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Chapter 970: Improved Stinky Tofu, the Appetizer for the Opening Day

Translator: Zen.o.bys, CatatoPatch

The Black Dragon King returned with a dark face.

After giving Xuanyuan Xiahui the invitation, he ran to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, where he had experienced an unpleasant feeling.

Everybody there looked at him with strange eyes…

Being a moving cooking ingredient, the Black Dragon King felt his little heart beating frantically.

Luckily, he had successfully delivered all the invitations.

As soon as he returned to the restaurant, he felt really exhausted. He stripped off his black cloak, slumping weakly on the floor.

Flowery was sitting by Lord Dog, taking in heaven and earth spirit energy to cultivate.

The spirit energy in the Immortal Cooking Realm was much thicker than in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Thus, Flowery’s cultivation base was rocketing.

“Daughter, come, hug your old man… Your father needs to be comforted,” the Black Dragon King cried out, calling Flowery in the distance.

Flowery was a little perplexed. Then, she turned around, hugging Lord Dog’s thigh.

The Black Dragon King snapped his mouth shut. He couldn’t help but raise his hand and cover his mouth, feeling like an invisible arrow had stabbed his chest.

F*ck you, mangy dog. You flirted with my daughter!

In the kitchen, Bu Fang seemed to hear the Black Dragon King’s commotion. He slowly walked out of the kitchen, wearing a face mask that showed only his eyes. His Vermillion Robe was flapping with radiance.

“Oh, you’re back? Did you deliver all the invitations?” Bu Fang asked the Black Dragon King.

However, in response, the Black Dragon King only looked at him with a resentful, whining widow face.

His look made Bu Fang shudder. “If you got something to say, just spit it out… We’re family.”

“Bu Fang, my little friend, I just want to live peacefully in the restaurant and be a handsome man, so please, don’t give me any work that requires me to show my face outside,” the Black Dragon King said with great emotion.

Bu Fang blinked, checking the Black Dragon King’s bald head.

Just quietly be a baldie?

It was okay, though. After all, they wouldn’t need to deliver invitations in the future.

“Oh… It’s good that you’re back. I’ve made a new dish. You can try it later,” Bu Fang said, then returned to his kitchen.

A new dish?

The Black Dragon King’s eyes lit up. In an instant, he got up from the floor and took a seat.

The tables in the restaurant were arranged in a circle, facing the kitchen. Although the Black Dragon King couldn’t see what was going on in the kitchen, he was really looking forward to it.

Wow… This arrangement wasn’t bad at all.

Rubbing his bald head, the Black Dragon King waited patiently.

At this moment, Nether King Er Ha descended the stairs, holding a Spicy Strip in his mouth. When he saw the Black Dragon King sitting at the table with an expectant face, his eyes brightened.

“Hey, Old Black. What are you doing?”

The Black Dragon King looked at Nether King Er Ha, saying, “Nothing. I’m just waiting to eat. Little friend Bu Fang is preparing a new dish for me.”

New dish?

Nether King Er Ha’s eyes flashed.

“Interesting. This king doesn’t have anything to do. I’ll wait here with you. It should be a surprise.” As he said that, he sat beside the Black Dragon King, facing the kitchen.

As both of them waited for Bu Fang’s new dish, an aroma diffused from the kitchen.

The Black Dragon King and Nether King Er Ha squinted.

“Is that the smell of his new dish? No… It smells familiar,” Nether King Er Ha said, wrinkling his nose.

“Familiar? Well, it smells good anyway.” The Black Dragon King narrowed his eyes, wrinkling his nose.

“No, I really remember this smell. It smells like Papillion meat. Oh…”

“Dragon meat?” The Black Dragon King arched his brow.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The metal bell hanging on the kitchen’s door frame sounded.

A moment later, Bu Fang walked out, holding a piping-hot dish. Hot steam rose from it.

“That’s the new dish?” Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes.

The Black Dragon King also wore a dumbstruck face.

“No. It’s Blacky’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dragon Ribs to thank for his paw,” Bu Fang said, still wearing the facemask.

Nether King Er Ha’s face turned blank. That should be his ten Spicy Strips…

The moment Lord Dog smelled the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs, he got up smoothly and walked over to the dining table.

Bu Fang placed the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs in front of Lord Dog. The dog mumbled something before grabbing the porcelain plate, chomping.

“The new dish will come later,” Bu Fang said. Then, he turned around and returned to the kitchen.

Chomp. Chomp.

In the quiet restaurant, besides one’s own breathing, people could only hear Lord Dog chomping the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs.

The chewing and smacking sounds were a happy and satisfying noise of being conquered by good food.

Nether King Er Ha took out his last piece of Spicy Strip. With a shaking hand, he put it into his mouth and started to suck it.

A moment later…

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The metal bell jingled again. That meant Bu Fang was about to serve his food.

The Black Dragon King and Nether King Er Ha were so excited, looking at the lean figure walking out of the kitchen with antic.i.p.ation.

A strong and out-of-this-world smell wafted out…


The Black Dragon King’s face went stiff and turned black. His nostrils squeezed the moment he took in the smell, and he couldn’t help but vomit.

Nether King Er Ha was dumbstruck. A moment later, he pinched his nose, his face turning black as well.

“Bu Fang young man, is that your new dish? Isn’t it the f*cking stinky tofu?!”

Wearing a facemask, Bu Fang placed the stinky tofu in front of the Black Dragon King and Nether King Er Ha.

“No… It’s the improved version of stinky tofu, a brand new one… The stinky smell is more intense, and it has an upgraded taste. It’s the appetizer for the opening day tomorrow,” Bu Fang said, his face unchanged.

