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Chapter 289 It was you!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The words of Sun Yaotian interrupted the silence in the secret room.

“I thought it was Dao Ba. I thought it was Hunter Organization.” Sun Yaotian looked at him in hatred, “I would have never thought it was you all along! You’re actually still alive! If I knew this earlier, if I had this current strength, Sun family wouldn’t have been destroyed!”

“Is it because of that eye?”

Su Hao carefully looked at Sun Yaotian’s red eye. Through his synchronous playback, he clearly saw the changes in the eye which allowed Sun Yaotian to identify his ident.i.ty.

This eye…

What is that?

“Ah ah ah!!!”

Sun Yaotian angrily roared. A thick silver light ray surrounded him. From here, one could clearly see layers of metal forming on his body. Ultimately, the surrounding metal melted and fused with his body.

The silver light flickered!

Sun Yaotian actually turned into a giant metal bear!

“Dong dong~”

Sun Yaotian took a step forward, causing the ground to shake. Even the secret room itself trembled too.


Sun Yaotian’s claws slapped on the wall, blasting a hole. With his current form as a giant bear, Sun Yaotian’s strength increased more than ten times!

“Such strength…”

A strange light was flas.h.i.+ng within Su Hao’s eyes.

Indeed worthy of being the Grade A iron control. This absolute strength, whether it was a berserk beast or human, it would be effective against them. If it was the previous Su Hao, perhaps he might be facing a life and death crisis with an unknown outcome but now…


Sun Yaotian’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He immediately charged at Su Hao!


Su Hao sighed.

Endless thunderbolts condensed within his hand, forming a thunderbolt sword. Without any hesitation, Su Hao slashed with the sword.



Sun Yaotian’s body stood there stunned and could not move! The iron surrounding him suddenly disappeared. Pointing at Su Hao, his eyes were filled with disbelief!

“The thunder element… how could you…”

No matter how strong you are, just one move is enough to destroy you!

Su Hao glanced at Sun Yaotian in pity, “Your theoretical basis is still as trash as always… Don’t you know that iron is conductive?”


Sun Yaotian spurted out blood due to extreme anger.

How many times had he dreamt of becoming strong just to kill Su Hao? He had thought that even if he couldn’t win, he could at least successfully flee. No matter what, he would have never thought that the end result of this battle would turn out like this.

One move and he was defeated!

Iron is conductive. Of course, he knew this fact.

But Su Hao’s ability was model a.n.a.lysis, how did it change? From beginning till now, he was well aware of Su Hao’s ability, but what about the thunder? If he knew that Su Hao used the thunder element, he would have definitely adopted another fighting style.


With one kick, Su Hao blasted him away without any hesitation.


Sun Yaotian was blasted to a corner like a dead dog. Embarra.s.singly supporting his body, he looked at Su Hao in hatred, “Su Hao… you destroyed Sun family! I will definitely come back! Once I’m stronger, I will definitely kill you and redeem everything which you own me!”

Sun Yaotian crazily roared, causing Su Hao to frown.

What he hated the most was useless chatter during battles. Without any hesitation, Su Hao used his sword and slashed at Sun Yaotian.


A layer of transparent gla.s.s blocked his attack. Within the secret room, there was actually a gla.s.s wall which appeared from above?

Su Hao was shocked.

Sun Yaotian stared at Su Hao with killing intent. He seemed to have firmly made up his mind and turned around. He headed to the other side of the secret room where an invisible car was gradually revealed!

“d.a.m.n it!”

Su Hao’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

He had come to this point, yet the enemy was going to escape?

So what if it is an invisible car?

“Mountain cras.h.!.+”


“Water split!”


Su Hao’s strongest two attacks were directed at the gla.s.s wall, causing the gla.s.s to crumble apart.

Looking at the situation, Sun Yaotian quickly entered the car.

“Su Hao, when I come back, it will be for your death!”


The car started.

Sun Yaotian rushed outside in a hurry. His whole body suddenly turned stiff and just remained still, as if he had been petrified.


Su Hao’s eyes lit up. Since I am here, you think I will let you escape?


His energy erupted again and with one punch, Su Hao destroyed the gla.s.s.

“Even if I have to destroy my origin model, I will make sure that you stay here!”

Su Hao dashed forward and was ready to channel all his energy on shadow cloak. However, an eye-catching scene made him stunned…

Sun Yaotian already entered the car, but why was the car not moving? Sun Yaotian just remained there stiff, like a r.e.t.a.r.d.


Sun Yaotian suddenly came out from the car and fell directly to the ground. One of his eyes rolled out with blood accompanying it. From Sun Yaotian’s other intact eye, Su Hao could see that he couldn’t believe what happen…

Couldn’t believe?

