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Departing; w.a.n.g Yao!

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This was the last time Ning Fan would travel in the Third Region bringing two girls and one sable along on the bloodstained Immortal Cloud.

After today, he would be gone and no one knew when he would return to Demon Sinister Forest again. Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong were dead silent, while the small sable was sticking her head inside Ning Fan’s storage pouch, rummaging for Millennium Spiritual Herbs. Currently, she needed huge amount of spiritual herbs to restore her strength, so attacking Ning Fan’s herb’s pouch seemed to be the only logical way.

As long as it wasn’t an important item, he would allow her to take it casually, he knew that it was impossible for him to go to every region of Third Region unhindered without the aid of the small sable, though she had been a slob for the entire time and merely using her demon Qi to suppress his enemies.

“The suppression comes from the Qi of a Void Fragmentation expert. The Qi had to be very strong in order to pin down those ghosts.”

His eye lit up with longing in breaking through the Void Fragmentation realm and becoming a supreme figure in Rain Immortal World.

Icy silk rain started to drizzle as if it was affected by the thickening mist in the Third Region.

Ning Fan spread out a shelter with his magical power, making sure that no raindrops fall into anyone of them. Then, they reached the outer part of the Red Clan.

While he strode towards Red Clan, everyone in the clan guarded in alarm, the formation light brightened up like a spot light s.h.i.+ning outwards. A red-robed elder with a frightened face stepped through the void to meet Ning Fan with a dozen of late Gold Core as preparation for any eventualities.

He was Chi Qianli, the old man nicknamed ‘The Furious Red Devil’ that had been scared away by Ning Fan’s strange techniques.

“Little friend Zhou Ming, I wonder what brought you here to my Red Clan?” Chi Qianli feigned a laugh. His hand was holding a storage pouch that carried a hundred Sense Beads. As long as he received the demand of Ning Fan, he would give it to him immediately.

Fear. He was trying not to cower due to fear. Red Clan wasn’t as strong as the Green Clan. Plus, its defensive formation was definitely inferior compared to the Green Clan’s. Therefore, he wouldn’t admit that he had the strength to bear Ning Fan’s wrath.

“Elder Chi must be joking. Today, I have come not to cause trouble but to send these two friends of mine back to Red Clan on my way back. I have another clan that I needed to go to after this.”

As soon as Ning Fan’s voice dropped, Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang came down and went to the side of Chi Qianli and the beautiful woman in red.

“I’m Ning Honghong, meet Great Elder and Great Lady!”

“I’m Mu Weiliang, meet Great Elder and Great Lady!”

Chi Qianli was a man of cruelty but he had a wife who was kind to every ghost in the Red Clan. Comparing them to ruthless the Green Clan, they seemed to be more humane.

Also, that beautiful lady in red had the cultivation base of a late Gold Core realm. Last time, she treated Ning Honghong and Mu Weiliang with good care.

On the way to the Red Clan, the both of them had been exhorting Ning Fan not to be rude to their clan. Given his disposition, he wouldn’t have missed the chance to deal some damage to Red Clan using his Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and robbed some things that were valuable.

“You are…Honghong and Weiliang! Glad that you have returned!” Exclaimed Chi Qianli and his wife seemed at a loss of words.

It showed that the wife was deeply affectionate to the two girls.

“Was it you who save Honghong and Mu Weiliang? How should I thank you…? Please, accept this modest gift from us, Prince Zhou Ming.”

The beautiful lady scooped the storage pouch of Chi Qianli and gave it to Ning Fan along with hers.

Chi Qianli’s face turned very ugly as if he had swallowed a fly when he noticed his pouch was gone.

The storage pouch consisted of all the things he had just gotten, including the peak High Rank Magical Treasure and countless of spiritual herbs. All of them were collected for him to break through to the Nascent Soul realm. He had never expected that his own wife would give them away to an outsider.

