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Chapter 1165 The Dark Elf Named Felina

Two days later.

On the Haike Star, there was a splendid building in the shape of a sails.h.i.+p. It only had six floors and was relatively large.

It had been used to entertain Zhang Han and his group.

At this time, lanterns and ribbons were all over the building.

Rong Jiali, Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen, and the First Elder had specially made a lot of lanterns in different designs.

Zhang Han, Liu Qingfeng, Zhang Mu, Li Hao, and some others all ran to the kitchen to prepare the big meal.

Mengmeng, Nina, and Yue Xiaonao were chatting happily outside, drinking juice.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Li Mu, and a few others were gathered together, looking at the screen.

A large part of the editing of the film had been completed. The workload was still very large. They hadn’t finished watching all the videos recorded by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Even so, Zhou Fei enjoyed doing this job.

“We still need some supplementary shots, and then you, the lead of the movie, will be a successful role.” Zhou Fei looked at Li Mu and said, “We’ll go to the Roland Star tomorrow. After a few days of filming, we can go back to Earth.”

“I will do my best to get all the shooting done on the first try,” Li Mu patted his chest and promised.

He was a little addicted to being the lead.

A short while later, one after the other, all kinds of delicious food were sent to the tables on a terrace on the third floor.

“It’s New Year’s Eve!”

When the meal started, Yue Wuwei waved his sleeve.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

Different kinds of fireworks rose from the ground and bloomed in the air.

Some tourists nearby were confused by the firework. They wondered what day was it.

The accommodation in the Sea Dragon Star Area of Zhang Han’s group was kind of festive.

Gradually, their second trip to the Sea Dragon Star Area came to an end.

The next day, they set off for the Roland Star and arrived two days later.

When they arrived, they found that the att.i.tude of the King of Elves was almost as humble as Li Mu’s.

The King of Elves personally entertained Zhang Han’s group and led them to places with excellent scenery to do the filming. He also restaged the scenes that needed to be filmed again.

What was surprising was that the King of Elves in the camera acted as if he was a tough and bold king.

Zhou Fei didn’t agree on this at first.

“You were so cowardly in that war. How could you expect to be remembered as a tough hero in the movie?

“No, no, I have to keep this film real.”

In the end, the King of Elves went to Nina and talked with her for a long time.

Nina went back and shyly pleaded with Zhou Fei.

Since Nina was Mengmeng’s bestie, Zhou Fei had to yield for Mengmeng’s sake.

Thus, Zhou Fei hedged for a while and then agreed.

Although this world-shaking battle had been recorded, some parts of it were not true. It was just like history. Many events recorded in the books weren’t necessarily true.

“I hereby announce that the shooting of the supplementary scenes of the film is finished!”

Then, they rested for two days.

A celebration was prepared on the Roland Star.

It could also be regarded as a farewell party.

After this party, Zhang Han and the others would go back to Earth.

After all, they had had enough fun on this trip.

“I really want to visit Earth! Could you give me a chance?”

In front of Zhou Fei and Zi Yan, Li Mu implored urgently, “As the lead of the movie, I’ve been shooting for so many days. Even if I didn’t make any contributions, I’ve worked very hard and done everything I should. Most importantly, I’ve been very obedient. I just want to go see Earth. Zhou Fei, isn’t this movie going to be released on Earth? I want to see how the audience will react to it.”

No matter what Li Mu said, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan didn’t say yes.

Li Mu went on and on for half an hour.

Finally, Li Hao couldn’t stand this any longer.

“Son, that’s enough!”

“Oh, okay.”

Just when Li Mu was deflated, a pleasant surprise overwhelmed him.

“Er…” Zi Yan showed a bemused look and muttered, “We never said we wouldn’t let you go with us.”


Li Mu almost choked on his own saliva.

He rejoiced in an instant.

“I can also go to Earth now! Lady Boss and Zhou Fei, thank you so much!”

Dozens of people were eating and chatting with each other.

Among peals of laughter, there were also some emotional remarks.

The King of Elves took a big gulp of wine.

Then, he looked at Nina and said, “Nina is much livelier than before. She… she’s more like her mother now.”

