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Chapter 926: Disaster!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Model a.n.a.lysis!”

Su Hao’s energy fluctuated as it spread around, but unsurprisingly, it stopped outside Huangliang City. The model map was blank, and one couldn’t see what happened there.

“What’s with this situation?”

Su Hao frowned slightly.


This isn’t right.

The Federation didn’t find any abnormality. At least, the communication in Huangliang City was still normal; otherwise, they would have found out that there was a problem in the city. These days, the online community is very influential. If Huangliang City really had its communication broken, the online community would have been in an uproar by now.

“In other words, the people in Huangliang City are still there.”

Su Hao pondered.

Then, he quickly contacted the Origin Ability a.s.sociation’s branch of Huangliang City, and it got through! The only problem notified was that the airport was being repaired.

There was nothing else.


Su Hao and Zheng Tai looked at each other. With this scene of countless car accidents in front of them, what’s with that nonsense maintenance? This was obviously a disaster! The magnetic field had vanished. Those people in Huangliang City still hadn’t felt it?

Or perhaps…

The situation was still normal inside?

“Things are getting weirder and weirder.”

Su Hao became wary.

“Indeed.” Zheng Tai quietly followed Su Hao, “Should I turn invisible and have a look?”

“Don’t go.” Su Hao shook his head slightly, “In front of Rule Force, your talent can’t escape from it.”


Zheng Tai was being honest.

Previously, he didn’t feel it, but he clearly felt a vast power coming from Su Hao’s body just by standing next to Su Hao as if there is a volcano that could erupt at any moment. Zheng Tai was shocked at this. It seemed that Su Hao had unknowingly walked further than everyone else.

“Nine Snakes, what on earth do you want?”

Su Hao’s eyes flashed coldly.

Pusu~ Pusu~

As soon as both were ready to head toward the city, they heard some strange noises and halted suddenly.

Under the suspended orbit, the location they were at now was in a forest.

The distance between here and Huangliang City was no more than a few miles.

However, just a few miles later, they had cold sweat.

“It’s gone again?”

Both were stunned.

Each time they walked, they could hear someone walking in the distance, but when they stopped, the sound vanished immediately.

Su Hao looked at the 2D map, and it was empty.

“d.a.m.n it.”

Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

Even Zheng Tai was getting nervous.

This is Huangliang City after all! Based on its status, it has long been known as one of the Nine Great Despairs. The situation in Taihu Territory was still vividly remembered. Who dared to mess around? If that giant wolf with the strength of world realm and the residents in Huangliang City all had mishaps, there might be something serious happening right there.

Only after a full half an hour did they arrive outside Huangliang City.

Even though there was nothing on the 2D map, Su Hao didn’t take it easy because even if there is no life, it might be a puppet or something. As they kept repeating the action of walking and stopping, both proceeded cautiously, but those hidden things never came out.

“Follow me.”

Su Hao didn’t enter in a hurry but took Zheng Tai to a place outside Huangliang City instead. He forcefully created a hole, but then…

“Sure enough, it’s not here anymore.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

“What do you mean?”

Zheng Tai felt strange.

“The guardian of Huangliang City, or should I say the spirit of Huangliang City. A powerful world esper.” Su Hao said in regret.

“You’re trying to say even that world esper died?”

Zheng Tai’s face had a huge change.

“Not sure yet.” Su Hao looked at the tall city walk in front of him, “Well, regarding this, you have to verify it yourself.”

“Haha, how is this possible?” Zheng Tai laughed, “The so-called guardian or what in Huangliang City isn’t reliable. Plus, this isn’t Taihu Territory… Hold on…”

Zheng Tai’s voice suddenly became strange, “Su Hao, the creature you mentioned, is it a wolf?”

“How do you know?”

Su Hao raised his eyebrows slightly, and then he saw Zheng Tai running away suddenly while grabbing Su Hao, “Because it’s right behind you!!!”


A sound of teeth biting could be heard.

Su Hao turned his head and saw a giant wolf with a strange aura staring at him faintly while grinding its teeth. Su Hao had cold sweat. If not for Zheng Tai’s quick reaction…

What’s with this?!

The Synchronize s.p.a.ce actually didn’t respond?

“Quickly run, run!”

Zheng Tai’s speed was so quick that he wasn’t any slower than Su Hao. As for Su Hao, who finally reacted, Cloud-stepping Shoes were summoned, and he carried Zheng Tai away.

“What’s with that guy?” Zheng Tai almost peed himself from fright, “I thought you said it’s the guardian of Huangliang City?”

“Not sure.”

Su Hao took the opportunity to look back. That was a giant wolf. Compared to the previous meeting, it had become significantly larger and more powerful. Has its strength increased again?

Wait, something was amiss!