“Honey…, our little friend Zhou Ming has certainly done a lot of kind deeds but…uh… we don’t need… uh… to be so extravagant… “

As soon as his words were heard, the red-dressed lady darted him a glare and said. “Keep your mouth shut! How can you compare your spiritual herbs to the safety of Honghong and Mu Weiliang?!”

Instantly, Chi Qianli zipped his mouth. Though he was a ruthless killer, he wouldn’t dare anger his wife.

Virago! Henpecked! For a moment, these two words appeared in Ning Fan’s mind and he shook his head with a faint smile.

He started to understand why the two girls insisted to return to this clan. This was their home after they turned into ghosts.

With this red-dressed lady by their side, he was sure that n.o.body would dare to bully them anymore.

“There’s no need for that. I have a good friends.h.i.+p with Honghong and Weiliang. I am here to just send them home. I’m not hoping for any rewards.”

Ning Fan denied the offer and gently pushed her hands away. He glanced at the two girls before he went back to the Immortal Cloud with his arm carrying the small sable.

There were no more words spoken from either parties. For Ning Fan, he had said all he wanted to say. If he continued with the conversation, the atmosphere would become sentimental which would make it harder for him to leave. So, he might as well leave the scene elegantly.

His figure gradually vanished in the dark fog of the forest. But suddenly, he casted his magical power, dispersing all the dark fog. He was standing on top of a green mountain ten miles away, waving at the two girls and smiled.

“I’ll be back.”

For a moment, both Wu Weiliang and the tough-looking Ning Honghong’s eyes became teary.

He will be back…

This farewell scene would be engraved in their heads for the rest of their lives. His smile and elegant way of leaving would be a permanent picture in their memory.

Subsequently, the red-dressed lady seemed to discover something from their expressions, then she sighed after confirming that they had fallen for the same man.

Chi Qianli was overjoyed, the storage pouch was still in his possession. He quickly tied it on the side of his waist after receiving it from his wife. This event had improved his impression of Ning Fan.

“That little friend Zhou Ming is a good man! I’m s-so grateful that he didn’t rob away my storage pouch!”

After leaving the Red Clan, Ning Fan headed towards the Purple Clan. Currently, there was only a man and a sable on the Immortal Cloud.

The small sable in his arm felt baffled and asked. “Though you are a person that values benefits, you didn’t accept the gifts. Someone like you is really rare.”

“Is that so…?”

Ning Fan smiled faintly, then his finger gently poked one of the sensitive spots of the sable. For an instant, the sable felt extremely embarra.s.sed and bit on Ning Fan’s palm. But because she was afraid that she would injure him, she subconsciously softened her bite.

“You are shameless!”

“Well, this is the first time I’ve ever touched that spot of a Void Fragmentation female. Hmm…It’s not much different from an ordinary girl. Besides, I only poked half an inch of my finger inside. Regard it as a punishment for mocking me.”

“Bah! You dare to punish me? Are you treating me like your pet demon? I won’t show you any quarters as soon as my cultivation base recover.”

She sounded malicious but without killing intent. She was merely putting up a front.

The impression of shamelessness he had for Ning Fan dramatically rose once again. Then, she said in an angry manner. “I really want to know which master has made such a rascal.”

“En, my master too is a pure rascal. No one in the Four Heavens and Nine Worlds is comparable to his wretched behavior. Perhaps one day, you will have a chance to meet him.”

Unknowingly, they had reached the Purple Clan after conversing for a while. His arrival this time hadn’t drawn any commotion. At the scene, there was only a purple formation light that looked common and a fisher elder stepped into the void to welcome them.

Chu Chen!

As the fisher elder studied Ning Fan, fear was stirred inside of him. He kept on thinking not to underestimate this man, but when he recalled how this man annihilated the entire Green Clan and dominated the Third Region, it made him s.h.i.+ver.

However, when his eyes saw the small sable, his face darkened and hastily fell to his knees.