“Which is Nina’s mother?” Li Hao asked casually.

Li Hao knew the Elemental Elf Clan and the King of Elves. Thus, he was aware that the King of Elves had several wives. But he had never paid attention to the seventh princess’s mother.

In the past, there wasn’t much of a connection between the Cloud Shadow Sky and the Elemental Elf Clan. It seemed that the Elemental Elf barely a.s.sociated with other forces.

“Her mother was Tricia. Tricia was no longer with us.” The King of Elves sighed. A strange look fleeted across his eyes. “Tricia was on the top of her social ladder that I couldn’t reach at that time. But by chance, we got married. Eighty years ago, she was invited to the Chaotic Region. To our shock, she came across a s.p.a.ce Storm. The entire s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p she rode was engulfed. Tricia was a very brilliant woman. Unfortunately, I’m just an ordinary elf.”

Nina fell silent at those words.

Tricia had only accompanied Nina for 30 years at the early period of her life. Nina was just a baby girl at the time. Still, she would never forget how much love and care her mother had given her.

It was also due to Tricia’s disappearance that Nina began to develop an introverted personality.

In some sense, Nina felt a little sad for herself. But it was of no help.

“A s.p.a.ce Storm may not necessarily kill people, does it?” Zhang Han asked.

“That’s right, there is a chance of surviving even if one encounters a s.p.a.ce Storm.” The King of Elves shook his head and said, “But later, when we went there to search for Tricia, we saw a few pieces of remains of her s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, as well as a few other clansmen’s… Never mind. Let’s not talk about these things. Nina is doing very well. She is strong. Nina, I hope you can be as outstanding as your mother.”

Nina bit her lower lip and nodded.

After the meal, Zhang Han and the others were ready to set off.

Before getting on the aircraft, Sect Leader Li looked at Li Mu, who was in the crowd, as well as Zhang Han, and said, “I’m sorry to have troubled you so much this time.”

“It’s no trouble at all.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “When we get back, there will be some time before we come here again. If you encounter any difficulties during our absence, just go into hiding. If what happened last time repeated, I probably couldn’t rush here in time again.”

“I know. Don’t worry. I will be in touch with Liu Qingfeng.” Li Hao laughed out loud.

Under many people’s gazes, the group boarded the aircraft, entered the Thunder Kings, and jumped into the secondary s.p.a.ce a minute later.

They went from the Cloud Shadow Sky to the Dragon Base Star.

The Sea Central Star Area was located in the middle part of the Sea Dragon Star Area, where Liu Qingfeng was in charge.

Having taken over some more planets, Liu Qingfeng had a lot of work to do.

Sun Ming, the Zi family, the Liang family, the w.a.n.g family, Yun Feiyang, and w.a.n.g Xiaowu all had to work in the Sea Dragon Star Area for a while longer. The establishment of the company was still in preparation. Everything was going on in an orderly way.

When seeing Zhang Han’s group off, Liu Qingfeng said, “Elder Yue, I told Ah Hu about the transfer of personnel. He will go back and stay on Earth for about a month. When everything is ready, Elder Yue, please escort them here again.”

“All right,” Yue Wuwei replied in an indolent tone.

“Now, let’s go. My daughter has to go to school in a couple of days.” Yue Wuwei had certainly paid close attention to Yue Xiaonao’s education. After that, the group of people entered the two Thunder Kings and the 20 corvettes.

Some members of the allied sects, including the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Luo Fu Sword sect, the Shuiyun Sect, and the Dark Shadow Clan, had to go back to Earth, too. These people accounted for about one-fifth of the total number.

The others all stayed in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There were so many planets under their control. Even though the number of their members who stayed was large, they still faced a manpower shortage.

Liu Qingfeng was so busy that he squeezed time out of his mealtime to deal with all kinds of complicated affairs.

This was the early stage of the new enterprise. Liu Qingfeng had to operate multiple projects at the same time. It would indeed be a bit difficult to stably take the first step.

The fleet jumped into the secondary s.p.a.ce.

