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Chapter 456 Blood Shock Pluto Incantation

Zhang Han floated in the air, making a gesture of casting, his eyes s.h.i.+ning.

Behind the b.l.o.o.d.y wall, he looked like a demon.

Li Zhan and the others were becoming more and more uneasy.

Patriarch Li, Li Kun, and some low-level martial artists had already been frightened by this horrible scene and their faces were pale.

What was more terrible was that Li Zhan and several other top masters on the list were also helpless in the face of this scene, which made them gradually feel desperate.

When the opponent was attacking, they could only watch, which was too depressing.

Even Grand Master Wu was afraid because there was so much energy pouring out of Zhang Han!

“I’m afraid that so much energy can be gathered into a blow with all the strength of a peak-level Grand Master.” Elder Xu’s face was pale.

If they were attacked by such a blow with the full strength of a peak-level Grand Master, at least half of them would be killed.

It was not just them who were shocked.

The crowd watching the battle on the hillside was more frightened.

“What’s this move? I never heard of it! It’s so terrible that none of them, including Grand Master Li, dare to act rashly.”

“He is worthy of being called Fierce Zhang. What a world-shaking attack he is making!”

They shook their heads and sighed.

Among them, there were a few people who were close to the Li family, frowning and saying coldly, “Even though this attack is weird, it is impossible to kill Grand Master Li and the others. On the contrary, Zhang Hanyang has almost used up his energy, and when the light wall disappears, he will be close to death!”

Hearing their words, the crowd gasped in horror.

“It seems that one side will surely die in this battle!”

“I don’t know who will win. But Zhang Hanyang is now suppressing the five top masters on the list, which is enough for him to become famous in the martial arts world!”


While the crowd on the hillside was talking about this battle, Lei Tiannan was behind Zhang Han in shock.

Looking left and right, he saw Protector Leng running toward him.

And he suddenly found a way to vent his emotions.

“What a horrible move, like a mixture of an array and magic arts! Now he seems to be using a spell. What the h.e.l.l is this?” Lei Tiannan’s expression was very serious. Although he knew that Protector Leng didn’t understand the moves, he couldn’t help asking.

Because he couldn’t control his emotions.

“Is Grand Master Zhang alone suppressing the five top masters?” Protector Leng couldn’t believe his eyes.

Looking at Zhang Han, who was flying high in the air, Protector Leng almost wanted to wors.h.i.+p him.

Zhang Han was like an emperor with infinite power, which made him tremble involuntarily.

“I can’t understand his move, but it seems to be the prelude to some kind of attack, maybe some earth-shaking magic!” Lei Tiannan replied, staring fixedly at Zhang Han.

“What a powerful attack it is! I almost wonder if he is a monster who has lived for a long time.” Lei Tiannan shook his head and forced a smile.

Unable to help Zhang Han in this battle, he could only wait for the light wall to disappear and then look for opportunities.

He didn’t know that he had just guessed the truth.

At this time, Zhang Han’s attack was still loading.

The spiritual force stored in all his acupoints was constantly converging.

This move was named Blood Shock Pluto Incantation.

For a cultivator, he needed to reach the Elixir stage at least to use this incantation.

But Zhang Han’s understanding of cultivation was far beyond that of ordinary cultivators. With the help of the Spirit Gathering Acupoint, he had stored the same amount of energy as an Elixir-stage cultivator, and barely, yet successfully, used the incantation.

First, it was a Dragon-Locking Array.

Then he used the flood dragon card to cast Qing Ming Steal.

The purpose of these two moves was to trap people in the main house, while the Blood Shock Pluto Incantation was his real killing move!

At this time, in the main residence…

Feeling the wave from the blood wall, the expressions of the Grand Masters present all became extremely serious.

They didn’t know what Zhang Han was doing.

The unknown is terrible.

Li Zhan suddenly felt the crisis coming and narrowed his eyes angrily.

“Let’s attack him together to break the blood wall!” he suddenly said.

There seemed to be an energy explosion in his body, and his spiritual force was surging out, converging with the golden soul of the dragon.

He threw a Flame Dragon Chop at the light wall with full strength.

With hesitation, Elder Xu beside him drew two semicircles in the air with both hands and then crossed them, making a Thunder Twister.

This time, the twister was 10 times larger than the one he had made on Mount New Moon.

