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Chapter 574: The Grave of Knives Appears, The Inheritance Opens

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

A headless chef?!

What in the world was this headless chef…

Looking at the headless chef who was holding a kitchen knife in one hand, a ladle in the other and rus.h.i.+ng toward him while sobbing, Bu Fang’s scalp became numb.

In this strange great city without a single soul, a headless chef suddenly jumped out.

Who wouldn’t jump in fright?

Even if it was the calm-headed Bu Fang, he was also a little fl.u.s.tered. However, Bu Fang had a strong state of mind. Although the appearance of that chef was scary, after experiencing the initial panic, he began to calm down.

Green smoke revolved around his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. Pouring his true energy into the wok, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly let out a golden light.


A loud “Dong!” resounded.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok moved with a whistling sound and the air seemed to be smashed apart at that instant. The fog was scattered by the gale that was stirred up; the headless chef was directly smacked by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and was sent flying high into the sky. He landed on the ground a distance away with a loud thud.

Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath and the golden light on the black wok started scattering. He held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as he walked toward the headless chef.

The headless chef seemed to have been smashed dead by Bu Fang’s wok as he had collapsed into the ground without moving a muscle.

Bu Fang was still holding the wok as he stood in front of the headless chef. However, he frowned.

In the next instant, that collapsed headless chef that was not moving suddenly leaped upwards. The sharp edge of the kitchen knife sliced toward Bu Fang. The knife light gleamed and seemed to be hiding a trace of a mysterious cutting technique within.


Bu Fang expressionlessly swung his wok down again, and the headless chef was once again smashed into the ground.

“What is this plaything?” Bu Fang stared at the headless chef and muttered a sentence.

In the next instant, that chef jumped up once again. Swinging his kitchen knife, he chopped it down toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang once again swung his wok without mercy; this chef was once again sent to the ground. This scene repeated a few times until the chef eventually stopped moving.

Bu Fang squatted down as he retrieved the kitchen knife from the chef. He raised his eyebrows suddenly. Once he held onto this kitchen knife, he felt a wave of gloomy energy trying to enter his body.

This kitchen knife was a little demonic.

This headless chef… Where did it come out from? Why was there a chef in that great city? Why didn’t this chef have a head?

Bu Fang’s head was filled with curiosity. However, he did not ask anything to this headless chef as he knew that it would probably not be able to speak.

Bu Fang stood up and that headless chef’s figure also began to harden. In that instant, it became yellow sand that covered a piece of the ground. With a gust of wind, it was scattered everywhere.

Just like that, the headless chef had vanished.

The kitchen knife in Bu Fang’s hand also became gravel, falling down to the ground.

Beside Bu Fang’s ears, the sound of sobbing became louder and louder; silhouettes of headless figures appeared from the huge fog enveloping the surroundings.

He felt that he was surrounded by a group of headless chefs…

This great city actually had an army of headless chefs? Was this a joke?

Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath. Storing his Black Turtle Constellation Wok, he pulled out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Fusing his true energy into the knife, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly shone with a golden radiance, and its brilliance spread everywhere. Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang’s domineering gaze surveyed his surroundings. He looked at the figures of the headless chefs which appeared in his field of vision.

These headless chef’s appearances were basically the same; one hand holding a kitchen knife, the other a ladle. Furthermore, the chef outfit that they wore was dirty, exuding a strange energy.

Then, these headless chefs surrounded him.

Bu Fang’s heart was calm beyond compare. When he waved his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, it whistled in the air. A wave of domineering energy spread out from Bu Fang’s body.

Overlord Thirteen Blades, advancing courageously.

This was a battle between chefs.

“Come.” Bu Fang lightly spat out a single word.

Just like that, in the next instant, he was stunned. It was because once Bu Fang waved the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, all the headless chefs froze for a while before starting their retreat. They hid into the fog and vanished.

Hmm? What was going on?

Why were these chefs running away without a fight? Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. In the next moment, the fog parted, revealing a serene and hidden pa.s.sage.

Bu Fang pulled the corner of his mouth and was fearless. Bringing Whitey along, he walked into the hidden pa.s.sage. A man and a puppet’s figure then quickly vanished within the pa.s.sage.

With their departure, the fog also slowly converged once again. The entire great city was once again enveloped within the dense fog.

As they walked ahead, the fog became thinner and thinner. Very quickly, Bu Fang and Whitey stopped. Bu Fang realized that there was no more road in front of him; there was only a tall building with entrances.

There were no gates… Bu Fang froze. Walking around this tall building, he realized that the building was completely sealed.

Whitey’s purple eyes flashed. Walking in front of the building, its huge palm-leaf shaped hands rose and a fist landed on that building. A blast resounded and the entire building started to sway. However, the wall didn’t break.

Just one blow from Whitey was not enough to open up a whole on the walls of the building.

This building was so strong!

Bu Fang thought for a bit before he tapped Whitey’s plump stomach. “Whitey, give it a few more blows,” he said to it in a bland voice.

Whitey nodded its head as it continuously threw punches at that building. Sounds of banging constantly rang out.

