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Chapter 697: Crazy Breakthrough!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

That night, the Wu family began to focus, cultivating for the College Entrance Exam.

At the same time, the ones who joined the fun wasn’t only the Wu family.

The sudden changes in Jianghe City were like a fuse. Last year, because of the reform, many weren’t prepared. This year, thanks to the sensation created by Jianghe City, those who were keeping a low-profile for unknown years, these strong espers’ disciples all revealed themselves.

And their aim is none other than this College Entrance Exam!

Each capital city in the Federation and also some remote cities suddenly had dazzling geniuses appearing. After registration, they quickly stayed hidden again.

In an instant, all sorts of news appeared in the entire Federation.

As the exam grew closer, this type of news increased.

As a result, the local tyrants miserably discovered that the honest uncle who came to shop or the bathhouse grandpa had all been peerless strong espers. What’s worse, the uncle who sweeps the floor every day could be a world esper. For a time, the situation was in chaos.

All the local tyrants began to behave with their tails between legs.

This world is simply a mess!

Under such chaos, the day of the exam gradually came closer.

Jianghe City, Su Hao and Su Ling were inside a cultivation room.

“How far are you behind?” Su Hao asked.

“I am behind by quite a margin.” Su Ling frowned before continuing in an unhappy tone, “I thought it was easy at first, but I didn’t imagine it to be this difficult to reach level eight from the level seven specialized realm. It seems that I might not be able to break through on time before the exam.”

Su Ling’s spirit was somewhat low.

Her brother, Su Hao was ranked first!

As for her?

A mere level seven specialized esper!

Forget about other places, even in Jianghe City, she failed to get first. All she could do was to be in the top ten. Forget about the entire Federation.

“What’s there to worry about?” Su Hao smiled and patted her head, “Who says that you can’t break through?”

“Huh?” Su Ling pouted her mouth, “The distance from level eight is still far for me. Energy improvement isn’t like the route in talent. I can only slowly improve it.”

“I know.” Su Hao smiled, “So, this is the present I am giving you as your big brother.”

“Huh?” Su Ling was confused.

To break through in the specialized realm, one could rely on drugs, but the consequence might be severe. Otherwise, you can only let nature take its course. There is no shortcut here! At least, until now, she had never heard someone having a quick breakthrough, but her brother’s words, she believed them.

“So, I can quickly breakthrough to level eight specialized realm?” Su Ling was somewhat excited.

“Level eight specialized realm?” Su Hao smiled, “I didn’t say so.”

“Humph, bad brother.” Su Ling rolled her eyes, “I knew you were making fun of me.”

“Haha, don’t move.” Su Hao shook his head, before focusing on his sister. In an instant, he activated his model a.n.a.lysis, scanning her body with some energy fluctuations. Su Ling’s numerous cards were mapped out in his mind. Every origin cultivation technique related to Su Ling’s talent were all pulled out.

Then, he began to a.n.a.lyze them!



With thousands of computers aiding the process, Su Hao began to do so as quickly as possible. Previously, didn’t he does the same thing for Li Tiantian, Zhang Shanfeng, and the others?

Revamping origin cultivation techniques!

Plus, these cultivation techniques were unlike the universal category. They’re all exclusive techniques. Su Ling is already well versed these techniques. The advantage of revamping the technique is increasing the effect many times while still maintaining its essence.

Thus, one doesn’t need to recultivate to increase energy!

For Su Ling to step into the level seven specialized realm, she had cultivated all sorts of techniques. With Su Hao, she could easily breakthrough.

“Now cultivate.”

“Okay.” Su Ling sat cross-legged.

She began to cultivate the refurbished cultivation techniques Su Hao gave. In fact, she didn’t even know what these were. All she had was complete faith in her brother.

Just that the moment she began, her mouth opened wide.


Just when the first technique was used, Su Ling could feel her body surging in energy. This energy, where is it from? She was only getting familiar with this technique again.

“Brother, this energy…”

“Continue.” Su Hao smiled at her, “This is just the beginning.”


Su Ling continued her cultivation.

The energy within her body was undergoing a crazy session, expanding without any limitations. First cultivation technique, second cultivation technique, third cultivation technique…


The surrounding air particles trembled.

Su Hao quietly used his hand to guard. Her sister’s level eight barrier, easily broken through!

In the specialized realm, by relying on energy, one could directly breakthrough into the next level! As long as they were not at the peak of the realm.

And this was just only the beginning!

Five minutes later.


It was the same sound again; Su Ling officially stepped into the level nine specialized realm! And right now, she had only completed about half of the cultivation techniques she had.


A few minutes later, Su Ling finally finished her cultivation!

