Pearl but went straight to the Sainte Residence with Erebus and Aobas.h.i.+ to meet with City Lord Wallace and Andre.

They were summoned to an expansive room where Wallace would discuss official business. The stone pillars around the room were carved with miraculous patterns. Sound-isolating barriers formed around the room to prevent any prying ears from eavesdropping.

Wallace, sitting on his broad chair, wore a solemn expression. Andre was standing beside him as HS and the others walked towards them.

“What actually happened?” Wallace asked in a deep voice as soon as Aobas.h.i.+ and the others entered, “The message you transmitted wasn’t clear. What actually happened in the valley?”

Aobas.h.i.+, an expert highly regarded by Wallace, put on a bitter smile on her beautiful face. She let out a sigh and said, “It’s complicated but it began like this… “

Aobas.h.i.+ slowly narrated their a.s.sault on the valley with Erebus interrupting once in a while to fill the details she missed. HS would stand on one side and said not a word as they spoke.

When Aobas.h.i.+ mentioned that the G.o.dhunter boss easily destroyed the enchanted scroll deployed by Erebus, then severely injuring Erebus with one beam of light from his green eyes, the eyes on Wallace and Andre’s faces were wide open. It appeared that they were extremely horrified by what they heard.

Soon, Aobas.h.i.+ and Erebus had completed giving their account. Wallace and Andre did not speak a word even long after the storytelling was over, as though they were contemplating about something significant.

“That’s the entire story… “ Aobas.h.i.+ cleared her throat softly when she saw that Wallace and Andre seemed to have lost in thought.

Wallace and Andre exchange a solemn glance before Wallace turned to Erebus, bunched his brows, and asked, “Are you sure that the G.o.dhunter destroyed the Scroll of Darkness without much effort?”

“Yes, my Lord. I feel as though I was too weak to fight back!” replied Erebus before he sighed. He seemed disappointed by his powerlessness.

“Don’t blame yourself,” consoled Wallace, “Even if I was there, I too am no match against that G.o.dhunter’s boss!”

Aobas.h.i.+, Erebus, and HS were all visibly astonished to hear those words from Wallace. This City Lord of the City of Shadows possessed late-stage highG.o.d strength. Those words of his meant that the G.o.dhunter’s boss possessed strength above his!

Doesn’t this mean it’s an OverG.o.d? But how could an OverG.o.d be the leader of the G.o.dhunters?

“My Lord, you mean…?” asked Aobas.h.i.+.

Wallace nodded and affirmed, “Yes, it’s an overG.o.d!”

“What!” HS couldn’t help himself but cry out in surprise, “How is that possible? There are just twelve OverG.o.ds for the twelve fundamental forces. OverG.o.ds have no lack of divine energy, how could any of them be a G.o.dhunter?!”

Wallace did not answer HS’s question but turned to Andre and instructed, “Bryan is still rather new to Elysium, and doesn’t know that much about the situation. Please clarify it to him!”

Andre nodded, put on a solemn expression, and explained, “You are indeed correct, there are just twelve OverG.o.ds for twelve fundamental forces. But the OverG.o.ds you are referring to are those who possess the Quintessences, the very source of elemental energy and edictal forces. Although this universe is infinitely vast, there is only one Quintessence for each of the twelve fundamental forces.”

There were twelve Quintessences, one for each fundamental force, naturally produced. HS thought that there were just twelve overG.o.ds in the universe, the Twelve with the Quintessences.

Andre’s voice turned deep as he continued, “But, there are two types of overG.o.ds. The first is OverG.o.ds who possess the Quintessence. There will only ever be twelve of these OverG.o.ds, and only one OverG.o.d for each of the twelve fundamental forces. They are the OverG.o.ds whom we living in their Divine Dominions, serves.

“The second type of overG.o.ds are those who, through millions of years, advanced from late-stage highG.o.d to the realm of overG.o.d. Although they do not possess the Quintessence, their strength are incomparably mightier than us highG.o.ds!”

HS thought quickly in his mind after hearing Andre’s explanation. Immediately, he understood what Andre meant, “So you’re saying that the G.o.dhunter’s boss we met in the valley is an overG.o.d without a Quintessence?”

“Correct!” Andre affirmed, “I know the power of the enchanted scroll that Erebus received from my elder brother. No late-stage highG.o.d expert could destroy the scroll so effortlessly. Therefore, there is only one possibility – that person is an overG.o.d!” Andre took a short pause before the continued, “Just as you have said, the OverG.o.ds with the Quintessences will never need to absorb divine energy from an ordinary G.o.d. Their source of energy came from those who wors.h.i.+p them in their Divine Dominions, and therefore will never be a G.o.dhunter. Therefore, the overG.o.d you met in the valley must not own a Quintessence!”

“I really didn’t expect that it would be an overG.o.d!” exclaimed Aobas.h.i.+ softly. “I have heard a little about the cla.s.sification of the two types of overG.o.ds, but I have never met an overG.o.d. Meeting one in the valley was the last thing I expected!”

