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Chapter 1650: Black Turtle’s Plea for Help

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The black hole was a cosmic portal previously sealed by the G.o.d of Cooking Set. Tongtian had exerted his power and replaced the artifact with his Immortal Slaughtering Sword, trying to seal it again. However, just as it shrank, a black beast paw suddenly stretched out of it. The portal was torn apart, and a terrible aura erupted from it.

The Sect Leader’s pupils constricted, while the experts from Atlantis turned pale and trembled violently.

At the same time, Soul Demons clad in black scales were emerging from the other black holes on Earth. A horrible demonic aura soon filled the whole world.

At the icy field of Siberia, a Soul Demon with four wings on his back flew out of the black hole, his eyes shot with blood. As soon as he appeared, the ice sheet began to melt and burst. He took a deep breath, and a surge of spiritual energy poured into him in an instant.

“What a fresh aura… We have finally found the Ancestral Planet of mankind!”

At the Bermuda Triangle, a dreadful Soul Demon as monstrous as a t.i.tan emerged from the rotating black hole, emitting a demonic aura that filled the sky. The sea rose, turning into huge waves to sweep out in all directions.

Bu Fang was lounging on a reclining chair, basking in the sun at the State Supernatural Agency’s base in Jiangdong. He looked very relaxed. Although he was searching for Black Turtle, he maintained the att.i.tude that if he found him, he was lucky; if he did not, he was destined to fail. Besides, he had always been so calm.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. The color of the sky changed at this moment—the brilliant sun was suddenly covered by a layer of black aura as if it had been polluted.

“Hmm? The Soul Demon’s demonic aura?”

Bu Fang was stunned for a moment. Then, the sound of a harsh alarm rang out from the base, alarming all the superhumans and sending them into action.

Moments later, Chief Luo and Xiao Ai strode toward Bu Fang. They were heavily armed and wearing camouflage uniforms. “Senior… Something serious has happened!” said the chief, looking at Bu Fang. His face was very unsightly.

At the same time, Nethery and the Empyrean Fairy also came from the other direction. They looked confused. The fairy looked up at the sky and felt a sense of fear rise from deep inside her.

“It seems like a great terror is coming…”

“This happened so suddenly. All our branches have already started to act… Xiao Ai, explain the situation to Senior,” said Chief Luo.

Xiao Ai hurried to Bu Fang’s side, squatted down, opened the computer in her hand, and showed him a green map.

“Senior, look here. Countless powerful energy points have appeared in the four unstable portals on Earth. They are unlike any energy points we know of, with a terrible corrosive and evil nature,” said Xiao Ai, her face very grave.

“According to the reliable information we received, there has been a dramatic increase in the primal human desire in the areas covered by those energy points. The people there became greedy and selfish, killing each other. Above all, some kind of evil creature is gradually encroaching on us…”

Xiao Ai explained while pointing the map with her finger.

Bu Fang nodded. Judging from their ability to affect human emotions, he was already able to guess what they were. They were Soul Demons. He had not expected them to find Earth so quickly.

“These Soul Demons are a real pain in the neck…”

As the hub of cosmic portals, Earth was connected to the major universes. The three human emperors were suppressing one portal that connected the Soul Demon Universe, but the four remaining portals connected the other universes. If one universe was overrun by Soul Demons, they would be able to descend on Earth through the portal.

Bu Fang took a deep breath and stood up. Even the three human emperors were fighting so hard against the Soul Demons to prevent the birthplace of mankind from being invaded, so what reason did he have to be lazy?

‘Tongtian should have already started killing Soul Demons at this point, right?’ he thought to himself.

There was a place called Dongs.h.i.+ on the coast of Hua. It was a small fis.h.i.+ng village that had been making a living by fis.h.i.+ng for generations. The villagers here spent their days fis.h.i.+ng and drying fish. They knew how to eat fish, how to marinate fish, how to make dried fish, and how to cook all kinds of delicious fish dishes.

The small fis.h.i.+ng village was about a few dozen kilometers from the city and could only be reached by a rather b.u.mpy road. Life here was peaceful. The villagers were self-sufficient and led a very leisurely life.

The bright sunlight made the sea sparkle, and the waves pushed at each other as they raced toward the sandy sh.o.r.e, bringing the salty sea breeze to the land. This was the most primitive beach, not developed by humans as a tourist area. No outsiders had set foot here, except the villagers of Dongs.h.i.+.

A stretch of houses could be found on the east coast of the beach. They were all simple huts, and though small, they had all the tools for the occupants to make their living.

In front of one of the huts that needed some repair, a bald old man sat asleep in an old rocking chair. His body was swaying slightly, making the chair creak.

Villagers were busy working around him. When the women saw him sleeping, they could not help but chuckle. The children were playing around his feet, but no matter how noisy the children were, they could not make the old man wake up.