“Forgive Chu Chen, my empress!”

“Rise to your feet.”

Her voice was cold and n.o.ble, which sounded unfamiliar to Ning Fan.

She sprang out from Ning Fan’s arm, taking one of Ning Fan’s robe with her and turned into a white-robed gorgeous lady.

With Ning Fan’s robe worn on her body, her charm was now blended with some manly features.

Even Ning Fan was startled by her indifferent eye expression.

Is she truly the small sable? She had the charm that could dazzle the world and shocking cultivation base that could affect all creatures, and the coldness in her eyes…

“I know that your act of mutiny was a situational decision that day. But it won’t prevent you from receiving punishment. Cut off one of your fingers now, Chu Chen.” Her faint words as an immediate amnesty to his crime. In an instant, he patted the storage pouch and cut off his left pinky finger using a dagger.

There wasn’t a hint of resentment on his face, but an expression of relief instead.

Chu Chen knew that Mei Chen wasn’t a person with a good temper. Even if the punishment for mutiny wasn’t a death sentence, she would’ve crippled his cultivation base forever. So, it made him wonder why Mei Chen had become so forgiving.

Then his eyes s.h.i.+fted back to Ning Fan, guessing that this young man might be the cause of Mei Chen’s sudden att.i.tude change?

Chu Chen could never guess how Ning Fan influenced her. It seemed like not even Ning Fan himself had an answer to this.

“You can go now. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Mei Chen said coldly, she made a few light steps and landed on Purple Clan, but Ning Fan caught a glimpse of her shoulders slightly s.h.i.+vering when he was about to turn and leave.

“Your act isn’t bad at all.”

He smiled faintly and left, vanis.h.i.+ng in the midst when Mei Chen suddenly spun around and spoke the last words in her mind.

“Beware of Bone Emperor! His incarnation may not be able to find you, but his soul may be able to hunt you down!”

“Well, in that case, I will make sure that his soul will suffer unpleasantly so that one of the problems in your list would be erased.”

Her last word warmed his heart. He replied via spirit sense.

He wasn’t afraid of Bone Emperor or his soul. No matter how powerful the Bone Emperor was, he was, after all just a bone. If Bone Emperor’s soul came after him, he would just burn it with his Soul Burning Technique.

Plus, the Bone Emperor neither knew him nor his techniques! And, Bone Emperor might not be an invincible opponent to Ning Fan.

In the meantime, a Second Level Vein Opening disciple was running away from a Third Level Vein Opening ghost.

He was a youth that looked fifteen or sixteen years old, with ordinary looks and decent clothing. His name was w.a.n.g Yao.

When he reached the edge of a precipice, he turned and watched in despair the ghost lunging at his direction with its b.l.o.o.d.y maw.

As the ghost was getting closer and closer, his legs shook and he fell to the ground.

All of a sudden, a strand of translucent soul energy intruded his mind from the top of his skull. With a wail, the youth died, but the corpse rose to its feet.

Instinctively, the Third Level Vein Opening ghost looked frightened as if it had seen something unbelievable.

“Humph! You dare to attack me, Vein Opening ghost? Die now!”

The corpse let out a cold sneer, shot out a beam of white bone light from his finger. Along with another wail, the ghost turned to ashes.

His spirit sense swept across the area, observing everything within a ten mile radius.

“Hehe! I will use my real soul to find that maniac who killed my incarnation and take my revenge!”

Bone Emperor had used his soul to seize the corpse of w.a.n.g Yao.

In other words, Bone Emperor was free to leave Demon Sinister Forest!

“First, I will need to devour all the minion ghosts in the First and Second Region to advance my magical strength to the peak of the Gold Core realm.”

His eyes twitched, then he zipped into the forest with a flash.

Though it boosted ‘w.a.n.g Yao’s’ contribution points like crazy, it wasn’t as crazy as Ning Fan’s.


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