Right now, her energy was so abundant that she stepped into the peak of the specialized realm. Just like that, the road of origin energy was now completed!

“This…” After Su Ling opened her eyes, she felt dizzy.

She couldn’t believe what had just happened.

To step into level eight from level seven, she had been spending such a long time, but all she could do was slowly acc.u.mulate the energy. However, with her brother’s help, not only did she break through into level eight, but also continue until the peak of the level nine specialized realm!

This is simply unbelievable!

“Brother!” Su Ling exclaimed pleasantly surprised, and grabbed his hand in reverence, “You’re awesome.”

“That is for sure. Haha.” Su Hao didn’t hesitate to accept his sister’s wors.h.i.+p, “Stop being so excited first. For you to step into the peak specialized realm, although it’s stable, you still need to consolidate it. Keep cultivating until you’re familiar first.”

“En, en.” Su Ling nodded happily.

After that, she resumed sitting cross-legged and cultivated.

Su Hao accompanied his sister by her side. After a few hours later, Su Ling woke up.

“Brother, I have consolidated them!” Su Ling was so surprised.

These refurbished techniques were all derived from the ones she mastered. Thus, to master them, it was a road without obstacles.

“Hmm, great.”

Su Hao laughed, “If so, it’s time to start the next project.”

“Huh?” Su Ling was stunned. What does he mean by the next project?

“How much do you know about Origin Avatar?” Su Hao casually asked.

“Origin Avatar… isn’t it the requirement to break through the barrier and into the professional realm?”

Su Ling remained calm. She knew that her brother is trying to tell her based on his experience of stepping into the professional realm. If she could comprehend it, perhaps she could really step into the next realm before the exam!

To become a professional esper before the exam!

Having such thought, Su Ling couldn’t deny that she did feel some excitement. If she is able to step into the next realm, at least she won’t shame her brother during the exam!

“I understood a little.” Su Ling honestly replied.

“Hmmm…” Su Hao silently listened.

He can’t deny the fact that Su Ling is a genius. As someone who was just a level seven specialized esper a moment ago, to have a certain understanding of Origin Avatar is definitely an achievement. Even without his help, Su Ling could still breakthrough into the professional realm. However, the only factor that is delaying her is time.

What a pity.

The current Su Ling, what she needs the most is time! To know about Origin Avatar is something great, but the gap for her to reach the professional realm is still large!

“Brother, are you going to teach me Origin Avatar?” Su Ling said with stars s.h.i.+ning within her eyes.

“Stop dreaming about it.” Su Hao smiled, “You must have known my situation right? Still thinking of Origin Avatar? I used pure energy to forcefully breakthrough. As for you, your element is fire. You think it will be the same?”

“Well, that’s true.” Su Ling was somewhat disappointed.

She had really forgotten about this!

Origin Avatar, even with similar talent, one may not apply the same experience. Let alone, they both had different origin talents.

However, since that won’t help, why did her brother mention about it?

Su Ling had some doubts.

“Hehe.” Su Hao grinned, “Although your big brother can’t help much, that doesn’t mean I can’t find someone to help you. Wait a minute. I will find a teacher for you.”

“Huh?” Su Ling’s eyes opened wide.

Looking for a teacher?

How could he look for a teacher in their home?


Su Hao who was in front of her suddenly closed his eyes.

In Kingdom of Heaven, Su Hao descended from the sky. The citizens all came to pay homage. Su Hao waved his hands and went straight to the point, “Among everyone, who has the fire element as an ability talent?”

“Five element talent?”

Everyone was confused for a bit.

But soon, many raised their hands.


“Me too!”

“And me!”

In total there were twenty people!

“So many?” Su Hao was secretly speechless.

He seemed to have forgotten the fact that elemental ability is the most common and among the elements, fire is the most common! Thus, it was inevitable that the number of people with the fire element as an ability talent is the largest.

“How is your standard?” Su Hao asked again.


The crowd was a bit nervous.

What is the Lord actually planning to do?

But they still cautiously replied, “Just barely qualified.”

“Barely qualified?” Su Hao was slightly disappointed, “Forget about it. At least the number is high. With twenty people who have reached the peak professional realm, it should be able to help a bit.

“Help?” Someone was sharp enough to notice Su Hao’s words.

“Okay.” Su Hao didn’t hide it from them, “My sister is going to enter the College Entrance Exam soon. She’s a peak specialized esper and is about to enter into the professional realm. Her ability is fire elemental, so I want you all to teach for a bit.”


The people in Kingdom of Heaven were instantly excited.

Lord G.o.d’s sister? Needs help?

This is simply a blessing from heaven!

Before Su Hao managed to react, the scene was already in chaos. In an instant, countless people were rus.h.i.+ng forward to volunteer.


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