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Chapter 0003 White dressed girl

After he woke up from a nap, Su Hao once again immersed himself in the world of training. Besides sleeping and eating, all of his time was invested into an endless session of practice!



His neighborhood in the morning was very peaceful. Su Hao had already began his training very early. At the beginning, there were some walls to be overcome but slowly and steadily, his progress was getting faster. Su Hao moved as swift as the wind and was even able to blend all the moves perfectly. After repeating the routine cycle for 5 times, his body was covered in perspiration. Su Hao finally stopped his training and laughed out loud.

“Intermediate basic fighting techniques, mastered!”

Within this one week of training, Su Hao’s fighting strength had increased by a huge margin. Needless to say, his combat methods had increased from 50 to 90 points. This already surpa.s.sed more than 90% of the population in the world. It was worth mentioning that his sister Su Ling had a monstrous talent. With her origin ability more than 8, she was able to train her basic fighting technique to intermediate stage in her soph.o.m.ore year.

What surprised Su Hao was after seven days of consecutive practice, his physical fitness had also gradually increased, a jumping up by 20 points. At this point, his origin ability was very stable at 4.7.

Also in this one week, Su Hao had carried out numerous experiments on his sister. By doing so, he was finally better able to understand the usage of his upgraded model a.n.a.lysis ability. His model a.n.a.lysis could only a.n.a.lyze common skill cards. As for origin abilities, his system was somehow helpless. For example, his sister’s amazing raging nirvana flames. But Su Hao was already satisfied with it. You have to know that by just mastering a basic skill, it could increase his origin ability by 1!

Su Hao was very sure that for his character modelling ability, card a.n.a.lysis is just a part. In the future, when he gets the chance to enhance his origin ability, his model a.n.a.lysis will be even more powerful! When he was building a character model, he could see a person’s ability which then generates cards to be a.n.a.lyzed. What if he was to build a model of this whole world, what would happen?

Does this mean he will be able to control the world?

The change in his origin ability had enabled Su Hao to dream.

After all these years of being oppressed due to being weak, Su Hao had a strong desire to be different from ordinary people. He also wished to not be a trash who needed protection from his own sister.

Zhanzheng college!

The world’s first ranked college!

The dream college of every student!

“Anyone who wants to enter Zhanzheng college, the minimum requirement for the entrance is a value of 10 in origin ability. For now, I have only reached 4.7. The road is still long.” Su Hao thought. “My theoretical basics are 180 points, the remaining 20 points are really too extreme. Even if you have strong memory ability, you might come across questions which you haven’t read before. This is really an impossible task.”

“As for my ability index, there is nothing much to say. Although my origin ability has undergone a transformation, the ranking still would not change. It will still be in between the lower range score. Even if I try to increase it, the effect would be minimal. Physical fitness is also not something which could be improved in a short time. My only hope apparently will be left with this, combat methods.”

Combat methods…..he had already mastered intermediate basic fighting technique. If Su Hao wanted to go further, he could only learn advanced basic fighting technique.

As for advanced basic fighting technique, it would gain him 100 points! 30 points higher than intermediate. This meant that he would be able to raise his origin ability to 5, an increment of 0.3.

Although the increment was not much, to Su Hao, it was still valuable.

To learn advanced basic fighting technique, there were only two possibilities. One would be to go to the market and get himself a copy of the tutorial. The other method would be hire a trainer to have hands-on teaching.

Su Hao had difficulties to execute either possibility. You won’t get anywhere without status or money, and he has neither. But Su Hao had a third choice which was to find someone who had already mastered advanced basic fighting technique. Then, by staying beside that person for a time, he would be able to quietly create a card of that skill.

Coincidently, Su Hao knew a person who fit this description perfectly.

At the Jianghe Park, in a very quiet and peaceful environment, there was a row of willow trees swaying gently at the sh.o.r.e of the lake.

When Su Hao reached there, he saw a girl dressed in white practicing martial skill on a willow tree which needed both his hands to encircle it.



Her fists rained on the willow tree with such formidable force. When her fists were thrust through the air, a sound was produced. The sound had a feeling as if the air was tearing apart. She seemed to have noticed someone coming over since she stopped her punching movement and stood straight. With a jump and spinning twist, she sent a flying kick to the tree.


Soon, a brittle sound was produced. The willow tree was pitifully been snapped apart by her kick. Su Hao who was observing from a distance took a deep breath. If that kick was directed to a real human……..this was indeed someone who had reached an origin ability value of 9, Chen Yiran. It seemed that she was even more dominating than last time.

“Su Hao?” Chen Yiran turned around. While wiping off her sweat, she gave a faint smile to him. “I thought you are purposely avoiding me after being warned by Sun Yaotian.”

Su Hao had a quick laugh. “There are tons of people which I am afraid of. Too bad, Sun Yaotian is not one of them.”

“I also think so.” Chen Yiran showed a sweet smile as a reply. Since she had just finished exercising, her clothes were soaked with sweat enclosed the twin peaks of hers like a second skin. That look of hers was so alluring and attractive. It was just that she did not notice it at all.