Obviously, he was hiding his strength then!

As the 9th-ranked master on the martial artist ranking list, Grand Master Wu was one of the few late-stage Grand Masters in Li Zhan’s camp.

Of course he was strong.

There was a flash of light in Grand Master Wu’s right hand, and then it turned into a black spear with a red ta.s.sel. He took the spear and thrust it forward.

“Clatter, clatter!”

A flash of lightning came out of the spear.

Next to them, Grand Master Ma and Grand Master Yang also made an all-out attack.

The five horrible attacks rushed one after another toward Zhang Han.

In this case, ordinary late-stage Grand Masters would stop what they were doing to dodge these attacks.

But Zhang Han was still expressionless, as if he didn’t see them.

His eyes were s.h.i.+ning so brightly that no one could tell where he was looking.

After Li Zhan and the others launched this round of attack, they found that Zhang Han didn’t even look at them.


Dahei was enraged by them!

“Ow woo!”

With a ferocious expression, Dahei stared at the attackers, roaring and showing them its huge teeth. Then, with a movement of its body, it leaped up before all those attacks arrived.


It jumped up 10 meters, stretched out its huge fist, and was about to meet the several attacks.

But in the next moment…

All those attacks. .h.i.t the blood wall, making it tremble.

Then the frightening energy of those attacks was absorbed by the blood wall.

The color of the blood wall deepened a little more, and a few strands of black fog could be seen on it by chance.


Dahei landed on the ground, looked at Zhang Han, and scratched its head in confusion.

“Master is amazing. I am dizzy.”

Everyone on the mountainside was stunned.

“What kind of move is that? An array or something? He’s too strong! Even the round of attacks from Grand Master Li and the others was easily resolved by him.”

This puzzled them.

“Moreover, even if this is an array, although it can achieve such an effect, the corresponding arrays cannot be arranged so quickly!”

Lei Tiannan couldn’t understand it, either.

“What is this move that absorbs all the masters’ attacks?”

This question was also bothering Li Zhan and the others.

They all looked at Zhang Han with great vigilance.

“Our energy has been absorbed again, so we can’t attack him.” Elder Xu frowned and said, “Continuous attacks will strengthen his array. We need to stop and wait!”

“You are right.” Grand Master Ma looked at Zhang Han with a gloomy face, and snorted coldly, “I think he is bluffing. This array is not aggressive, he is just pretending!”

“Boy, when your blood wall disappears, you will die!” Grand Master Wu sneered.

Although he was mocking Zhang Han, he was still alert to Zhang Han’s actions.

Despite the existence of the blood wall, their voices could still be transmitted normally.

Lei Tiannan’s face stiffened.

He sighed with emotion.

The principle of “birds of a feather flock together” was equally effective among martial artists. The temperament of Li Zhan, Grand Master Wu and the others in their camp indeed shared the same rotten taste.

However, Lei Tiannan also began to worry. He knew that after the blood wall disappeared, there would be an earth-shaking battle.

However, at this moment…

Zhang Han’s arms suddenly extended to both sides, and his low voice seemed to come from the sky. “Blood Shock Pluto Incantation!”

“Clatter, clatter!”

The blood wall suddenly burst into a dazzling red light, covering the entire main residential area.

“He’s finally starting to attack!”

The hearts of Li Zhan and the others were beating violently. They were more alert while staring at Zhang Han, daring not to blink their eyes.

The light wall around them was still there.

If Zhang Han wanted to attack them, he would have to first break the light wall that he had set up.

One second, two seconds… Soon, 10 seconds pa.s.sed.

Still, nothing happened.

Li Zhan’s eyes were still fixed on Zhang Han, without relaxing his vigilance.

But 20 seconds later…

“Stop hamming it up!” Elder Xu said angrily, “Zhang Hanyang, we will kill you when your blood wall is broken!”

“Really?” The light in Zhang Han’s eyes had disappeared. He was still floating in the air, calmly looking at the people in the main residence, and then gave them a mocking smile. “I’ll wait for you.”

“You!” Elder Xu was going to explode.

Li Zhan’s face became more gloomy as he said in a cold voice, “No matter how much energy the array has, it’s also limited. You can only trap us temporarily…”

But before he finished speaking…


A trembling cry with great fear came from behind. “Uncle, what’s going on with me? Look at me! Uncle, help me!”