Those words of Andre’s had shocked HS. The only overG.o.ds he knew before this were the twelve OverG.o.ds. It was the very first time HS learned that there was more than one type of overG.o.ds. After thinking for a moment, HS asked, “If there are only twelve Quintessences naturally produced in the universe, and they are possessed by the current twelve OverG.o.ds, doesn’t that mean that an overG.o.d without a Quintessence will never have a chance to advance in strength?”

Andre seemed to be troubled by HS’s question. He hesitated for a long while and took a cautious look at Wallace. It was after getting a nod from Wallace that Andre softly explained, “There is one way for the overG.o.ds to obtain the Quintessence – by force! Following the death of the OverG.o.d, its Quintessence will return to heaven and earth. By then, any overG.o.d cultivating in the energy who could find the Quintessence and fuse with it, the overG.o.d will be the new master of the Divine Dominion – the new OverG.o.d!”

“So this means that as long as the OverG.o.d with the Quintessence is alive, other overG.o.ds cultivating in the energy will not have the chance to obtain the Quintessence?” asked HS.

“Yes, exactly,” Andre nodded and continued, “An OverG.o.d with the Quintessence is much, much stronger than a regular overG.o.d. The differences are much alike the gap between a midG.o.d and a highG.o.d. It is practically impossible for any regular overG.o.ds, even in big numbers, to kill an OverG.o.d with the Quintessence!”

“Has any OverG.o.d ever perished?” HS continued to question.

Andre kept silent for a moment before he nodded and said, “Yes, but not caused by an ordinary overG.o.d.”

“Alright, that’s enough. There are some topics that we cannot talk too deeply about. This is a taboo!” Wallace suddenly interrupted the conversation between HS and Andre, his eyes looking at the ceiling, as though he was worried about something.

Andre immediately shut his mouth tight and uttered not another word.

However, Andre had said enough for HS. He had emphasized twice that the death of an OverG.o.d with the Quintessence cannot be caused by any regular overG.o.d. He also mentioned that there were OverG.o.ds who fell. This meant just one possibility – they could be killed by other OverG.o.ds with the Quintessences, or a being of a level above them, the Creator!

“Our conversation today shall end here. I hope that none of you will speak a word of what we have discussed here. Some words, if spread to the public, could invite troubles!” instructed Wallace solemnly. “Alright, now that I have learned the story thoroughly, I must take a trip to the Head Shrine of Darkness. Andre shall be in charge of all matter in the City during my absence.”

There were Shrines of Darkness in every city of the Darkness Dominion but the Head Shrine wasn’t in any of the cities. No one except for those who had the OverG.o.d’s approval would know of its location.

Evidently, Wallace was one of those who were qualified to know the Head Shrine’s location and enter it. It was clear to everyone Wallace’s intention and purpose of going to the Dark Shrine.

Although an OverG.o.d could initiate contact with their pious believer, it wasn’t that easy for a regular G.o.d to meet with the OverG.o.d they serve. Although everyone in the Darkness Dominion knew that the OverG.o.d of Darkness exists, only a very few who could actually communicate with the OverG.o.d of Darkness. Wallace was one of those special few who enjoyed this privilege.

Wallace was indeed a straightforward man. Immediately after leaving Andre with a few words, he left the Sainte Residence alone, without the company of any divine guard. No one would know where he would go.

After Wallace left, Andre started to ask HS every detail about Andrina. His curiosity towards Andrina seemed to have grown ten times in all of a sudden. As HS truly didn’t know much about Andrina, under his inquiry, HS could only force a smile and explain, “Lord Andre, I really don’t know Andrina that well. There’s no point in asking me all these questions!”

“You have spent such a long time with her and yet you knew nothing!” Andre’s heart was filled with questions, “I’d imagine you knew Andrina better. But then again, with such a mysterious mother, it’s not that surprising that she wouldn’t tell you much.”

HS stared blankly for a moment before he asked, “Lord Andre, you do know the ident.i.ty of Andrina’s mother?”

Andre shook his head but then he nodded his head strangely under HS’s burning gazes. It was unlike how he would usually conduct himself. He hesitated for a moment before he forced a smile and said, “I don’t know the ident.i.ty of Andrina’s mother to be certain, but from Erebus and Aobas.h.i.+’s descriptions, I could vaguely connect it to a person. If she is truly that person, then, Bryan, luck is coming your way!”

After Andre uttered those words, Erebus and Aobas.h.i.+ cast attentive gazes on Andre. Although they did not speak, it cannot be more obvious that they were very interested in the subject.

“I can be sure that the G.o.dhunter is an overG.o.d without a Quintessence. And, if your senses, Erebus and Aobas.h.i.+, are correct, then Andrina’s mother could very well be an actual OverG.o.d with a Quintessence,” explained Andre.

“Which of the Twelve?” HS, Aobas.h.i.+, and Erebus simultaneously shouted.

There were just twelve OverG.o.ds with Quintessences, One for each fundamental force. There was just twelve of them in the entire universe. The scope was too small.

This has nothing to do with the OverG.o.ds of Darkness, Death, and Destruction. I believe Their Lords.h.i.+ps will not take offense? Andre hesitated for a moment before he said in a very low voice, “I surmise, it should be the most mysterious one – the G.o.ddess of Destiny!”


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