“Oh, it’s still the f*cking stinky tofu…” Nether King Er Ha yelped angrily.

How come that mangy dog got delicious Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dragon Ribs while he had to eat this sky-reaching stinky tofu?!

“No, it’s not the usual stinky tofu. You’ll see once you taste it,” said Bu Fang.

The Black Dragon King and Nether King Er Ha exchanged looks.

Holding his chopsticks, the Black Dragon King’s mouth trembled. If he had known that the new dish was this thing, he would have ignored Bu Fang and never come and wait at this table.

He had never tried stinky tofu, and he had never experienced the so-called magical stinky tofu.

As for Nether King Er Ha, he had tasted stinky tofu. However… it seemed stinkier this time!

The Black Dragon King was a little afraid. Compared to Nether King Er Ha, he was even more scared.

All of a sudden, he turned his head to look at Nether King Er Ha, who was begrudgingly picking up a cube of stinky black tofu, his teeth chattering.

Then, Nether King Er Ha opened his mouth, shoving the black, smelly cube with sticky sauce into his mouth.

Gulp. Gulp.

The Black Dragon King swallowed.

Why did it have to be so heavy like that?

Chomp. Chomp.

Nether King Er Ha began to chew. That noise echoed and lingered in the Black Dragon King’s ears, which sounded like a piece of desperate melody to him.

“How is it?” Bu Fang asked, looking at Nether King Er Ha with antic.i.p.ation.

“Hm? It tastes better with more spirit energy… It doesn’t feel much different from the previous one, though. Nothing’s changed much. Oh, wait… Yeah, something’s different. It smells even more disgusting.”

As Nether King Er Ha said that, he opened his mouth, showing the black pieces of tofu sticking on his teeth.

Bu Fang nodded. It seems he hadn’t improved it enough.

“Alright, you guys can have it. I’m going to improve it further.” Bu Fang turned around and returned to the kitchen one more time.

The Black Dragon King looked at Bu Fang’s back, then looked at Nether King Er Ha picking up another cube. He felt his world collapsing.

That cube of tofu looked like a t.u.r.d… How could Nether King Er Ha eat it happily like that?

Nether King Er Ha turned to the Black Dragon King and asked, “Why don’t you try one?”

“I…” The Black Dragon King dropped his jaw, hesitating.

A glint flashed in Nether King Er Ha’s eyes. In an instant, his chopsticks moved, grabbing a cube and shoving it into the Black Dragon King’s mouth.

The Black Dragon King was petrified.

The gross smell filled his mouth…

Owner Bu wanted to use this dish to treat his guests in the opening ceremony?

The Black Dragon King could already imagine the despair on their guests’ faces tomorrow.

Tong Cheng’s eyes were bloodshot as he panted.

He was holding a jade bead in his hand, listening to the guard reporting from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion.

“That mortal wants to hold an opening ceremony tomorrow? He invited Xuanyuan Xiahui and the others…”

Tong Cheng squeezed the jade bead, shattering it. His mouth twitched.

“Opening ceremony, my a.s.s! He’s about to take the Immortal Chef test, yet he’s busy with his restaurant… That mortal wants to die! I want to see what kind of restaurant he has!”

In three days, if Bu Fang didn’t pa.s.s the Immortal Chef test, no one from the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion would stop him from killing Bu Fang.

At that time, he must show that mortal the consequence of offending Tong Cheng!

That magical Earth Immortal Puppet would soon become his!

The next day, Xuanyuan Xiahui took off his chef coat and put on his casual clothes. After receiving Bu Fang’s invitation, he agreed and decided to go to the other’s opening ceremony.

Closing the restaurant’s doors, Xuanyuan Xuan turned around. She wore a long dress, which accentuated her s.e.xy figure exquisitely. Overall, she was very eye-catching.

She hooked her arm around Xuanyuan Xiahui’s and said, “Brother, that mortal will take the Immortal Chef test in two days, and he chose to open his restaurant now. Is he stupid or what?”

Xuanyuan Xiahui thought about it for a moment. “Although Owner Bu is from the lower realm, he always gives off some mysterious feeling. Perhaps he does have something up his sleeve.”

They slowly headed to the address written in the invitation.

When Xuanyuan Xiahui, the newly-promoted Immortal Chef, and his sister walked out, they caught everyone’s attention.

Not only because of Xuanyuan Xuan’s beautiful face and alluring body, but mostly because of Xuanyuan Xiahui’s Immortal Chef status.

Many people were following the two of them to see where they would go.

“Ah? Miss Mu and Manager Chen, are you going to Bu Fang’s opening ceremony too?”

On their way, Xuanyuan Xiahui met meticulous Manager Chen and Mu Liuer, smiling at them as soon as he saw them.

Manager Chen wore a grimace, giving him a nod.

“That Bu Fang doesn’t take the Immortal Chef test seriously. He’s about to take it, and yet he decided to open his restaurant now. I’ve judged many aspiring chefs, and I’ve never seen such a wild young man before.” Manager Chen snorted.

Apparently, he was a little angry at Bu Fang’s new establishment.

“Perhaps Bu Fang has planned and practiced already?” Mu Liuer smiled gently.

“Junior Pavilion Master, don’t make excuses for him. It’s not right to open a new restaurant at this time!” Manager Chen said with a cold face, then added, “But I do want to see what that kid can do.”

As the four of them were talking while walking, they were followed by many curious people.

Shortly, they reached the address in their invitations.

Looking at the small, obscure restaurant…

The four of them exchanged looks, their faces bewildered. Then, reluctantly, they pushed the restaurant’s doors…

However, as soon as the doors opened, a thick and disgusting smell attacked their nostrils.

The expressions on their faces changed dramatically.


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