Su Hao quickly reacted.

This completely different aura and appearance that even there was no indication on 2D map! Perhaps, these two wolves weren’t the same! Su Hao looked carefully again, and it really was a completely different wolf from last time. Whether in terms of aura and behaviour, even the eyes of the wolf, there were huge differences.

“Not the same one.” Su Hao said.

“How many are there then?” Zheng Tai’s voice had a great change.

“How would I know what is happening?” Su Hao annoyingly said, “My talent can’t see this guy at all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been nearly bitten earlier.”


Both men fled furiously.

The terrifying giant wolf was still chasing them.

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Previously, when he came to Huangliang City, he got chased with that joker Li Xin; this time, he was accompanied by Zheng Tai… He really gets along well with this place.

“Did I not calculate my fortune before going out?” Su Hao felt depressed.

The strength of this wolf was strong. At least, Su Hao had no confidence defeating it.

“Level two world realm!”

Su Hao was able to accurately a.n.a.lyze its strength.

The reason he could leapfrog and kill world espers was by relying on his Rule Force and Model a.n.a.lysis. However, when Model a.n.a.lysis was ineffective, his strength was naturally greatly reduced. Not to mention, it’s at level two world realm.

He couldn’t defeat it, but it was still possible to flee!

A stream of light rays flashed into the forest outside Huangliang City.

“Lead it outside.”

“As long as it leaves Huangliang City’s area, its aura would be exposed, and some strong espers will naturally come to clean it up.” Su Hao quickly said.


Zheng Tai gritted his teeth.

He was already sweating heavily. The thin beads of sweats on his forehead began to form a layer of mist. To maintain such a state for a while was too hard for him.

However, a plan is a plan after all. When both were running, they heard another roar from a distance, and then a stream of light faster than the wolf appeared like lightning. With red eyes, there was indescribable murderous energy all over it.


Su Hao and Zheng Tai’s complexion changed greatly.

Another one?

Yes, it was another wolf.

Plus, unlike the previous one, this giant red wolf is obviously specialized in speed even though it’s a peak level two world esper. In just a few seconds, they got chased down.

“It’s over.” Zheng Tai smiled bitterly, “Have we entered a wolf den?”

“It seems like so.” Su Hao’s face turned ugly, “Nine Great Despairs… Sure enough, there is no easy one!”

With so many powerful characters in Taihu Territory, he thought it was just a mishap, but this time… Huangliang City actually hid so many powerful world espers? Is this why it became Nine Great Despairs?

The red light was moving like electricity, with dense murderous intent.

Su Hao and Zheng Tai already halted.

At this point, it was no longer necessary to run. With that red wolf’s speed, they would be easily chased and killed in a matter of seconds. Rather than that, it would be better to prepare for a fight now. On Su Hao’s fists a complete set of gloves appeared as he was getting ready to fight!

“Are you afraid?” Su Hao looked at Zheng Tai’s pale face.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Zheng Tai shook his head, “It’s just such a pity as I just saw Sister Xiao Die…”

“Why do you care about someone else’s wife?” Su Hao rolled his eyes.

“Believe or not, I will kill you first.” Zheng Tai sneered.


Cold wind blew, causing both to shudder.

“It’s here!”

Su Hao’s Shadowless G.o.d Needle appeared in his hand. With Xinghe Sword in another hand, the energy in his body was activated, and his strongest attack could erupt at any moment. Zheng Tai quietly took out two daggers and looked forward with dim eyes. Since this was a decisive battle, neither of them was afraid!

One red, one green.

These two giant wolves finally caught up.

Su Hao and Zheng Tai just stood still, staring at them.


The red and green light interwove.

Su Hao and Zheng Tai released their full power without hesitation. Two powerful forces composed of blue and red light clashed. Then, two lights pa.s.sed through both without any hindrance.

Their attack and defense seemed to not have any effect on the giant wolves!

“It’s over.”

Both turned cold.

And then…

They saw these two wolves quickly left and never came back.


Su Hao froze for a moment. Zheng Tai was also dumbfounded. Looking down at his body, the giant wolves didn’t inflict any damage on them.

What happened?

These two wolves… They actually didn’t harm them?

“Why do I feel even stranger?” Su Hao had an ominous hunch.

“Me too.” Zheng Tai smiled bitterly.

Then, both were stunned suddenly. They quickly looked in the direction of Huangliang City and had a great change in facial expression. They immediately followed the two wolves who were running wildly.

Three seconds later.

Huangliang City.

A mushroom cloud rose into the sky.

The ground trembled as a terrifying storm swept around. A visible wave of light spread wildly at an unimaginable speed.

Wherever one goes, it was a total ruin!

At this moment, the Federation experienced a disaster!


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