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At first, there were a few people who were very anxious, but after seeing the cute and beautiful little princess, the impatience in their hearts gradually disappeared.

Everyone liked beauty, and Mengmeng was the most beautiful and cute little girl they had ever seen.

When Zhang Han opened the door, a lot of people in line anxiously said:

“Excuse me, we have to go to work at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We don’t have enough time, can we make it a take-out?”

Zhang Han nodded when he heard this, and said, “Alright.”

Only now did everyone feel relieved.


After entering the dining hall, Liang Mengqi, Yue Yang and the other two sat at the same table as and Sun’s mother. Sun Dongheng and Sun’s mother sat at the neighboring table.

“Boss, where did you go?” Why did you come back so late? ” Liang Mengqi asked curiously.

“I went to buy the photo frame.”

Zhang Han replied with a smile, then casually placed the photo frame to the side.

“PaPa, I want to see an animated film.” Mengmeng took small steps and ran to the front of the sofa. she jumped up and climbed onto the sofa, then turned around and spoke to Zhang Han.

“I’m on it.” Zhang Han nodded and walked over to switch on the television. There was no need to change the channel, it had only broadcasted a single channel, the Children’s Channel.

After that, Zhang Han opened his notebook and placed the music on it, preparing to make lunch.

He hadn’t prepared any ingredients yet, but his lunch was still Egg-Fried Rice and Milk.

When Zhang Han left the cafeteria in the morning, the rice had already been cooked regularly.

After he picked up the rice, Zhang Han started to prepare the supplementary ingredients, such as eggs, onions.

“PaPa, mm… Mengmeng was a little hungry. “I … I don’t even have the strength to watch TV.” Mengmeng turned and said with her sweet voice.

“The food is almost ready, Mengmeng, don’t be anxious.” Zhang Han hurriedly said.

However, when Mengmeng said this, Liang Mengqi and the others’ gazes instantly landed on the kitchen, because whenever this happened, Zhang Han would cook at an unimaginable speed. His movements were fluid and natural. This was a type of visual enjoyment.

They looked over, and the others also looked over with curiosity.

Zhang Han quickly turned on the electric stove and started to heat up the milk.

At the same time, his right hand drew a kitchen knife from the knife holder and his left hand simultaneously placed four green onions on the cutting board.

“Bang, bang, bang …”

An urgent sound rang out as the saber light dazzled the eyes. In just two seconds, a few of the green onions had been chopped.

Zhang Han immediately threw the kitchen knife upwards.

This scene caused everyone’s hearts to skip a beat!

What? Throw a kitchen knife? No?

However, the next scene caused everyone to take in a breath of cold air.

He saw the kitchen knife spin twice in the air before inserting itself into the knife’s groove.

“Oh my G.o.d.” Zhao Dahu’s mouth was agape, and he said in shock: “This is the first time I’ve seen such a technique.”

“This is too amazing.” Liang Mengqi’s eyes were wide open: “Wow, he is getting more and more handsome.”

“Mom.” Sun Dongheng said excitedly: “Did you see that? “Haha, Mom, let me tell you, what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg. He is so powerful, it’s hard to imagine!”

Amongst them, only Yu Qingqing and Zhao Feng had a slightly complicated look in their eyes.

“He …” Zhao Feng was once again shocked by Zhang Han’s technique: “I still underestimated his strength. Just this move alone already showed his control over his strength, and his accuracy in angle. He is already at the peak of perfection, so terrifying like this … Sigh, I had thought that I could last a minute against him, but I didn’t think that boss would be speaking the truth.

Not just them, even the six people sitting at the small white table exclaimed in admiration.

Amidst their exclamations of surprise, Zhang Han had already started to cook the Egg-Fried Rice with the two wok pots.

The frying pan was not light either, with so much food added inside, it was still somewhat heavy, but the frying pan felt really light in Zhang Han’s hands.

Add a series of spices.

Three minutes later, the Egg Fried Rice was ready to serve.

Zhang Han served himself and Mengmeng, and placed them at the round table. Without needing to mention anything about the others, they had already started to line up to fill the rice.

When Mengmeng sat at the dining table and saw the lonely Egg-Fried Rice, she said in her sweet voice:

“PaPa, uh… Why is there only rice? Mengmeng wants to eat the dishes made by the PaPa, he wants to eat … That … The long eggplant, and, and… Mengmeng really wants to eat all the dishes made by PaPa. ”

When she said that, the eyes of Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu, Zhao Feng, and the others who had tried the rice all lit up, they all looked at Mengmeng, and subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

“Sure, then Daddy will cook for you tonight.” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Alright, PaPa is the best. Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a kiss on the air, causing him to smile.

Of course, the four people behind also had smiles on their faces. They looked at each other, and all of them happily smiled as they muttered in their hearts:

“Mengmeng is great, Mengmeng is the best. Aw, little princess, in the future, say more things like this…”

Everyone knew in their hearts that their 100 sentences of 1000 words could not even compare to the few words that Mengmeng had said.