When the fleet approached the Lost Continent, they vaguely saw that the construction on the Lost Continent was in full swing. Even the project on the Dal Star was in the initial stages. Ruins created by the flames of war were being cleaned up.

It wouldn’t take long for these two places to take on a new look.

“Let’s go back.”

Yue Wuwei waved his hand.

The fleet flew forward. It was as if Yue Wuwei had opened a s.p.a.ce portal. They entered the secondary s.p.a.ce n the blink of an eye. But it seemed that they left the secondary s.p.a.ce in the next moment. When surroundings were no longer a blur, the huge screen-like waterfall was already in front of them.

Although it was not the first time they had seen it, they still found it astonis.h.i.+ng.

Compared to the Sea Dragon Star Area, which was like a place with hundreds of blossoms, the waterfall before them, the Clear Stream, and the Boundless Sea seemed quite mysterious.

Just as the group stepped into the Clear Stream, in the void near the Roland Star in the Sea Dragon Star Area, a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p suddenly appeared. It was a light-black king vessel. Compared with other main vessels, this one was much smaller. It seemed that this king vessel was very speedy.

“Whiz, whiz…”

Eight s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps suddenly turned around as if they were alerted.

The black king vessel slowly approached them. It didn’t even activate its defensive barrier, as though it were a guest paying a visit.


A call got through.

The images of several elves appeared on the screen that the leader of the s.p.a.ce station was watching.

The leader saw three elves on the screen, but they were not Elemental Elves. Those elves had pitch-black hair and black pupils, but their skin was white. Their long hair and ears seemed to be enveloped in a faint black mist.

“They are Dark Elves!”

The pupils of the leader contracted. He felt as if he could not breathe.

Dark Elves were very powerful. They were highly skilled in battle. Unlike Elemental Elves who were very close to nature and were skilled in magic, Dark Elves were fighters.

“May I ask why you have come here?” The leader politely asked.

In the meantime, he scrutinized the leading Dark Elf, who looked quite young, probably still underage.

She looked very beautiful. She had exquisite facial features. Her eyes were a bit similar to Princess Nina’s.

Standing beside her were several people wearing luxurious clothes, who gave imposing auras.

“Is this the Elemental Elf Clan’s base?”

A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big ears was standing beside the underage female elf. He had his hands clasped behind his back. When he asked that question, his tone was rather aloof. His att.i.tude was a little condescending or even a bit disdainful.

“Yes, it is.”

“Tell your king to come over,” the middle-aged man said flatly. His voice was rather domineering.

“Well…” The leader’s countenance altered.

“Why are you putting on airs before us? If Zhang Hanyang hadn’t left, I would berate you brutally.”

However, with his strongest backer gone, the leader decided to put up with it.

“Excuse me, may I know what the matter is? I need to report it to His Majesty. Otherwise, with this little information, His Majesty may ignore my message.”

The middle-aged man furrowed his brows. He looked a little upset. But he looked at the female elf beside him and patiently said, “Just tell your king that some Dark Elves has come to visit.”

“Okay, I’ll inform His Majesty right away.” The leader hung up and hurriedly contacted the King of Elves. “Your Majesty, some Dark Elves are here to visit. They’re asking to see you.”

“Dark elves? What are they doing here?” the King of Elves asked.

“That I don’t know. Their att.i.tude can’t be considered friendly. It seems that they have something to inquire about.”

“I’ll be right there,” the King of Elves replied.

Moments later, the King of Elves arrived at the s.p.a.ce station.

An aircraft also flew out from the Dark Elves’ king vessel.

There were only two people on the aircraft, which were the middle-aged man and the youngest Dark Elf in the group.

“Welcome! My distinguished guests, what have brought you here?” the King of Elves asked.

“I have come here to see your seventh princess, Nina,” the female elf answered.

Her voice was clear and vigorous, just like her face. But her att.i.tude was somewhat cold. There seemed to be a hint of impatience deep in her eyes.

“Nina has left. She has gone to a place that no signals can reach. If there’s anything you need to talk to her about, you can tell me. I will pa.s.s on the message to her when she returns,” said the King of Elves.

“There are some objects I need to hand over to her in person,” said the female elf.

