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Chapter 693 Merely Level One


As a peak professional esper, no matter how strong one is, in aura alone, it’s impossible to confront a domain esper. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Wu family’s head was able to suppress Su Hao’s aura!


The aura of a domain esper was fully unleashed!

Wu family’s head is actually planning to injure Su Hao with his aura! As for the others who are watching from the sideline, their blood boiled. One could see that this is all for avenging Wu San!

However, could he succeed?

The aura of this domain esper became more overwhelming as time pa.s.sed, and now Su Hao’s professional aura could no longer be seen. The condensed aura of a domain esper finally unleashed in full!


The influx was like the movement of water in a giant river!

This is the might of a domain esper!

It’s far beyond the power of a domain esper that one could hear many exclamations from the watchers. Obviously after witnessing this might personally, they aborted their previous ideas without hesitation.

“So this is what a domain esper is!”


“The Wu family’s head has improved his strength again.”

“There is literally no room to counter-attack.”

Yes, there wasn’t any room.

In everyone’s eyes, Su Hao’s aura was like a boat constantly swaying around above a river and could be overturned at any moment. However, they seemed to have neglected the fact that even if it’s a boat, this magical boat had never falter even once.

“It’s about time…” Su Hao accessed the situation and muttered to himself.

“Strong aura?”

“Aura suppression?”

Su Hao’s mouth revealed a sinister smile, “Nowadays, people are really naive. They really think that a domain esper will always be able to suppress a peak professional esper.”

“s.h.i.+ Mingxuan, lend me your aura!”


Su Hao emitted a much more powerful aura borrowing s.h.i.+ Mingxuan’s aura!

However, after undergoing a perfect wrapping, Su Hao covered it up with his own aura. On the surface, this was his own aura!

This was no longer a confrontation between the Wu family’s head and Su Hao but s.h.i.+ Mingxuan!

What kind of strength does this Wu family’s head have? As a veteran level one domain esper, his strength is not to be underestimated. However, what about s.h.i.+ Mingxuan? A peak level one domain esper, spending a decade in Little Dark Room, although he was still unable to break through to level two, his foundation is extremely solid and unmatched by many!

There is no need even thinking about who is stronger and weaker!

Besides, there was also Su Hao’s original aura. Like a rice straw, it smashed this aura showdown which was never fair from the start!


The two auras confronted each other.

Like two dragons, the confrontation bloomed in the sky above Jianghe City.

Those who were watching had long been dumbfounded.

What’s the situation here?

They clearly saw that the Wu family’s head was gaining the momentum, suppressing the opponent, but this battle suddenly reversed! This seemingly weak professional aura suddenly unleashed its might, directly causing one esper in Jianghe City to accidentally urinate. How is this possible?


“Isn’t this a cheat?”

“Even if he’s a peak professional esper, it’s impossible to be stronger than a domain esper.”

“Yeah, even a student from Zhanzheng College, who could easily kill someone in a move, would suffer under aura suppression. What’s happening right now?”

Everyone in Jianghe City was confused.

It’s because of the iron rule regarding the gap between the professional and the domain realm. A domain esper with a domain will always be stronger than a professional esper!

This gap will never be surpa.s.sed!

Only those super geniuses would try to ignore the domain and attempt to kill the domain esper!

But with aura alone, one could surpa.s.s a domain esper?


Have you seen bicycles moving faster than airplanes?

Obviously, no right?


“My eyes are blinded.”

“This doesn’t make sense.”

“Could it be that I am too old, so I no longer able to keep up with the times?”

Everyone had a curse of their own.

However, no matter what they say, they couldn’t suppress the shock at the bottom of their hearts. In front of them, the Wu family’s head indeed had been surpa.s.sed!


Two auras intertwined each other.

The clouds floating above the sky of Jianghe City instantly disappeared without a trace. Faraway from the main stage, many espers could feel the might of the aura.


The Wu family’s head who was slowly approaching trembled for a bit before resuming his calm walk. However, one could clearly sense that his aura had turned weaker!

“That moment…”

“He seemed to have vomited blood.”

“That was blood essence. Wu family’s head actually got suppressed! Although it wasn’t as miserable as Wu San, the opponent is still a professional esper!”

They were all dumbfounded.

The battle of aura finally ended.

The end result, the Wu family’s head was the one injured.

In the distance, that aura coming from the figure was restrained. However, the aura condensed might burst out at any second!

“This is too terrifying.”

“Jianghe City, since when did it have such an esper?”

“Who knows. That’s a peak professional esper no matter what. He’s not a domain esper. As for as I know, for one to be this strong while still a peak professional esper, there is only this one place…”

“Perhaps, it’s just that his aura is strong?”

“If his ability talent is related to auras, then it’s not that difficult to explain this. If it’s true, then Wu San and his head lost in such injustice.”