They even felt that as long as Mengmeng spoke, it didn’t matter if he was flying in the sky, running on the ground, or swimming in the water, Zhang Han would always bring food for his daughter!

“Sigh, Mengmeng is really blessed.”

The few of them sighed in their hearts.

The restaurant started to serve food. People outside also started to line up to pick up the food which they would bring with them.

Basically, everyone had to have at least one serving of Egg-Fried Rice and two cups of milk.

It was just like an auto supermarket, when people is done eating, they put the money on the check-out counter, and Zhang Han didn’t care to checks the money.

However, no one would pay less here. They felt that if they cheated, it would be a blasphemy to the G.o.d Tier Fried Rice with Eggs.

The restaurant’s opening hours were short. After half an hour, it was not even 2 in the afternoon and most of the customers in the restaurant had already left. Only Liang Mengqi and the rest were still drinking their milk leisurely.

“Eh? Changed the picture? ” Liang Mengqi suddenly saw a series of photos on the wall. He could not help but be surprised, as she put down the milk and stood up to check.

“Wow, she’s so beautiful.” When Zhao Dahu saw the photo of Mengmeng on the side of the piano, she could not help but exclaim out loud.

“The photo of Mengmeng and the owner is really too lovable,” Yu Qingqing said with a face full of envy.


Facing the praises of the few people, Mengmeng was a little happy as she started to hum a song.

Those pictures, Mengmeng could even see them clearly. Especially the picture of her together with the PaPa, it looked really good.

After observing for a while, Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng started to act as waiters again, cleaning up the dining hall.

Maybe it had been out of goodwill for the first two times, but now they were getting used to it.

Next door, at the spicy dishes restaurant.


The manager burped and rubbed his stomach as he walked into the room.

He had eaten three servings of Egg Fried Rice and drank five cups of milk in the afternoon. The money he spent on this meal was equivalent to the amount of money he spent on a feast!

“Manager, how delicious is his restaurant’s food?” one of the waiters asked quietly.

“So delicious …” Cough cough, why are you asking so many questions? “Go to work!” The manager coughed lightly and waved his hand.

“oh, manager, just tell me about it.” The waitress said in a slightly coquettish tone.

“Yeah, yeah, manager. Seeing as you’re so satisfied, there’s definitely something going on!”

“Manager, can you tell me if it’s tasty or not?”

The few of them gathered in front of the manager and whispered.

“Eh …” The manager’s expression froze for a moment and he muttered to himself. Under the gazes of the others, he nodded heavily and said, “It’s not delicious, it’s … It was so f.u.c.king delicious! Let me tell you, that Egg-Fried Rice is so fragrant that it can’t be described. Oh, f.u.c.k, so amazing. Do you know that there are already seven members in that restaurant?! Oh my G.o.d, 7 million! But the boss is really awesome, right, the boss is very handsome, cooking is like a show, whoosh whoosh whoosh, his daughter, even if she is beautiful to the point of being invincible, and there’s even milk, so delicious! My G.o.d, I’ve never drunk milk so delicious, I’ll tell you guys … ”

Since the manager had already made his decision, he wanted to say it all.

The waiters listened as if they were in a dream, their eyes turning green. Listening to the manager’s tone, only immortals could taste the Egg-Fried Rice, so they planned to go over to have a taste at night no matter what.


In the dining hall, Liang Mengqi and the other three did not plan to leave, since it was 2 in the afternoon and dinner time was around 6, they would stay in the dining hall for a few hours.

They were just standing there. But Zhang Han had something important to do.

“Mengmeng, let’s go upstairs to change and go play in Mount New Moon.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Eh?” Mengmeng was startled, then her eyes lit up and raised her little hand: “Oh oh oh oh, go look for Little Heihei to play!”

Mengmeng’s cheers caught Liang Mengqi’s attention, causing her to immediately put down the phone and say:

“Boss, I want to go as well.”

She couldn’t stop thinking about the illusory Mount New Moon s after her last visit. Now that she had the chance, she didn’t plan on letting it go.


Zhang Han nodded and carried Mengmeng to the second floor.

“Is the Mount New Moon very fun?” Yu Qingqing asked without even raising her head as she played the game.

“Of course, that was the fairy land that the boss had created for Mengmeng.” Liang Mengqi replied.

“The boss must have built it. It’s definitely not simple.” Zhao Feng smiled slightly as he looked at Liang Mengqi, and said: “I also want to take a look.”

“Why cant you just leave us alone” Liang Mengqi snorted and said: ” If You want to go, ask the boss, why me?”

Zhao Feng was speechless once again. He was a little confused in his heart, just how had he offended her? Why was she always so stiff when talking to himr?

Thinking about the tone Liang Mengqi used with the boss, Zhao Feng could not help but laugh bitterly to himself.

Why did she being so gentle when talking to the owner.


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