Su Hao also did not seem bothered about it. Since both of them had already befriended each other for so long, he already got himself accustomed with this scene.

They walked leisurely around the lake while chatting.

“Next month’s simulation test, you got any plan?” Chen Yiran asked.

“Me?” Su Hao was caught surprised by her question. “Low ranking again I guess? I am already used to it anyway.”

Chen Yiran was somehow worried about him. “Actually with your talent, if you are in the same position as Sun Yaotian who is supplied with countless evolution liquid to enhance origin abilities, you would not necessarily be weaker than him. Even though I really do not want to say this, really, if you need my help, I will really be glad to do so.”

Su Hao understood her meaning well but he, as a man, did not have any plan to rely on a woman. He also clearly knew that although their relations.h.i.+p seemed to be good on the surface, there was really nothing more. To be able to maintain a friends.h.i.+p with her was already good enough. If he were to involve money in their relations.h.i.+p, he was afraid that sooner or later, even being friends also would be impossible.

But since she mentioned it…..

“How should I say this? Well, I indeed need some help from you.” Su Hao laughed.

“O? Tell me then.” Chen Yiran replied with a mix of surprise and disappointment. The reason she befriended Su Hao was because of his persistence and hard work. If he really opened his mouth to request for some money, then all her respect towards him which was based those qualities would disappear. In simpler words, she would look down at him.

“I just learnt a bit of fighting techniques. So, I want to ask you for some advice.”

“What? This?” Chen Yiran cutely blinked her eyes. Such a request from Su Hao was totally beyond her expectations. She looked at Su Hao with his mischievous face and finally realized that she had been played by him.

“Good, Su Hao. Now you dare to play me ya?” Chen Yiran snappily replied.

“Che, who asked you to show that expression just now? Although I might be weak, at least I am still honest and clean-living. Furthermore, I’m only the kind of guy who would sell skills but will not sell my body. (1)”

“Not interested!” Chen Yiran was somehow hesitant but could not help herself and asked Su Hao with a serious tone. “Were you serious about your request?”

“Of course” Su Hao smiled at her. He cupped his hand and said, “Student Su Hao, requesting Teacher Chen’s guidance.”

Chen Yiran cupped her hands and positioned herself in a polite position, “Please.”

Su Hao took a deep breath. A ray of light appeared in between his two pupils. Model a.n.a.lysis, start!


Countless card flashed around in his mind. Su Hao was shocked to notice 10 cards around Chen Yiran’s character model. Compared to his sister who only had 4 cards, this was totally in a different league.

Not only due to differences in origin ability by one point but also their family’s income gap. He had always thought that his sister mastering 4 skills was already enough. Now however… he swore he would do his best to help his sister go further. Su Hao sighed. Without thinking further, he quickly selected the advanced basic fighting techniques card.

Name : Advanced level of basic fighting techniques.

Rank : 1 star

Introduction : The basics of all master arts, basic fighting techniques. If mastered completely, all martial skill difficulties would be reduced by many times. This is a course for self learning in high school.

High school self learning course. It meant that this is not something ordinary students could learn.

“Card selection completed……..advanced basic fighting technique……a.n.a.lysis…….establishment of model………card model establishment completed……”


A black card appeared. Su Hao’s origin ability began to activate again. All the energy stored by him in this one week was once again sucked up dry by the card. The advanced basic fighting technique card began to get brighter and brighter.

The virtual image in Su Hao’s mind then disappeared. In front of him, he saw Chen Yiran with one hand at the back posture, waiting for him to attack. Su Hao took a step forward and attacked with low level basic fighting techniques.

“Pu! Pu!”

In a blink of an eye, these two people had exchanged hits with their fists many times. In fact, Su Hao’s low level basic fighting technique was something Chen Yiran seen more than enough. However, in order to deepen his understanding, she could only fight back with the same skill, hoping that Su Hao would gain something from this fight.

However, what really made her depressed was Su Hao’s low level basic fighting technique was already grasped by him completely. It was definitely not any level lower than her own.

She did not know that his basic fighting skill was actually an integration of his sister’s fighting experience and her own experience during their previous friendly combat in the past.

Two genius girl’s experience coupled with his own integration, as such, Su Hao’s low level basic fighting technique when executed was really like a true master. The longer their fight progressed, the more depressed Chen Yiran felt. Gradually, Su Hao even had the upper hand instead.

“Nice! Su Hao, you little fox! Already mastered this so well yet ask me for guidance. You are just deliberately trying to make me look bad.” Chen Yiran snappily thought.

Looking at Su Hao who was gaining the upper hand, her heart smiled. Without any warning, her hand movements started to change and began to display intermediate basic fighting technique.

“Let’s see if you can withstand intermediate basic fighting technique then.”

Kai: Selling skills, courtesans would entertain via music or serve (akin to a waitress), but they won’t sell their bodies


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