“Some objects?”

The face of the King of Elves stiffened for a moment. Then, he asked, “May I know who you are? Nina has never left the Sea Dragon Star Area since she was born. Do you and her know each other?”

“Why do you have so many questions?”

The female elf raised her eyebrows. She mused for moments before saying, “There’s no harm in telling you. I’m Felina. My mother is Tricia.”


The King of Elves felt as if he had been struck by lightning.




This name rang in his mind and echoed for a long time.


After the King of Elves came to his senses, his breathing quickened, and a trace of evil spirit flickered in his eyes.


The middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big ears widened his eyes slightly.

A wave of overwhelming oppressive energy instantly shrouded the King of Elves.


The heart of the King of Elves trembled with fright.

“This man, this man is… really powerful!”

Knowing that he was no match for this middle-aged man, the King of Elves gradually withdrew his aura. But his face was a little stern.

He stared at the female elf named Felina and asked, “Who is your father?”

“You don’t need to know that. Just tell me where Nina is,” Felina demanded.

“She is not here. I can’t reach her now. How old are you?” the King of Elves asked.

“I’m 75. Where did Nina go? I’m very busy,” Felina said with a note of impatience, “so don’t ask me more useless questions.”

“Seventy-five… Seventy-five…” There was a glint of excitement in the eyes of the King of Elves. “Tricia is still alive?”

After the exultation faded, the King of Elves became a little confused.

It was good news that Tricia didn’t die in that accident in the Chaotic Region. But only five years later, Tricia gave birth again, and the daughter she had was a Dark Elf.

At this moment, the King of Elves realized that Tricia had made him a cuckold.

“G.o.d! Oh my G.o.d!”

Having sensed the middle-aged man’s hostile aura, the King of Elves looked a bit tense.

Then, he sighed and said, “Nina’s left for a place. I have no idea where that place is. However, in roughly a month’s time, the people in that place will come to the Sea Dragon Star Area. Then, we will be able to get in touch with Nina.”

“Where will those people arrive? Who should I contact?” Felina asked.

“They’ll come to the Lost Continent. That place is under construction. You can just talk to the person in charge there.”

The King of Elves didn’t tell Felina about the Dragon Base Star where Liu Qingfeng was on. Regardless of what this was about, if Felina waited on the Lost Continent for further information, Liu Qingfeng would have enough time to deal with the issue and make preparations.

After that, the middle-aged man whipped around and left with Felina. They entered their king vessel and flew away.

The King of Elves still stood there in a daze.

“Dark Elves… Tricia…”

All of a sudden, he frowned slightly.

“Before Felina left, she seemed to have t.i.tled her head and given me a look. That was a meaningful look, wasn’t it?

“What on earth is going on?”

After half an hour, the King of Elves finally took out his communication device and contacted Liu Qingfeng.

“There’s something I need to tell you. Some Dark Elves just came to the Roland Star. One of them is Tricia’s daughter. The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p they rode seemed to be a king vessel. I told them that if they wanted to contact Nina, they needed to go to the Lost Continent to look for the person in charge there…”

“All right. I see,” Liu Qingfeng responded tersely.

He was not too surprised. As for how he would make preparations, no one could tell.

At the same time, in the small, light black king vessel, a man who seemed to be in his twenties was examining the instrument in his hands.

He said, “Uncle Gu, some changes have occurred in the Sea Dragon Star Area recently. It is said that a man called Zhang Hanyang launched a war that implicated the entire Sea Dragon Star Area. The Tiger Talisman Royal Family, a first-tier force, was destroyed. Zhang Hanyang also suppressed eight of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region. He killed so many of his enemies that his might made the whole Sea Dragon Star Area shudder in fear. It is said that this is Zhang Hanyang’s era. Haha, I never thought there could be someone this impressive in such a remote Star Area.”

“Forget it,” a long-haired woman with a pointed chin said sluggishly. “He is just a man who flaunted his might in a poor and remote Star Area. That’s not impressive at all. In our Small Sky Dragon Region, any protector or elder from any force can crush those people Zhang Hanyang killed as well. It’s just that such killing is meaningless. We’re here just to keep Young Lord’s wife company. Otherwise, none of us would have come to this place.”

