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Jin Shiwei still wanted to say something, but who knows what had gone to Bai Zhi’s head and she boldly b.u.t.ted in: “That doctor is indeed a quack.”

Jin Shiwei immediately stared at Bai Zhi angrily and said: “What do you know? Gongzi is still talking, why are you b.u.t.ting in?”

The young man was very curious to what Bai Zhi has said, so he pushed Jin Shiwei to the side and said: “Tell me about it.”

Bai Zhi smiled, when the topic changed into medicine, she immediately recovered her calmness.

“Daren’s face has been ulcerating for at least half a month now.”

The young man raised an eyebrow. He didn’t make a sound, but he keeps staring at her.

Bai Zhi knew that she was right, so she continued to say: “There’s nothing wrong with the medicine that the doctor gave you. It will not aggravate your condition, but it will also not cure your disease. What he prescribed though, can’t cure your illness at all.”

“How did you know what medicine the doctor prescribed to me?” The young man asked.

Bai Zhi smiled and replied: “There is a pile of dregs in the corner of the courtyard. That is the medicine you’re taking orally. Your face is also covered with topical medicine. Although the room is full of scented incense, it can’t still cover the smell of the ointment and the putrid smell of your face. That’s why I know what happened to your face.”

The young man’s eyebrows slightly curved, but the smile in his eyes was very obvious: “So, are you also a doctor?” As he spoke, he deliberately swept his eyes to Bai Zhi from head to toe. The smart girl in front of him only looked like 12 or 13 years old from the mountain village. At first glance, a person could tell that she came from a poor family. He’s afraid that she didn’t even attend school, so how can she learn medicine?

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “I cannot be counted as one, I just know a little. Daren seems cannot believe it.”

Although he doesn’t believe it, he still found her amusing: “It’s not that I don’t believe it, it’s just you didn’t say anything credible.”

Bai Zhi’s lips curve, she knew it’s not easy to trust people.

“The doctor said that your facial ulceration is due to some illness. But I’m afraid it’s not, it is due to poison. It is because of a poisonous insect that loves human blood. A blood spider, right?”

Jin Shiwei’s face slightly changed, then his hand immediately held the sword on his waist: “Who are you? How did you know that?”

Bai Zhi was still smiling faintly: “I already said a long time ago, that I know when I smelled it, it’s just, you don’t believe me.”

The young man waved his hand at Jin Shiwei: “Why are you getting so excited over a little girl?”

Jin Shiwei’s face redden. When Bai Zhi entered the room, he knew that she doesn’t have any martial arts skills. In front of them, she has no chance to do something at all.

The young man asked: “So, can you cure me?”

Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulders: “I can, but I don’t have time now. I still need to solve the problem in our family before I get into the mood.”

The young man burst into laughter and pointed his finger at Bai Zhi: “You are so rude, you don’t need to mention it. Alright, I will go with you to the Huangtou Village and solve this case for you.”

Bai Zhi busily thank the young man: “Thank you for your kindness, Daren.”

The young man said: “My surname is Meng, I am Magistrate Meng Nan.”

Bai Zhi also introduced herself: “My surname is Bai, I am called Bai Zhi.”

The young man said while laughing: “I didn’t ask about your name.”

Bai Zhi also laughed, then said: “You are also rude, let’s go now!”

The little girl in front of them was really interesting.

Jin Shiwei also smiled, it’s been so long since he had seen his young master so happy like this.

The three people left the room and walked towards the inner courtyard when suddenly, a maidservant b.u.mped into Bai Zhi. Perhaps, the maidservant was running for long and her sweat covered her eyes, so she didn’t see, she ran into someone and knocked her on the ground.

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