“Swish, swish, swis.h.!.+”

Li Zhan and the others turned their heads in an instant, looked back, and saw a horrible scene!

Patriarch Li was running toward Li Zhan.

But there were wrinkles growing on his face as if they were alive.

His hands were slowly shrinking.

His hair was turning gray at a rate visible to the naked eye.

His straight body was gradually stooping.

One step, two steps…

He walked only five steps forward, and now he looked like an old man in his 90s.

His body was shaking.

When he took the sixth step forward…

The smell of death covered him.

He fell on the ground, looked at Li Zhan, and shouted in an old man’s hoa.r.s.e voice, “Uncle, help…”

The voice stopped abruptly.

His skin was shrinking very rapidly.

In just a few seconds, a middle-aged man in his 40s had turned into a pile of dead bones.

Then the dead bones turned into powder and dissipated slowly.


Elder Xu gasped, feeling his heart in his mouth.

He turned to look at the others.

Most of the Li family members were wailing because those who were about the same age as Patriarch Li had turned into dead bones and dissipated in the same way.

Li Kun and two other young people had also become old men in their 90s.

He was looking and Li Zhan and crying, “Grandpa, help me! Grandpa, help me…”

“Ah!” Li Zhan’s face turned pale in fear.

Seeing the dreadful scene at this moment, Li Zhan, the 3rd-ranked master on the martial artists ranking list, was frightened.

Li Zhan tried to send his own spiritual force into Li Kun’s body, but it could only accelerate Li Kun’s aging process. In front of him, the young man quickly turned into a pile of dead bones, and then dissipated.

“This…” Li Zhan looked terrible.

The remaining two aging young men were limping on the ground, reaching out to Li Zhan, and calling out in a low voice, “Help me, Grandpa.”


Li Zhan stepped back and knocked down the chair behind him.

For the first time in his life, Li Zhan felt scared. He stood helplessly, watching the two young men became dead bones.

“How is that possible?” Li Zhan’s hands were shaking.

“How could this happen?” Elder Xu’s face was pale, and he was still unable to believe his eyes.

“What kind of magic can take a person’s vitality in this way?”

“My strength!”

All of a sudden, Grand Master Wu’s face changed greatly, and he cried out in horror, “I fell into the middle stage!”

“Ah!” The other four were startled and began to examine themselves, only to find that their strength was rapidly fading.

They couldn’t stay calm anymore.

All the Grand Masters in the main residence were in a panic.

“Hurry up! Defense!” Grand Master Ma cried out.

Everyone took out their weapons and treasures with protective effects.

The willow leaf that Li Zhan took out turned into blue light and wrapped around him.

Others followed him and quickly activated their own protective barriers.

There was light everywhere.

Only five of them were alive after the protective treasures were activated.

They looked at each other with the same look of panic.

“He goes against the laws of nature!”

In the next moment…

Li Zhan’s face turned pale.

“Defense doesn’t work on it!” said Elder Xu suddenly in a trembling voice.

They felt that their strength was still fading rapidly, as if it was being absorbed by an inexplicable force.

They kept using all kinds of things to defend themselves.

One minute later…

Li Zhan, who looked ghastly pale, announced, “I’ve dropped to the middle stage!”

“This…” Elder Xu couldn’t stand it any longer. He looked at Zhang Han and said loudly, “Grand Master Zhang! We can negotiate! Please remove the blood wall as soon as possible. We are willing to compensate you for your loss. We’ll give you the five elements furnace! Give you everything!”

He frantically begged Zhang Han to spare his life. He knew that if their strength continued dropping, Zhang Hanyang could kill all of them easily.

At the critical moment of life and death, it was impossible for them not to panic.

When Elder Xu’s voice was resounding throughout the main residence, the number of spectators on the hillside behind had exceeded 200 and was still increasing.

Seeing this, everyone fell into a terrible silence.

Their faces all turned pale.

This violation of the laws of nature made them tremble with fear.

If they were in the main residence, they would have already turned into bones and powder just like those 10 ordinary martial artists.

“This…” Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng stepped back involuntarily, feeling their hands tremble and their legs soften. They were now looking at Zhang Han with the expression of seeing the devil.

“My Gosh…” Lei Tiannan looked at the main residence blankly.

