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Chapter 0099 Teaming up to face enemy

Translator: Yorasu I Editor: SourGummies

“What’s going on?”

After carefully checking the condition of his body, Su Hao could only bitterly smile. This situation was surprising, having been out of his expectations.

His energy had been completely depleted.

Life detection used his body as the center while his origin ability spread to the surrounding. It would then detect the situation of his surroundings while establis.h.i.+ng a model. Because he hadn’t set any range restrictions, his had ability kept spreading further and further into his surroundings. It had been too bad that he had not been able to find any signs of life within 500 meters.

Thus…his life detection had kept expanding.

As the range increased, everyone was very clear that it would become exponentially more terrifying. Su Hao had received a very dismal lesson this time around. Upon reaching a distance of 700 meters, the ability stopped, having consumed all of Su Hao’s origin ability.


Su Hao smiled. Next time he used the life detection ability, he would have to add a range restriction.

Su Hao lowered his body. His only choice was to continue restoring his origin ability energy within the bush. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone within 700 meters of his location. He could recover in peace. Additionally, there was only one explanation for why he had been unable to find someone with his life detection. The amount of students left alive was getting smaller and smaller!

“I wonder how many people are still in the dark forest.”

Su Hao secretly thought, “I hope that I am not the only freshman left.”

After resting for a moment, Su Hao once again activated his ability.

Model a.n.a.lysis, start!

Life detection!


His origin ability spread, forming models in his mind. As for the limit this time around, Su Hao had set it to 500 meters, consuming half of his energy reserves.


The model crashed.

“5 o’clock from me, 426 meters away, there is someone… And it’s two people!”

“If there are two people, could they be fighting?”

Su Hao’s mind moved quickly. The individual strength of repeaters was incredibly formidable. For the most part, they wouldn’t form any teams due to fears of having their points s.n.a.t.c.hed from them. Thus, these two people would either be two freshmen or two students dueling.

Su Hao quickly rushed in the direction of 5 o’clock.

With his current level of fitness, 426 meters would take him less than half a minute, even while concealing himself!


Su Hao disappeared into the forest.

The bush in front was shaking. Su Hao sprinted rapidly within the forest. His ears paid attention to his surroundings for any movement. He was rapidly closing in on the spot.

400 meters…300 meters…200 meters…100 meters…

Su Hao suddenly halted.

Model a.n.a.lysis, start!

Life detection!


His origin ability spread, establis.h.i.+ng a model before instantly collapsing.

“120 meters away, they are still around!”

Su Hao ran some calculations in his mind. Unfortunately, he could only detect one person.

“Did the distance between them increase or did one of them die? If the battle is over, why is that person still lingering around?”

Su Hao began a.n.a.lysing the situation. However, his a.n.a.lysis was limited from such a large distance.

With a specific location in mind, Su Hao quickly sprinted a distance of 76 meters. Only after reaching a range of 50 meters did he reduce his speed.

Every time you were in battle, you needed to go all out.

Every repeater was like the existence of a boss to Su Hao. A single moment of carelessness and he would die. Up until now, he had managed to kill two.

One was a surprise attack… As for the other one, it could also be considered a surprise attack.

The only advantage he had was his physical fitness. As long as he didn’t meet the first few ranks of repeaters, Su Hao believed that his physical fitness and fighting technique would be capable of granting him victory. At the same time, he used the mapping advantage from his model a.n.a.lysis to increase the success rate of his a.s.sault.


As Su Hao was closing in on 20 meters, a cras.h.i.+ng sound could be heard.

“There’s movement!”

“The fighting is still going on!”

This was the sign Su Hao had been waiting for, quickly rus.h.i.+ng over.

Within 20 meters, a flash illuminated the area. Su Hao who was hiding within the underbrush, looked forward. He was immediately stunned on spot. The scene before him was outside of his expectations. There was a battle going on, but it wasn’t a one versus one. It was two on one! Also, there was someone he was familiar with!

