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These two voices are a bit familiar, but more like strange.

The two people kept quarreling about who she belonged to. They kept quarreling, arguing and even copying each other’s words.

Lin Yang was sitting silently in the chair from the start, but his eyebrows frowned tightly. The impatience and anger on his face were overflowing.

“Enough!” Lin Yang stood up and shouted. His tall body cast a big shadow, forcing the two people to step back.

“Have you had enough noise? Since you entered this ward, have you ever look at the person on the bed? I agree to let you in, not to let you fight for her property, but hope you can use a parents’ love to wake her up, to warm her and let her come back. Do you understand?”

The two stared at Lin Yang in a daze for a long time. This young man had always been gentle and seemed to look easy to deal with, so how did he suddenly get so scary?

Lin Yang closed his eyes and deeply sighed, then said: “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have let you come in at all. If you have a little affection for her, how could she grow up in an orphanage? Alright, you go, don’t ever come again. “

The man looked at Lin Yang and sneered: “Go? Where will I go? She is my daughter, my own flesh and blood. My daughter is here. Where do you want me to go?”

The woman also said: “Me too. I am her mother, if there is anyone here who should go, it should be you. Why should I go?”

Lin Yang looked at the two indifferently and asked, “I should leave? Do you know how much this ward is per month? Do you know how much the nutritional supplement she uses every day? If I’m gone, can you afford to pay? “

The two people’s faces drastically changed, but the woman answered back soon: “Although we can’t afford the expenses here, we can take her home and take care of her, which is much better than your expensive hospital.”

Lin Yang coldly sneered: “Really? Do you have an oxygen machine at home? A 1000 yuan bottle of nutrient solution per day is the basic thing she needed the most, can you afford it?”

When the man heard those words, he was choked, but immediately refuted: “Whether we can afford it or not, she is our daughter. We will take her now, you don’t need to continue talking nonsense, and just quickly bring all her things in front of me.”

Lin Yang raised an eyebrow: “All her things? Like what?”

The woman busily said: “What else could it be? Of course, it’s her bank card, payroll, insurance policy, the key to her house and car. In short, all of her things should be given to me.”

Lin Yang shook his head: “I’m afraid it’s not possible. Those are Zhi’er things. I can’t give it to you.”

The woman’s voice immediately raised by eight points: “You can’t? To make it clear, she is my daughter. I wanted to keep my daughter’s belongings. What’s wrong with that?”

Lin Yang said: “Since you came in, have you ever asked why she became like this? Have you asked whether she will get better? Have you asked what’s her full name now, or is she married? Did she gave birth and have a child? Have you ever ask even a single one of these questions?”

“To be blunt, I know why you came here today. Someone encourages you, hoping that you can take her away from here, get all her property while letting her die pain. What’s the difference between doing this and murdering people for money? I don’t think you are worthy to be her parents at all. A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. You’re not even as good as a beast!”

The more Lin Yang spoke the more he gets angry. Bai Zhi suffered since childhood. However, they, as parents, not only they didn’t feel guilty, but also so vicious. How can such people be a parent?

* A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs – even wild beasts look after their young.

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