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Chapter 0241 Two Worlds!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

A model of the building within a radius of ten meters!

Every part of the building, including the wall, the rock, and the origin whirlpools had appeared in the mind of Su Hao. Even a little piece of rock in front of Su Hao was included. Everything seemed to be extremely real.

The character model of the specialized espers!

The movements, height, weight, clothes, mood, and even every card inside the body of this esper before him were recorded. All of a sudden, the character model seemed to be alive. It was the combination of character model and building model which caused such an effect!

At this moment, Su Hao felt that he was back to the time when he did his experiment modeling.

As long as he mastered the model of herbs, he would be able to simulate the experiment multiple times within his mind.

However, it was even more special this time.

It was a deduction which included character models!

Under the effect of model deduction, Su Hao was making a.n.a.lyses inside his mind continuously, every element around was fully considered. At this moment, the perfect model inside his mind started to move. Su Hao started to control the movement of these models according to his own deduction and a.n.a.lysis.

Based on the trajectory and result of his a.n.a.lysis…


The model world started to move!

Su Hao projected the world in his mind through his right eye. Thus, a universally shocking scene appeared.

In Su Hao’s left eye was reality.

Meanwhile, it in his right eye was the model world.

If someone could view things from Su Hao’s point of view, they would realize that there were two different worlds in Su Hao’s eye. Moreover, the two different worlds synchronized abnormally.

The picture in both of his eyes was exactly the same now!

The only difference was the world inside his left eye was the whole real world, meanwhile in his right eye it only covered the area for ten meters around him. There was a layer of mysterious and warm blue light covering that area. Other than that, the world in his right eye was in complete darkness.



Su Hao suddenly groaned and his face turned pale. He couldn’t control himself and almost fell onto the ground. The lady beside him held him immediately, asked with a voice of concern, “What happened?”

Su Hao’s face was completely pale.

Because at this time, his energy had run out completely.

A short duration of three seconds had already used up all of his energy. Not forgetting Su Hao had already mastered advanced origin transition technique, it was such a horrible consumption!

However, Su Hao couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes.

Because prediction…

It was actually possible to learn forecasting!

Although he was still at a beginner state,the energy consumption was huge, and the skill wasn’t useful right now, it was definitely a new milestone!

If he could choose multiple choices in the model world, the infinite possibilities of the future would be one. He could easily change the fate of that individual.

If the model world could accelerate, he would be able to forecast the future!

If he had enough energy, he could forecast events for of entire world!

If he could build a permanent model, he could deduce in advance without consuming any energy!


If only he owned the perfect program now…

Right now, there were only some extra extensions needed to fully execute the program. There was only a little bit of extra hard work to fully unleash its potential.

From there, it would then become a real model world!

Su Hao was really excited. If he was not in the ancient ruins right now, he would immediately start verifying, experimenting. and deducing!

“What happened?” The lady beside Su Hao was worried. Her mission was to take care of Su Hao. If there was anything happened to Su Hao, she couldn’t bear the responsibility.

“No problem.” Su Hao was awakened all of a sudden and felt embarra.s.sed for thinking too much.

There was a saying that when someone was getting new power, for a moment he will be overconfident and think he was the king of the world. Su Hao agreed with that. Although the skill of prediction was great, there was still a long ways for him to go. Moreover, there were various kinds of abilities in the world; someone else might have that ability too.

In fact, he was only able to last for three seconds while using the skill. There was still a long way for him to go.

“What happened?”

The unusual actions of Su Hao had attracted attention from everyone.

In fact, the energy fluctuation created by Su Hao was actually very little, although it was quite obvious for those who were level 3 and above. Everyone did notice the abnormality of Su Hao as he stood up suddenly and stared at the esper for a moment. After that, he almost fainted. What had actually happened?

“What happened?” Jin Feng had a dignified expression. He felt that there was something wrong. He even started to suspect Su Hao.

Did Su Hao try to hide something?

Su Hao didn’t reply to him. He shook his head gently and instructed the esper in front of the rock wall, “Stop now! Step back!”

“Huh?” The esper was stunned. He stepped back as he recalled the abnormal behavior of Su Hao just now.

Everyone seemed to be nervous.

Su Hao picked a piece of stone and threw it to the rock wall.