A snotty three-year-old ran around the old man naked, while several older children were playing around them. Suddenly, the youngest child kicked a stone and fell facedown on the ground. The older kids all screamed because under the boy were sharp stones. If he hit them, he would be seriously injured and even suffer infection.

The boy was still a bit confused. He only felt that he had floated up, and he was laughing foolishly, but the adults and older children were all scared out of their wits.

Suddenly, the boy froze in midair. An invisible force wrapped around his body, slowly lifted him, and landed him safely on the ground.

All the people were stunned. What happened? A tragedy was obviously about to happen, but why did it suddenly end?

“Is this the work of deities?!”

“Why can Erdan fly? Is he the reincarnation of a deity?”

“Oh, heavens! I’ll bring two pounds of dried fish to Erdan’s parents tonight and betroth my girl to Erdan…”

The villagers could not believe what they had just seen. Meanwhile, the children were clamoring with excitement around Erdan, who was sucking in his snot. To them, the way he floated just now was simply a divine tactic!

No one noticed that the corners of the old man’s mouth curved upward slightly. He yawned and fell asleep in the rocking chair again.

The sh.o.r.e of Dongs.h.i.+ was teeming with fis.h.i.+ng boats. Some of them were moored, while others were out in the sea. Fishermen cast nets to catch fish, which was the resource they relied on.

On one of the fis.h.i.+ng boats, a man with dark skin and strong muscles jerked at the net. Behind him, a woman with a bamboo hat was also pulling hard. The couple pulled hard at the net, but they could not pull it out of the water. They thought they might catch some big fish this time.

“Woman, pull harder! I have a feeling that we have caught some big fis.h.!.+ The money we make from selling these fish should be enough to send Erdan to a school in the city!” the man said excitedly.

They exerted more strength to pull the net out of the sea. Finally, they were able to see what was in the fis.h.i.+ng net. The woman screamed as fear appeared on her face.

“Look! That… What’s that?!”

In the fis.h.i.+ng net was not fish, but countless hands and feet that were still bleeding! Although they had been soaked in water for so long, they still looked lifelike. Obviously, they were not the hands and feet of mortals!

The couple froze with fear. They did not know what to do.

Suddenly, they turned their heads to look into the distance. There, the clear sky had grown dark and filled with rolling dark clouds. It seemed that a storm was gathering. Lightning was constantly flas.h.i.+ng in the dark clouds, while the air was filled with the oppressive sound of thunder.

“The Dragon King is angry! Let’s get out of here and get back to land…”

The fisherman and his wife soon let out a cry of panic as waves dozens of meters high rose from the nearby sea, rus.h.i.+ng toward them. The water was black as if filled with some terrifying beings.

The children playing on the sh.o.r.e all stood up, turned their heads, looked toward the sea, and saw a huge wall of water. Countless fis.h.i.+ng boats were being smashed by the rolling water, while fishermen were swept into the waves, crying and shrieking bitterly.

The apocalyptic scene was a nightmare for this simple fis.h.i.+ng village. For a moment, despair, helplessness, death, and all kinds of negative emotions surfaced in everyone’s heart.

Suddenly, a strong blast swept over the sea toward the sh.o.r.e, almost knocking the stretch of huts down.

“Ai…” At this moment, the old man in the rocking chair opened his eyes and slowly stood up. His eyes sparkled as he looked at the great wall of seawater. Looking at the humans who were caught in the waves, he sighed once again.

“Hmm… Why is it so hard for this turtle to get some sleep?” Black Turtle said, putting his hands behind his back. The next moment, a gray-green light erupted from his eyes.

With a rumble, the wall of seawater came to a halt, and the fishermen, who had been swept under the water, were pulled out by a mighty force and landed safely on the land.

In the village, the adults were in shock and did not know what was happening, while the children were crying noisily.

Suddenly, the rescued fishermen stood up and began to fight and punch each other. Their eyes were fierce and filled with rage. At the same time, a black demonic aura was spreading in the air. The villagers’ eyes were starting to get red, making them look irritable.

The old man raised his brows slightly and took a step forward. A rumbling sound rang out, and a powerful wave of air burst out of him, tearing the sea wall in half. As the waves continued to explode, body parts kept flying out of them. Suddenly, one black figure after another flew out of the water, emitting a monstrous evil demonic aura.

“Hmm? Soul Demons?” Black Turtle’s pupils constricted as he looked at the countless Soul Demons. He sighed again. “Looks like my days of sleeping are over…”

In Jiangdong, Bu Fang, who was looking at Xiao Ai’s map, suddenly raised his brows and rose to his feet. In his spirit sea, Gold Dragon, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger spoke at the same time, “Little Host, we have sensed Black Turtle… He is calling for help.”


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