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Chapter 540: Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

On top of the platform, the Ancient Shura City Saintess’ beautiful legs, which were crossed, changed position. She placed her leg down and her eyes narrowed. Taking a whiff, the aroma that was revolving around the entire place entered her nose.

She was slightly taken aback. She didn’t think that the aroma in the air would smell that good. It was somewhat out of her expectations.

“Old monster, this aroma is really not ordinary. This chef has some tricks up his sleeves,” the Ancient Shura City Saintess’ red lips rose upwards as she turned around and talked to the old servant.

“As expected of the chef who made a name for himself in the Pill Palace. In this place that regards elixirs as sacred objects, how could a chef make a name for himself? His appearance alone tells us that he isn’t ordinary,” the old servant’s face twitched as he said seriously.

“That’s right, this chef really isn’t ordinary. How in the world is the alchemist on the bronze platform going to win? Why do I feel that the alchemist is going to lose…” The Saintess said with a disappointed expression.

The old monster became silent for a moment. He wasn’t able to predict the result as he had already given all the a.s.sistance he could.

However, the old monster felt as though he was pretty accurate when judging people. This Mao s.h.i.+ had a strong desire to win… He would definitely not obediently accept his loss.

Up till the result was announced, no one would know about the outcome of the match.

“I cannot lose! How can I lose to this chef?” I am the pride of Heavenly s.h.i.+ne City! My only opponent is Mu Bai, not this chef! I cannot lose!”

Mao s.h.i.+’s entire body was shaking, and his bloodshot eyes spun. He didn’t want to lose and he couldn’t lose!

His heart was screaming out as his mental force started to rise to the extreme.

That intoxicating aroma constantly surged forth, becoming denser and denser. As the dish in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok neared completion, the aroma seemed to become even stronger, flooding in from everywhere.

The aroma was too fragrant and was almost irresistible. Everyone unconsciously wanted to sniff the fragrance in the air.

Mao s.h.i.+ gritted his teeth harshly and his heart almost collapsed. That dense aroma caused his already unstable metal force to sway and his Universal Dark Flame also started to fluctuate. It almost caused his furnace to explode, which would completely waste all his efforts.

The audience were all intoxicated within the aroma. This smell of meat caused countless people to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

It was too fragrant… The smell of meat which was wrapped up in medicinal fragrance was just like a drug. Everyone was unable to resist the temptation of the aroma.

Mao s.h.i.+ almost couldn’t hang on any longer and there were many people who noticed Mao s.h.i.+’s abnormal behavior. Under the a.s.sault of this fragrance, how would an alchemist be able to control his mental force properly? How was he supposed to refine his elixir?

Many began to pity Mao s.h.i.+. Meeting such a troublesome chef like Bu Fang would only cause him to feel frustration.

Bu Fang crossed his hands as he slowly walked around the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

The next step wasn’t simple.

That was because this time he had chosen many ingredients. Furthermore, many of these elixirs had a high grade and it wasn’t a simple matter to fuse the essence of so many of them together.

The Heavenly Flame Chicken seemed to have regained its life inside the wok. Its entire body was shaking as waves of dense spiritual energy emerge from within the meat. In the audience’s eyes, the chicken was about to ascend to the heavens. There was a spiritual essence which was hard to describe.

The entire chicken was covered in the broth. As it cooked, it seemed to be moving about in the water unceasingly.

Finally, when the water within the wok began to evaporate, the chicken head was finally exposed. In that instant, Bu Fang’s eyes gleamed.

He reached out a finger as he pointed at the head of the chicken. His mental force began to surge. The mental force being released at that moment made the entire chicken seem like it was full of energy and vigor.

On Bu Fang’s neck hung a black paG.o.da that was tied up with a velvet string. It seemed to be floating as it gave out a hidden light.

Above the platform, the Shura Saintess and the old servant tensed up. The peaks on the Shura Saintess’ chest moved up and down and there was an expression of shock on her beautiful face. She glared at Bu Fang with a serious expression on her face.