Zhang Han completely ignored Elder Xu. His expression was still calm, and his indifferent eyes pushed Li Zhan and the others into the abyss of despair.

“I don’t believe it! Ah!” Feeling that he had fallen into the early stage, Grand Master Ma lost his mind and roared wildly.

He rushed forward and made several attacks at the same time.

Seeing this, Li Zhan and the others quickly followed his lead and began to attack crazily.

But when they got close to the blood wall, they couldn’t bear the tearing of their souls.

“Ah, ah, ah!” After two steps forward, Li Zhan and the others had no choice but to retreat.

But one of them didn’t come back.

Grand Master Ma!

He was still walking forward, howling in pain.

He wanted to live so much.

He was approaching the blood wall.

Just as his palm was about to touch the blood wall…

“Ah!” He roared as if he had been attacked, then he flew backward and fell in front of Li Zhan without making a sound.

“Grand Master Ma!” Li Zhan touched his arm in a hurry.

When they saw Grand Master Ma sitting up, they were relieved.

However, in the next moment…

“Ah, hahaha, you are a fool.” Grand Master Ma pointed to Li Zhan and laughed.

“Huh?” Li Zhan looked at him, stunned.

‘You are a fool. You too…” Grand Master Ma pointed to Grand Master Wu and Elder Xu.

“He, he is insane?” Grand Master Wu opened his eyes widely in a state of shocked disbelief.

Li Zhan was also looking at the blood wall in horror.

“What the h.e.l.l is this!”

It not only damaged the soul of a martial arts master and turned him into a fool, but also absorbed energy and weakened them. What was this!

Apart from Grand Master Ma, the other four looked at each other and made up their minds.



They moved and launched a new round of crazy attacks at the blood wall.

At this time, all the people around were stunned.

They could only see the dazzling light of various moves in the blood wall.

“It’s so terrible!” The crowd on the hillside gasped in astonishment.

“Is Grand Master Zhang suppressing the five masters including Li Zhan?”

“It seems that he wants to kill these five people alone and make himself a legend! He is an immortal! Only immortals have such ability!”

Many people looked at Zhang Han as if they were looking at an immortal.

They couldn’t understand Zhang Han’s strength.

But they didn’t know that there was a price to pay for this move, and Zhang Han would be negatively affected.

Under everyone’s gaze…

The attack in the blood wall lasted for 10 minutes.

In the end, Li Zhan and the others found that they had become Heaven-stage masters.

They were almost roaring, “Let me out!”

“Ah, ah, ah! Zhang Hanyang!”

Finally, after another two minutes, when they had become Earth-stage masters, Zhang Han exhaled.

He turned and calmly looked at Dahei and Little Hei behind him.

Then he waved his hand to dissipate the blood in the light wall.

“Go ahead,” Zhang Han said flatly.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei was scared and shook its head to refuse.

“No, it’s dangerous. I’m afraid of being hurt.”

Zhang Han was amused by it.

Little Hei looked left and right with a fierce expression, and then it jumped into the main residence, turning into a fast-moving black shadow. When it pa.s.sed Grand Master Ma, who was still jumping around wildly, a b.l.o.o.d.y mist broke out of the latter’s body, and then he fell to the ground.

Grand Master Ma became the first top master on the martial artist ranking list to be killed today.

“Ow woo!”

Dahei was encouraged. It rushed into the main house and went straight at Li Zhan.

Li Zhan looked at Dahei, who was three meters tall.

He was in confusion.

“Wasn’t it only two and a half meters tall?

“Wasn’t it dying?

“How is it now fully recovered, even growing to three meters high?”

Li Zhan glared at Dahei approaching him.

“I’m now an Earth-stage martial artist and am unable to resist Zhang Hanyang.

“Anyway, I’m going to die. Why not let the beast accompany me?”

In Li Zhan’s palm, a dagger appeared quietly.

He hid the dagger behind his arm and rushed at Dahei.

When he approached Dahei, he raised the dagger, grinned hideously, and roared crazily, “Go to h.e.l.l!”

However, in the next moment…

“Click, click, click…”

He watched his dagger being smashed by Dahei with just one blow.

The huge fist did not stop, but hit him in the chest.


Li Zhan flew backward then fell to the ground 15 meters away. He spat out blood and looked at Dahei in horror, s.h.i.+vering.

“You are now a Grand Master?”


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