When Felina heard these words, her eyes flashed. She cast a glance at the woman with discontent.

“You can’t call Felina that yet. Felina hasn’t married Young Lord,” remarked the middle-aged man who had been referred to as Uncle Gu.

“Isn’t it going to happen soon? After this matter is settled, Felina’ll go back and get married.” The woman chuckled. “Felina, you’re about to become the wife of the Holy Son of our Gutuo Divine Temple. After that, with that t.i.tle and status, you can do whatever you want in the Small Sky Dragon Region. You’ll also be respected when you go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province. You’re soon married into a distinguished family. I’m so envious of you.”

“If you want that, how about you marry Gu Kun, the Holy Son?” Felina said with a cold snort.

“I’d like to. But the Holy Son doesn’t like me.” The woman didn’t say anything else after seeing Felina’s aloof reaction.

Now that Felina’s status was not high, she could tease her a bit. But once Felina became the wife of the Holy Son, her status would be n.o.ble.

One’s ident.i.ty and status were both highly valued in the Gutuo Divine Temple.

At the thought of Felina’s “opportunity” to climb up the social ladder, the long-haired woman felt a little jealous. She taunted inwardly, “Felina, you’re just an underage girl. The Holy Son only likes the Black Evil Seal in your body. When he fully absorbs it and gets tired of you, he will throw you aside anyway. How dare you be so cold and lofty to me?”

Although the long-haired woman held Felina in contempt, she didn’t show it on her face.

Truth be told, she did not dare to do it. Felina was not good-tempered after all.

“There is still more than a month to go before the Chaotic Domain opens. We’ll go there and save your mother. When we return, you know what to do,” the middle-aged man surnamed Gu said.

There was a threatening look in his eyes.

The Dark Elf Clan in the Small Sky Dragon Region was not small in scale, but it was much inferior to the Gutuo Divine Temple. Several years ago, Gu Kun discovered that Felina’s bloodline contained the Black Evil Seal. Gu Kun happened to have cultivated a very mighty secret skill. By absorbing the Black Evil Seal, Gu Kun might be able to turn it into his exclusive supernatural power.

Therefore, several years later, Felina became the fiancee of Gu Kun, the Holy Son.

Also, Gu Kun had promised Felina several things. This was also why Felina and the others had come here.

Of course, Liu Qingfeng didn’t know the reason why they traveled here. He didn’t even pay much attention to their arrival. In the meantime, all the people on the Dal Star and the Lost Continent had put their guards up. Looking at the long queue of people coming to visit outside the office, Liu Qingfeng felt deeply troubled.

“All the people who have come to visit are big shots. Well, I understand why those people want to get close to us. But every one of them has brought gorgeous women with them. What’s that for? Blind dates?”

They were really here for blind dates.

After the representatives of each force left their gift, they all asked, “Does Zhang Hanyang want more wives?”


Liu Qingfeng heaved with a sigh. He didn’t find it troublesome to entertain these visitors. It was good to get to know them, for it would be conducive to the next step of his plan. But Liu Qingfeng had to explain the same thing over and over again. Even with Liu Qingfeng’s patience, he was getting a little annoyed.

Therefore, Liu Qingfeng went out of his office and coughed softly.

“I just contacted Zhang Hanyang. Ms. Zhang overheard our conversation. She told me that if any force dared to ask whether Zhang Hanyang needed more wives, she would lead the army to deal with that force in person.”


“Sorry to have disturbed you.”



The crowd quickly dispersed.

They all fled without hesitation.

Liu Qingfeng even heard some women complain.

“Isn’t Mrs. Zhang too domineering? No one said they were going to supplant her as the official wife.”

“Exactly. Zhang Hanyang is such a mighty man. Can she alone attend to his needs?”

“Humph, I think she is afraid that Zhang Hanyang will fall in love with me and cold-shoulder her once he sees me.”

Liu Qingfeng glanced at the woman who said that Zhang Hanyang would fall for her. Well, her blue face was really special.


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