Was there anything that he wouldn’t believe?

“What happened?”

Su Hao cautiously took a step back. He was startled at the scene in front. Sun Yaotian was dead. His death was so strange and inexplicable. Who exactly killed him?

His eyes turned cold.

Su Hao quickly calmed down his heart and quickly scanned every clue in the scene. Soon, he came out with an answer which he couldn’t even dare to believe.

That eye…killed Sun Yaotian!

“Is it you?”

Su Hao looked and whispered at the eyeball. That was the replacement biological eyeball which replaced the one eye of Sun Yaotian destroyed by Su Hao. Never had he thought that this thing could kill! This meant that since the moment Sun Yaotian implanted this eye, the foe had been targeting Sun Yaotian.

Who was the one who killed him?


A light flashed.

On the eyeball, a virtual screen actually appeared. A figure could be seen. With his slender figure and feminine face, the face was full of cunningness.

“h.e.l.lo, Su Hao.”

“It’s you?”

Su Hao looked at the figure in shock. No wonder Sun Yaotian couldn’t believe it. No wonder Sun Yaotian suddenly dead because the figure on the screen was impressively Sun Yaotian’s brother, Sun Yaohui!

“Why can’t it be me?”

“You even killed your loved ones?”

Su Hao could felt the coldness behind his answer.

“Wrong wrong wrong.”

Sun Yaohui gently smiled, “My loved one was only my mum! After she was played to death by Sun Batian, I already didn’t have any relatives. Later, he married another young woman and gave birth to a son. That had no relation to me! In Sun family, from the start till end, I’m just an outsider.”

Saying till here, Sun Yaohui was somehow sad and sighed, “I told him as long as he begged me to help, I would kill you! Unfortunately, he couldn’t lower himself to do so. He had never acknowledged me as his son!”

Sun Yaohui’s tone was somehow cold, “Forget about all the resources being given to Sun Yaotian. Ultimately, he was using his death to wake up this idiot brother of mine which was such a joke! Since he was so good to his son, I personally sent Sun Yaotian to accompany him!”

“In fact, I’m quite filial as a son.”

Sun Yaohui smiled indifferently.

Su Hao frowned.

He had only seen Sun Yaohui a few times. Form his words, Su Hao could guess his childhood must not be an easy one. That tragic childhood had destroyed his heart too! Sun Batian contrast in treatment between his two sons even made the situation worse for Sun Yaohui!

Sun Batian was as domineering as ever!

But to educate his son, he really failed as a father!

“You’re the one who told him my ident.i.ty?”

Su Hao looked at him.

“Of course, or else how do you think that idiot brother of mine was able to know your ident.i.ty?” Sun Yaohui burst into laughter, “I told him your ident.i.ty so that he wouldn’t flee. To be killed by you would’ve been the best scenario but… he almost managed to escape, forcing me to show up.”

“Haha, stupid and ignorant.”

Su Hao stared at him and sneered, “What, is it your turn to make your move against me?”

“Why would I do so?”

Sun Yaohui smirked, “Among all students in the natural selection cla.s.s, you’re the one I admire the most. But… no matter how much I hated them, there is one person who shouldn’t have died! No matter what, she was still considered as half my mother. Too bad, that Sun Batian, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d killed her! You also contributed to her death!”

“So, in order to pay homage to her, I will make my move once!”

Sun Yaohui’s eyes turned cold, his feminine face had a sinister smile, “I will only make my move once. If you’re unlucky, then it shows that you don’t deserve to live. But if you manage to survive…”

“Haha, then we will meet at Zhanzheng College!”

That sinister laughter resonated within the secret room. The virtual screen gradually disappeared and went back to the eyeball.

Then the eyeball suddenly exploded.

“This madman.”

Su Hao frowned. He had often been called by others as a madman. However, it was just his style that was a bit crazy. Compared to Sun Yaohui, he was the true madman!

A completely perverted one!

“Tomorrow’s attack?”

Su Hao sneered. He was so far away in Zhanzheng College, what kind of attack could Sun Yaohui do?

Send someone to fight him?

Hiring a killer?

A public attack?

After thinking for a moment, he still couldn’t get a satisfying answer!

As for Sun Yaohui, he didn’t understand him well. Including the conversation just now, he had only seen Sun Yaohui twice.


Su Hao sneered. I could even destroy Sun family, yet I have to bother about just a mere Sun Yaohui? With my current strength, I’m not afraid of anyone in Jianghe City!

Let’s see what you are going to do, Sun Yaohui!


Su Hao smirked as he left the scene.


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