The stone gently hit on the rock wall.



A great explosion! One of the origin whirlpools had exploded. The crowd was shocked, especially the esper who was in front of the rock wall just now. His face was getting really pale. If he wasn’t reminded by Su Hao just now, he might be……

Without waiting others to react, Su Hao calmly explained, “I felt there was something wrong just now, so I tried to detect it by using my origin ability. Then I discovered the problem. There were still some hidden origin whirlpools in this ancient ruins which I had missed out in the very beginning. I apologize for my mistake.”

Su Hao apologized to the esper who opened the path just now.

“No-no problem!” The esper immediately waved his hands. Su Hao was the one who had saved his life just now. Although Su Hao apologized, he knew that if he had died just now, then he would have died for nothing.

Jin Feng felt guilty.

He felt guilty for his suspicion towards Su Hao just now.

Su Hao was such a great young man who was hardworking, loyal, and responsible. It was ridiculous to place any suspicion on him! There were a few guys who had the same thoughts as Jin Feng who also had their doubts allayed. Had they become too cunning after surviving for so long in the outside world?

Su Hao silently sighed in relief.

He had been too careless.

He was too careless at the moment when he got the new power. The energy fluctuation was noticed by a few espers who were above level three. If it wasn’t because he was witty enough to change their focus to the explosion of the origin whirlpool, he might be in danger this time.

He seemed to be safe in this ancient ruins; however he was actually in a huge risk.

If he made any mistakes, he might be killed by the team.

I must be very careful before getting enough power!, Su Hao silently reminded himself.

Upon recovering his energy after a short break, Su Hao walked to the front of the rock wall again to cast his detecting skill. After that, he told the team, “It is safe now. There was only one origin whirlpool that we destroyed just now.”

Everyone was relaxed. The team continued to move on again.

A moment later, they were in a magnificent temple again. The team was well prepared and killed all the Buddha statues.

After the first incident, the team already understood how things worked.

The bronze statues were built relatively late. They were not all that powerful as the duration of influence of the origin storm wasn’t long. Meanwhile, the Buddha statues that were made up of soil were the real ancient relics. Under the influence of the origin storm, each of them was extraordinarily powerful, as if they were alive.

The Nitai artifacts would probably be with them.



Led by Jin Feng and Song Biao, the team destroyed all the statues efficiently by using various explosive origin skills.

Their adventures in the ancient ruins started to go smoother.

Su Hao explored for the team while others were destroying the origin whirlpools and Buddha statues. Within half a month, they had explored a total of eight temples and successfully found fifteen Nitai artifacts. Meanwhile, the head loss of the team was below five during that time period, which was a really great result.

Was half a month a long time? No, it was actually short.

In fact, Song Biao and Jin Feng had decided to take a twelve hour rest after twelve hours of continuous exploration in order to maintain the best condition of the team for dealing with unknown dangers.

If not, their progress would have been even faster!

Normally, a normal relic ruin took ten to fifteen days to explore. After endless battles, a team usually only managed to get one Nitai artifact. However, the compet.i.tion inside the team would be relatively small as there would be less than ten espers in the team.

However, they were exploring a ma.s.sive set of ancient ruins this time.

These ancient ruins were much more dangerous than the normal relic ruins. It could be seen from the few extermination tragedies that almost killed everyone in the teams at the very beginning. However, the benefits that the team could get were much more attractive. High risk, high return; the revenue from the ancient ruins might be ten times more than normal.

However, the ancient ruins were deep in the underground this time.

Hence, there was another benefit, which was that no berserk beasts would be attacking the team. Nitai artifacts were not only attractive to espers, but also to berserk beasts. If the ruins were above ground, there would be an infinite number of berserk beasts fighting for the Nitai artifacts.

Within fifteen days, they had obtained fifteen Nitai artifacts!

It was considered as a brilliant achievement after the various deaths and injuries at the very beginning. However everything was smooth thanks to the perfect navigation of Su Hao.

Regarding this, Song Biao really regretted.

If he had known Su Hao was such a good pathfinder, for sure he wouldn’t have hired Yao Haochen. His bad navigation had caused a great loss to the team.

Jin Feng, who opposed Song Biao on just about everything, agreed with him this time.


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