“Who knows.”

Everyone seemed to have thought of something.

In this origin ability era, there are all sorts of strange ability talents. If the opponent can strengthen his aura while not actually possessing the corresponding strength, then both of the Wu family’s men had been tricked like a fool.

Wu family’s head also thought of this possibility.

Su Hao’s aura once again s.h.i.+fted into an offensive mode. However, this time, the Wu family only a.s.sumed a defensive stunt without even trying to counter-attack. The aura attack was no longer effective.

Right now, the Wu family’s head already arrived at the front door of the Su family’s home.

These two men, under the still brightly s.h.i.+ning moon, saw each other for the first time. The head of the Wu family has the appearance of a burly, rough man with long sideburns. His eyes were full of determination. However, no matter how resolute he was, when he saw Su Hao’s face for the first time, his face instantly changed, “Su Hao?”

Obviously, he was different from those r.e.t.a.r.ded underlings.

Before taking any action on the Su family, he did his research.

He had conducted a special investigation on Su Hao, the only one who was a variable to this situation.

However, the result of the investigation was Su Hao disappeared for nearly half a year with no news.

Who would have thought he would appear here?

Plus, he’s so powerful now!

“So it was you.”

A hint of enlightenment could be seen in the head of the Wu family’s eyes.

No wonder there was an additional mysterious guardian for the Su family. No wonder, this mysterious man is strong enough to dare to confront the Wu family openly. It turned out to be Su Hao! He was planning to spill blood and warn everyone.

Unfortunately, the Wu family took the lead.

There wasn’t any mistake in the Wu family’s calculation. In fact, there weren’t any problems with their plan. The only thing they missed was Su Hao’s current strength.

That point alone was more than enough to drag the entire Wu family to h.e.l.l!

“Su Hao…” Wu family’s head looked at this young man in front, “One year, in just one year, you managed to reach the peak professional realm from a level five specialized realm when you took the exam. Plus… you could even confront a domain esper! Such speed of progress is already far beyond any genius.”

“Well, I am just fortunate enough.” Su Hao calmly replied.

“Fortunate?” Wu family’s head bitterly laughed, “If this is considered lucky, then people like us are wasting our time. In this battle, our family members’ deaths are an injustice. Even Feng Er died in the same situation. If you think that this will end like so, then you have made a big mistake!”

“The battle has only begun!”

One could see ruthlessness hidden within his eyes, “If you win, so what if you eradicate my entire Wu family? However, if I win, I will kill the entire Su family and bury them alongside Feng Er! Now, let me experience whether your actual strength can suppress me!”


“Let’s decide the outcome once and for all!” Wu family’s head was emitting dazzling brilliance from his body. It was so bright under the moonlight that it bathed the entire Jianghe City in light!

He then rushed at Su Hao directly.

The real battle finally broke out!

The surrounding spectators had their blood boiling. Although they couldn’t see it clearly, they could still sense that the moment this battle unfolded, it would soon decide the fate of both families.

Wu family and Su family!

If the Wu family wins, the Su family will be eradicated.

If the Su family wins, the Wu family will vanish.

This was a huge bet with their family’s future at risk!

In the battle of aura, the Wu family slightly prevailed, but the confrontation of true strength would be the key to victory. Not only that, the result would decide the order of Jianghe City once again!

Everyone was fired up; they were looking forward to the outcome of this battle.

In their view, this would be a hard fought battle. However, it was destined to disappoint them. When the battle had just begun, the Wu family’s head charged forward with a strong aura. Then, they heard a sigh. It was coming from a young man, “Merely a level one domain esper.”


Everyone had the shock of their lives.

What does he mean by that?

What’s with this merely a level one domain esper?

This tone…

Before they managed to react, they saw that figure made a wave action. That bright light which illuminated the entire city which belonged to the ability talent of the Wu family’s head disappeared without a trace.

As for him, he just stood there motionless, unable to move.

What’s going on here?

Where is the battle they were eagerly waiting to witness?

When they recalled the previous sentence, “Merely a level one domain esper,” it made their feet even colder. This man, what’s his actual strength?

What happened to the Wu family’s head?!


With a light touch, Su Hao easily killed him. It was as if he just was doing it out of convenience.

Yes, because it was convenient.

As he said earlier, it was merely a level one domain esper. In Gaoyuan City, such strength was only qualified to be cannon fodder.

Dreaming of a battle to the death with him?

You’re not qualified yet.

The Wu family’s head was one shotted to death.

The onlookers had gooseb.u.mps.

Cold sweats drenched their backs.

Who is this mysterious guardian of the Su family?! What a strong existence!

At this moment, since the so-called battle had ended, Su Hao’s aura disappeared along with the excitement. When everyone finally saw his appearance, their jaw opened wide.


This world has gone crazy!


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