“Ci ci!”

Lighting flashed, exploding the surrounding area. The thin hand of the youth aimed the dazzling light at a repeater.

This was none other than the freshman who possessed an A rank lighting control ability.

Zhou w.a.n.g!

A flas.h.i.+ng green energy surrounded the youth. At the same time, green waves resembling blades were aimed at the repeater.

Rank A wind control, Bai Lingfeng!

Two on one!

One with 12.5 points of origin ability and another with 14 points. Even under such conditions, they were still oppressed by the enemy.

Su Hao didn’t know the exact origin abilities of these two. However, looking at the explosiveness of the battle, he could only estimated that they had reached around 13 points. Even with such strength, they struggled to suppress the repeater. Exactly how strong was the enemy?

The battle remained in a deadlock.

Su Hao observed for a moment and was finally able to understand the current situation.

The repeater completely ignored the attacks of Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Linfeng. As the lightning and wind attacks struck his body, a slight trace of blood could be seen before the wound managed to completely heal.

His origin ability was a regeneration type.

Moreover, it was instant self recovery. Such an abnormal, horrifying ability! Not to mention, the foe’s origin ability was above that of both Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng.

Complete domination!

Completely ignoring the attacks from them, the repeater began his close range a.s.sault

“So this is it!”

“This ability is too horrible. Unless he’s killed in a single blow, he will instantly recover!”

Su Hao took a deep breath. A one hit kill. He only had one chance. It would be the moment the repeater killed Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng. Just like previously, he would attack when the opportunity presented itself.

However, compared to such an idea, his urge to fight together was greater.

This was because Zhou w.a.n.g was his friend.

Even if it was virtual reality, to watched a friend perish in front of him and exploit his death wouldn’t form any good habits. If he was to perform such an act, then during a real battlefield…


Countless of exchanges were occurring. White and green light flashed, making this place extremely colorful.

In a bush near these three people, a little shadow quietly emerged. Zhou w.a.n.g instantly noticed the change.

The location of the shadow’s emergence was directly behind the repeater. It was too eye catching.

It was a hand.



The hand quickly made a few gestures. Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng quickly comprehended the message in their mind. For the two of them who had scored 186 points and 182 points respectively, these fighting instructions were very clear. They were much better than those city guards in Jianghe City.


A terrifying stream of lightning suddenly burst out from Zhou w.a.n.g’s body. With his hands together, a ball of lightning was acc.u.mulated and thrown towards the repeater.


A flickering green light surrounded Bai Lingfeng’s body. A huge green wind blade was blasted towards the repeater. It appeared as if both were planning on ending this battle in one move.

“A move born of desperation?” The repeater coldly sneered, “Good talent, but it’s too bad that your origin ability is so weak.”


Facing Zhou w.a.n.g’s and Bai Lingfeng’s all out attack, the repeater was still cautious. By using his origin ability to defend, he was only knocked back a few steps, with blood staining his body.

But, it was only that.

At this moment, he actually had received a fatal injury. But to kill him in one blow, it was still out of their reaches.

After their attacks had been dissipated, his origin ability began to play its role in recovering his wounds. The wounds in his skin quickly closed up.

“I already told you that your origin ability is too weak!” The repeater smiled sinisterly. Just then, he noticed the expression of Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng which held a mocking smile.

“What is it?”

The repeater was stunned. What move were these two still hiding?

He was clueless. Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng were clever in grasping the opportunity presented to them. Not only had he been wounded, he had been forced to retreat several steps backward, arriving in front of a bush. Unfortunately for him…Su Hao was waiting in it.


A black shadow flashed by. Approaching at an incredible speed, his right hand caught the neck of the repeater.


The neck of the repeater was instantly snapped. He then dropped dead to ground.

Another repeater had died.

Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng looked at each other. Although they had set the best condition for Su Hao to kill this guy…Su Hao’s actions had been too straightforward!


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