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Chapter 428: A Lode?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Just then, footsteps approached from outside again.

“Steward Fang, this manor…”

“Sir Xu, my master has stipulated a rule with regards to the sale of the manor. Only those that can answer this question will be eligible to purchase it.” Steward Fang gave out another piece of paper.

Sir Xu?

Feng Wu had no idea who that was, but she knew that she couldn’t be spotted now!

For Feng Tutu had come out with a translucent spiritual stone in its mouth!

Judging by the appearance, it was a supreme-grade spiritual stone!

And it was worth a small fortune!

Feng Wu put away that spiritual stone immediately!

Because of its grade, an advanced cultivator could easily detect its presence!

As expected, Sir Xu frowned just as Feng Wu put away that spiritual stone. “What?”

He had detected a streak of spiritual energy, but it disappeared almost right away. Was he mistaken? Sir Xu frowned. That only made him more eager. He had to have this manor!

When Steward Fang went to see Sir Xu off, Feng Wu jumped out of the well with Feng Tutu, and the next second, she was back in her own yard.

She had hidden the stone in her ring to stop Sir Xu from detecting it. Now, she finally had time to examine it closely.

Regular people used bronze, silver, and gold as their means of payment.

But for cultivators, spiritual stones were the actual currency they used.

For all cultivators needed spiritual stones to progress in their cultivation.

In the Junwu Empire, based on the purity and concentration of spiritual energy, spiritual stones were categorized into four grades: low grade, medium grade, top grade, and the rarest supreme grade.

The one Feng Tutu found was a top-grade spiritual stone!

Most of the spiritual stones in circulation on the market were of low and medium grade. Top-grade ones were very rarely found and inordinately expensive…

Feng Wu examined the shape of the spiritual stone.

It hadn’t been cut by any tools, but had been broken off by Feng Tutu… Wait!

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

Could it be that the spiritual stone hadn’t been buried there on purpose? And what was down there was a spiritual stone mine? And top-grade spiritual stone for that matter?

Feng Wu was thrilled!


She had grown up in the Feng manor. How could she have failed to notice a top-grade spiritual stone lode beneath the Fang manor, which was only one wall away from her own home?

If that was the case with the Fang manor, what about the Feng manor?

Sitting down with her legs crossed, Feng Wu sent a streak of spiritual essence down into the ground. However, with her current capability, she could only make it as deep as 15 meters.

And she detected no such lode in those 15 meters.

Feng Wu turned to Feng Tutu. “Is there a lode underground over here?”

Feng Tutu looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment.

Holding that top-grade spiritual stone in one hand, Feng Wu pointed at the ground with her free hand. “This? Do we have it here?”

Feng Tutu shook its head, then nodded.

What was that supposed to mean?

Feng Wu was at a loss.

But Feng Tutu was a cub after all. Even if it was able to detect treasure, the range would be rather limited.

Feng Wu’s hand curled into a fist. “I have to get the Fang manor next door!”

That was a top-grade spiritual stone lode. Even an extremely prestigious family like Feng Xun’s would be thrilled by such a discovery, not to mention Feng Wu.

For no price was high enough for top-grade spiritual stones.


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