Shrimpy lay on Bu Fang’s shoulder as it stared at Whitey, which was punching the building tirelessly. Its round eyes stared at Whitey without any distractions.

Suddenly, Shrimpy’s figure flew out in a flash. It stuck itself to the wall and started to climb up. Its entire body released a golden light. In the next instant, it harshly smashed the building.

A stone that was sticking out was. .h.i.t and caved into the building.

In the next instant, the entire building let out a banging sound. With it, the ground also began to violently shake.

Whitey retrieved its fists quietly and stood beside Bu Fang while Shrimpy once again climbed onto Bu Fang’s shoulder.

Bu Fang retreated a step, then realized that the building had suddenly undergone a huge change.

The bricks on the wall constantly moved, sending out banging sounds.

After a long time, it began to settle down. In the next instant, a stream of light rushed toward the heavens from the buildings, rus.h.i.+ng towards the horizon!

With a buzz resounding through the sky, this ray of light shot toward the top of the underground world; that burning-white light bloomed, becoming multi-colored.


The ground cracked open, revealing another deep cave. The energy from within was drifting out.

At the same time, the great city with a dense and heavy atmosphere seemed to once again send out a terrifying pressure.

Back in the Heaven Secret Territory, a huge column of light rushed toward the heavens and the horizons, shooting in an arc through the sky; the cloud above rolled, revolving around the light pillar, becoming a huge vortex.

A wave of domineering energy instantly spread out.

In the arc, there seemed to be a domineering blade energy swinging.

The entire Heaven Secret Territory seemed to be shaking at this moment.

Within a dazzling golden palace, many alchemists who were sitting down to comprehend new knowledge felt the presence of the inheritance and opened their eyes. Among them, a white-haired old man opened his murky eyes, gazing deeply in the direction of the light pillar. His wrinkled face was filled with surprise.

“Someone has opened the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant?”

The alchemists of the huge palace all stood up, raising their heads to look at the direction of the light pillar; everyone’s face slowly revealed excitement.

“Is this the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant ?”

“It’s the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant! It’s actually opened… There were so many experts in the Heaven Secret Territory but even after searching for so long they had yet to find it!”

“Is the grave of the Supreme Blade Tyrant going to be excavated?

The alchemists chattered, excited beyond compare.

Mu Bai looked at the youth beside him curiously, “Senior, who is the Supreme Blade Tyrant?”

The youth, who was the one supposed to guide Bu Fang and the rest, said with a face full of excitement, “Supreme Blade Tyrant was an expert from the ancient times. His inheritance is extremely valuable. It’s the inheritance of a peak expert of the Divine Soul Realm… Who wouldn’t know this?”

The inheritance of an expert of the Divine Soul Realm… Mu Bai sucked in a cold breath and his eyes burned up in an instant.

No one said anything. These alchemists all dashed out of the palace, rus.h.i.+ng toward that pillar of light at breakneck speed.

As of this moment, not only the alchemists of the Pill Palace but also the experts who were roaming the Heaven Secret Territory also noticed this anomaly. Everyone was getting excited and they were all moved.

The Shura Saintess smiled with light in her eyes staring in the direction of the light pillar. With a wave of her fingers, her figure began to rush toward that direction.

Luo Li, who was beside her, also let out a long hiss. His eyes revealed a tinge of excitement.

Within the dense forest of the Heaven Secret Territory, a middle-aged man was wearing a cloth robe. One hand held the corpse of a huge spirit beast, the other held a kitchen knife that was so blue it seemed to be carved out of sapphire.

“The inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant? The inheritance of that foodie? How meaningful… It’s said that that Supreme has some connections to my Valley of Gluttony… Since that is so, it will be impolite to refuse this inheritance.”

Jiang Ling’s figure flew at high speed. Suddenly, she saw that light pillar and quickly stopped on top of a huge tree. Her face was solemn.

“This type of pressure… It must be an inheritance of some expert being found. If teacher is correct, in the Heaven Secret Territory, to have this pressure, it must be the inheritance of that Supreme Blade Tyrant… A pity that the matter teacher entrusted to me is more important. If not for that, this inheritance, I, Jiang Ling, would definitely give it a go.”

Sucking in a deep breath, Jiang Ling sped off into the distance with a determined look.

If someone could spectate the scene from the skies, they would realize that surrounding that light pillar, different types of majestic true energy were overflowing. It seemed as though it was going to break through the void at any moment.

Many experts came from afar and gathered at the light pillar. All of them were there for the inheritance.

At this moment, Bu Fang who had stepped into the cave which was the ground of inheritance, felt all his pores shrinking.

His figure fell rapidly and he quickly landed within an empty and large room.

Within the room, there were many different types of long blades stabbed in the ground. There was an aura of death covering them. This room seemed to be the grave of those blades… It was incomparably gloomy.

In the center of these long blades, stood a fiery red… Kitchen Knife!

The kitchen knife glowed in the dark and on top of it a deathly aura was revolving…

Bu Fang’s heart tightened. Maybe this kitchen knife was the main attraction of this blade grave.

Or was it a grave that buried kitchen knives?

Bu Fang felt a little strange. Could it be that the master of this great city was a chef?


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