“I said he must be a Supreme-Being… How else would his mental force be able to stay on par with those alchemists’? As it turns out, he was relying on the Shura Tower’s ability to reinforce himself… Wait a minute, how is he able to use to Shura Tower?” The Shura Saintess deeply breathed in and asked in curiosity.

“Saintess… This chef might have some kind of important connection to our Ancient Shura City. To be able to personally utilize the Shura Tower, this person’s body must be hiding some huge secret. It looks like we can’t just take away the Shura Tower. We have to take away this chef as well!” The old servant said ominously.

A divine light shone in the old servant’s eyes. Even though his eyes seemed like they were going to close, anyone’s heart would s.h.i.+ver if they looked into those eyes. That frightening aura caused the people in the surrounding who were secretly observing the Shura Saintess to jump back in terror.

“Yes, make your move immediately when the chance presents itself. This won’t do, we won’t wait any longer. We are going to make our move during the Magical Hand Conference. We’ll use the chance to run away from those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who are barely alive,” said the Shura Saintess with a solemn expression on her face.

Judging from the situation, this chef had a chance to fight for the top spot in the Magical Hand Conference. If she were to s.n.a.t.c.h him and run away, she would make an enemy out of the entire Pill Palace.

This really was a headache-inducing problem.

The aroma started to get stronger and stronger…

“My Saintess… It has begun.” The old monster’s gaze suddenly looked toward the platform Mao s.h.i.+ was on.

Mao s.h.i.+’s eyes flashed as he raised his head. Looking at the pillar of light which seemed to be coming from Bu Fang’s dish, he finally started to panic.

That was because his furnace was about to explode!

The mental force was about to go out of his control and the furnace was shaking. In one compet.i.tion, he would explode his furnace twice?

He couldn’t embarra.s.s himself like this…

He definitely couldn’t let his furnace explode! Mao s.h.i.+’s eyes became bloodshot. In the next moment, he waved his hand and many people didn’t notice that a blood-red elixir appeared in his hand.


Shattering the elixir, Mao s.h.i.+’s entire bloodstream seemed to boil. He gritted his teeth and felt a mind-searing pain shoot through his body.

However, under his perseverance, that boiling mental force seemed to calm down. After focusing all his attention, he was only able to see his alchemy furnace.

A layer of demonic blood-red radiance was emitted from Mao s.h.i.+’s skin. It made his entire person look demonic…

The Magical Hand Conference did indeed allow the use of certain elixirs. However, the use of this particular elixir was prohibited… The reason was that if the effectiveness of spirit pill was too strong, it would ruin the rules of the compet.i.tion.

Any elixir which didn’t reach the level of a spirit pill was allowed.

This was why Mao s.h.i.+ dared to use the Shura Pill. It was because the Shura Pill was not a spirit pill. However, the side effects of this particular elixir were too strong… Once consumed, he would be weak and lacking in vitality for at least a few months.

In order not to lose, this prideful person had decided to lay out all his cards.


Bu Fang seemed to sense something and s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Mao s.h.i.+’s bronze platform.

From afar, Mao s.h.i.+ also looked over. He had a ferocious expression on his face and his lips were raised. A malicious smile hung on his face. It was a smile which held a lot of meanings.

He stabilized the alchemy furnace as his elixir was about to congeal. Once a three-mark spirit pill appeared, how was Bu Fang going to win?

“This guy seems to have regained his confidence suddenly…” Bu Fang was suspicious but he didn’t care too much. “Well, this Heavenly Flame braised chicken is about to be finished… It sure is troublesome.”

Bu Fang was too lazy to care about Mao s.h.i.+ as he focused all his attention on the Heavenly Flame Chicken. The cooking method that he had chosen this time was from De Zhou. The De Zhou Braised Chicken was an extremely famous dish in his previous world. It even held the t.i.tle of “China’s best chicken”. From this, one could see how extraordinary this dish was.

