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1352 A Bowl of Noodles for You

“Sit down and hold this in your mouth…”

When Tian Cang first heard Bu Fang’s instructions, he did not want to do it. However, on second thought, he realized that he was considered a patient now. Since this little chef had the Senseless Lotus, it meant that he really had the means to bring him back to life. In that case, he might as well do as he was told.

So he sat down and shoved the Senseless Lotus petal into his mouth. The moment it touched his tongue, a warm and soothing aura spread and filled him. Just by keeping the petal in his mouth, Tian Cang felt that his unstable soul became clearer, and the supreme power that was pulling at his soul was separated from him. He had never felt so good before.

“Wu wu wu?” Tian Cang stared at Bu Fang with a look of excitement on his face.

Bu Fang gave him a sideways glance and said, “Don’t talk. Keep it in your mouth.”

Tian Cang nodded and did as he was told.

“You’re a dead man, and the Senseless Lotus has little effect on you. It can delay your soul from being pulled back into Transmigration, but when the time is up, you will still have to leave…” Bu Fang said, then frowned as if he was thinking about something.

Tian Cang nodded again. He knew this very well. It was not so easy to come back to life.

“So, in addition to the Senseless Lotus, we need another method.” Bu Fang touched his chin, stared at Tian Cang for a while, then went on, “It wouldn’t be easy for you… It will be painful.”

“Wu wu wu!” Tian Cang nodded solemnly.

Judging by the way he looked, he was willing to do anything to come back to life. Death was not what he had wanted, and he still had many entanglements in this world. Therefore, in order to be resurrected, he was willing to bear the pain, no matter how terrible it was.

In fact, the pain Bu Fang mentioned was nothing to Tian Cang. It was more like a merciful release when compared to the eternal darkness in the Transmigration.

Bu Fang looked seriously at the Nether King. He did not like to force others. Although he knew he was saving someone, he wanted Tian Cang to willingly accept this.

‘By the looks of it, Tian Cang really wants to come back to life, and he’s willing to suffer pain for it…’ Bu Fang nodded and said, “Then I’ll a.s.sume that you said yes…”

After that, he was lost in thought for a while again. Then, as Tian Cang watched with doubt, he took a step back and said, “Don’t talk. I’ll cook a bowl of noodles for you.”

‘A bowl of noodles?’ Tian Cang paused. ‘Is there any connection between saving me and eating noodles?’

However, Bu Fang did not say anything more, leaving Tian Cang’s doubts unexplained. With a thought, he produced the White Tiger Heaven Stove, which fell to the ground with a boom and kicked up dust. He then took out some white flour, put them in a large bowl, and poured in the Spring of Life. The flour seemed to glow when the energy-rich water was added.

Bu Fang was going to make noodles, but he wasn’t going to make ordinary noodles.

He took out a spirit beast egg, cracked it into the flour, and began to knead them together. His movements were not fast nor slow, as this was not a simple step. He needed to turn the energy in the flour into a silky smooth string with his divine will.

Pak, pak, pak…

Bu Fang began to punch the flour mixture. Soon, it turned into dough. Then, he threw his hands to each side, and the dough in the bowl began to spin slowly as if it had turned into a ball.

It was a pleasure to watch Bu Fang cook, which was a mixture of art and beauty. Tian Cang was stunned as he watched. For the first time, he found that cooking could be so artistic!

As the dough spun, it became rounder and seemed to flicker with a faint light, while Bu Fang’s face grew serious. He took a deep breath. The next moment, the divine will Phantom Spirit sitting cross-legged in the center of his spirit sea opened its eyes, and his divine will began to surge.

Highly concentrated, the divine will drew an array in his palm. It was a complicated array. Each of the strokes was condensed of divine will, and there were a total of eighty-one strokes. In fact, every Gourmet Array was drawn with eighty-one strokes.

Profound secrets were hiding in the strokes, and he needed to draw every stroke with extreme care. The array was actually the Time Gourmet Array, which could control the flow of time, and the rate was determined by the details when it was being drawn.

Therefore, Bu Fang dared not to be careless when drawing it. A slight mistake would mean a disaster to Tian Cang, making this bowl of noodles his last dish in this world.

After a long time, the drawing of the Time Array was completed. It hovered over his palm, flas.h.i.+ng brightly. There was a weakness in Bu Fang’s Gourmet Arrays—they needed to attach to food. He had seen the previous host’s Gourmet Arrays, and they didn’t seem to have this restriction. However, it was because of that that the previous host didn’t come out with things like Death Food Tools.

The array was spinning, exuding a mysterious aura. Bu Fang had made it to slow the flow of time. He turned it into a very small dot, then sent it into the dough, which stopped spinning for one second. The next moment, he stacked his middle finger over the index finger and pulled a noodle from the dough. The noodle was thin, but if one looked carefully, they could see the round Time Array set on its flat cut face.

Bu Fang took a step back, and his hand began to draw a circle in the air. As he kept shaking his hand and drawing, the noodle was being pulled out of the dough in a continuous string, stretching and gathering in the circle.

Tian Cang was astonished as he watched. He had never seen someone cook like this.

The dough soon disappeared. The noodle, on the other hand, was full of Time Arrays. Bu Fang had condensed an array with his divine will in the noodle at every specific distance, filling the string of noodle with numerous arrays. It was an unusual noodle, one that stretched from end to end without break.

Inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Spring of Life was boiling with a piece of rhino meat, which was leaking its energy into the water. This was the broth for the noodles. Bu Fang pointed out a finger, and the noodle began to fall into the wok in a continuous string.

After that, he began to prepare the other ingredients.

Outside the Black Temple…

The appearance of Nether Puppeteer Patriarch shocked everyone.

Er Ha’s hair stood on end, and he had gooseb.u.mps all over his skin. The feeling of terror was unprecedented. Even Tyrant Patriarch had not given him such a horrible feeling. It proved how fearful this old man was.

Nether Puppeteer Patriarch snapped his fingers. A burst of clicking sound rang out as another puppet emerged behind him. It was a female puppet with an attractive body. Her bosom was large, and her long, slim legs were eye-catching. However, her face was covered with a silver metal mask. The weapon in her hand was what made everyone suck in a cold breath. It was a huge hammer, fully carved with patterns that kept flas.h.i.+ng. Clearly, it was not made with ordinary materials.

This female puppet was Nether Puppeteer Patriarch’s Earth Nether Puppet.

“I have three puppets, the Heaven Nether Puppet, Earth Nether Puppet, and Human Nether puppet. However, only the Heaven Nether Puppet is my proudest work. You have taken my work without my consent, and it upsets me,” Nether Puppeteer Patriarch said indifferently, his voice hoa.r.s.e. With his hands clasped behind his back, he slowly stepped forward.

Er Ha’s eyes were shot with blood. ‘What is this old man talking about? He turned dad’s body into a puppet, and now he’s showing off in my face? Dammit!’

He grabbed the Nether King Halberd, roared, and stomped his foot. The ground cracked and shattered as he sped forward like a cannonball. The void seemed to collapse in front of him. Then, he swung the halberd and unleashed a terrible energy blast.

“You’re very noisy,” Nether Puppeteer Patriarch said, glancing at Er Ha.

The next moment, the female puppet at his side, the Earth Nether Puppet, moved. In the blink of an eye, she vanished from where she was, and when she reappeared, she was right in front of Er Ha. In the face of the powerful energy blast, the puppet did not dodge. Instead, she lifted the great hammer with one hand and smashed it.

With one blow, the energy blast shattered like gla.s.s and fell scattering to the ground. The hammer’s momentum didn’t decrease, and it continued smas.h.i.+ng toward the Nether King Halberd.

Er Ha’s pupils constricted, and he held the halberd horizontally to block the hammer.

The next moment, the hammer hit the halberd and bent it, then struck Er Ha hard in the chest. The Nether King coughed blood as he was thrown back like a cannonball toward the Black Temple.

Ice Saint quickly floated up the air. Ice crystals emerged in her palm, and she pushed them against Er Ha’s back to stop him. However, a great force shattered the crystals in an instant and pushed her, causing her to take dozens of steps back before stopping. She almost smashed into the Black Temple. Ice Saint’s face was pale. ‘Why is that hammer so powerful?!’

Er Ha widened his eyes, opened his mouth, and coughed. A stream of dirty blood spurted out of his mouth, while the bent Nether King Halberd fell to the ground with a clang, sinking deep into the earth.

Nethery held Foxy in her arms and narrowed her eyes.

Meanwhile, the Earth Nether Puppet slowly descended and landed with her great hammer. Her mechanical eyes gleamed coldly as she walked one step after another toward the Black Temple.

Nethery parted her red lips slightly and sighed. She did what Bu Fang instructed her, which was to give Foxy a Fortune Flatbread. The little fox ate it happily. After that, terrible energy began to brew in her mouth once again.

Nethery raised her palm and gently slapped Foxy on the b.u.t.tocks, causing the little fox’s chubby b.u.t.t to jiggle.


A shocking explosion broke out as the energy that had been brewing in Foxy’s mouth turned into a terrible, eight-meter energy cannonball and shot toward the Earth Nether Puppet. The powerful recoil pushed Nethery back, and she had to squeeze her long legs together to stabilize herself.

When Nether Puppeteer Patriarch saw that, his eyes lit up instantly. “What an interesting little fellow…”

The Earth Nether Puppet didn’t dodge Foxy’s cannonball. She just lifted her arm and held the hammer flat, pointing it at the terrible explosive energy that was approaching from the distance.


The huge cannonball, which was an enlarged version of the Explosive Meatball, collided with the great hammer.

However, the terrible explosion that everyone was expecting didn’t happen. In everyone’s shocked eyes, the huge cannonball was absorbed by the great hammer! It stunned all the people! They couldn’t believe that the hammer was so heaven-defying!

After the great hammer absorbed the energy cannonball, the Earth Nether Puppet’s eyes turned scarlet. It was as if her body was burning with energy. She lifted the hammer with both hands, then thrust it toward Nethery.


A shocking explosion broke out as a cannonball shot out of the hammer. It was eight meters in diameter and contained a terrible destructive force. The cannonball that Foxy had unleashed was returned to them, heading toward the Black Temple. If it hit the building, all their hard efforts would be destroyed!

[1] Starting from this chapter, Heavenly Nether Puppet will change to Heaven Nether Puppet.


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