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Chapter 1056: Zheng Ruxue

On the third day after returning from Dafu Temple, there were rumors in the capital that the Meng family was going to marry the daughter of Prince Nanjiang.

The news reached the Zheng family, and Zheng Ruxue hid in her room and cried until her eyes got swell.

The Zheng family was very angry. Especially Madam Zheng. She wanted to rush to the Meng family immediately and scold Madam Meng and Meng Nan.

Master Zheng let out a long sigh and said, “This matter has long been expected. If our Zheng family is still the same as before, there may still be a chance, but right now—”

Right now, Prince Xiao, whom he once supported, has lost power and even brought him down in the court. Even the various branches of the Zheng family who were originally close to them were now avoiding them. Today, the Zheng family was not as good as before.

“It’s not good, it’s not good, Madam, the young lady, the young lady hung herself.”

Madam Zheng was frightened and fainted on the spot. Master Zheng asked the maidservant: “Save, have you saved the people?”

The maidservant quickly nodded her head: “Saved, she’s saved.”

Master Zheng raised his hand and slapped the maidservant in the face: “Then why are you shouting in panic? Do you want to scare people to death?” As he spoke, he immediately glanced at the servants in the room: “Keep your mouth shut, if you dare speaking half a word outside about it, I will cut your tongues.”

The servants quickly knelt, their bodies trembled non-stop, and they secretly scolded themselves for being unlucky. Why did they listen to it?

Knowing such a thing, when their madam wakes up, their tongues will be cut and they will be sold.

Master Zheng asked the maidservant again: “Who else knows?”

It was only at this moment that the maidservant came back to her senses. She had a cold sweat on her back. She felt that she had been wronged when she was slapped, but now she felt that it was great kindness that she only received a slap.

The maidservant’s legs softened, so she knelt and cried: “Everyone in the courtyard knows and they went out to call the doctor.”

Master Zheng didn’t get angry. He turned his head and saw the cold tea on the table, and poured it on his wife’s face. After this, she naturally woke up.

“You only know how to get dizzy? Could it be you want me to deal with this matter of the back house?”

Madam Zheng looked at her husband in confusion: “Xue’er, she, my Xue’er—”

Master Zheng snorted coldly: “People didn’t die, don’t you hurry up?”

Hearing that her daughter was still alive, Madam Zheng felt at ease and quickly followed the maidservant to Qingxueju.

The courtyard was already in chaos, but Madam Zheng was calm. She was still showing off a madam’s demeanor, then gave an order. The powerful maidservant and servant under her quickly control the situation.

Then she went into the house to see Zheng Ruxue.

Her daughter was lying on the bed. Her beautiful eyes were staring at the top of the ceiling absentmindedly, and there was a shocking bruise on her slender and white neck.

Madam Zheng rushed to her daughter’s bed, hugged her body, and started crying: “You silly girl, why do this?”

Zheng Ruxue’s eyes finally blinked. She turned her eyes to look at her mother, opened her mouth, but her words were very hoa.r.s.e.

“Mother, I’ve waited for him for so long, how can he marry another woman?”

Madam Zheng cried: “The Meng family has no conscience, is it worth it to do this? Xue’er, you still have father and mother, and two younger sisters.”

Zheng Ruxue suddenly grabbed her mother’s hand and cried: “Mother, you go and talk to them again. While things haven’t happened, maybe there will be a chance.”

Madam Zheng shook her head: “Silly child, where is there any chance? Now that our Zheng family has fallen, they will no longer put us in their eyes.”

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