What’s more, Bu Fang had chosen to use so many elixirs this time. Coupled with the fact that he used a Heavenly Flame Chicken as the main ingredient, the quality of his dish was bound to be great. Bu Fang had tasted the Heavenly Flame Chicken before when he made it into Spicy Diced Chicken and it had great flavor.

Although it couldn’t quite compare to the Eight Treasures Chicken, Bu Fang was unable to do anything about it, as Eighty made such a huge fuss.

Bu Fang moved the finger that was pressed on the chicken’s head. He lightly tapped his finger on the head of the chicken.

In the next moment, the audience felt as though they heard an ear-shattering cry from the chicken. The cry pierced their ear and they became absentminded.

The Heavenly Flame Chicken within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok radiated a dazzling golden light and it emitted an enticing brilliance which attracted many gazes.

“A chicken that gives off light!”

The whole audience went into an uproar.

The Eight Treasures Chicken cowering in the corner had its eyes as wide as saucers as it looked at Bu Fang. It was shocked when it saw the Heavenly Flame Chicken which came out from the wok.

A chicken that gave off light! It was majestic!

How could it be cooler than the Eight Treasures Chicken?

The steam rose and surged. It was as though a dragon was rus.h.i.+ng toward the heavens. The aroma filled the area, and the audience became intoxicated.

“I really want to eat it! The aroma of meat coupled with medicinal fragrance… It’s a hundred times better than the fragrance of an elixir!”

“No way, I can’t resist it anymore! When I go back, I’m going to make this chicken as well!”


The audience began to chatter. Even though the expressions on their faces were different, there was a common fact. Everyone was deeply entranced by the fragrance coming from the chicken.

Nangong Wuque’s eyes were almost crossed, he thought that the Eight Treasures Chicken wing he had eaten was already very tasty. Compared to the Heavenly Flame Chicken in Bu Fang’s hand right now, the Eight Treasures Chicken paled in comparison.

“If the Eight Treasures Chicken were to be eaten like that, how tasty would it be?” Thinking about that, Nangong Wuque couldn’t resist as he wiped the drool off the side of his mouth.

Bu Fang grabbed onto the chicken neck as the body of the chicken glowed a shade of bright gold. The skin of the chicken was extremely smooth and it was almost like a work of art. He held onto the chicken with one hand while the other began to season the broth.

He pulled out a can, from within which he scooped out half a spoon of Abyssal Chilli Sauce. After adding it into the wok, it fused with the boiling spirit spring water and the broth became red.

In the next instant, Bu Fang took that boiling spirit spring water as he poured it over the Heavenly Flame Chicken’s head.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

The fragrance in the air seemed to evolve further and the light started to flash around the body of the chicken. In the end, the aroma was stabilized but it became thicker and thicker.

Grabbing a huge porcelain plate, Bu Fang placed the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken on top.

A few plump and white radishes were taken out of the system’s storage s.p.a.ce. Throwing them into the air, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand twirled around. Only a flash could be seen.

In an instant, with light flas.h.i.+ng around the radishes, they were sliced into many pieces, landing onto the porcelain plate. They surrounded the Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken.

Bu Fang remained expressionless. With a flick of his hand, the water droplets which hung on his finger disappeared in mid-air.

The white radish seemed to bloom like an Epiphyllum, with its beauty radiating as it literally shone.

“Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken, served.”

With a spin of his kitchen knife, a soft sound resounded through the entire area. The audience woke up from their trance after looking at the beautiful art-like piece.

Pu Chi!

Mao s.h.i.+ glared at that Heavenly Flame Braised Chicken. As the wave of spiritual energy swept over, he felt a sense of danger. In the next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood. The pores of his body started to ooze blood and a stream of blood could be seen trickling down his nose. His entire being became hideous and ferocious!


With a blast, the alchemy furnace also became silent. In the next moment, the fragrance of an elixir came from within.

Mao s.h.i.+’s chest heaved as the blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth. There was a ferocious look in his eyes.

“My three-mark spirit pill… is also done!”


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