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Chapter 277: You Should Continue to Drop the Subject!!

“Feng Little Wu, you’re so formidable——” Feng Xun patted Feng Wu’s hand. “Without spirit force, I even thought that you are completely unable to manage, yet I did not expect that even Feng Yi Ran could be scared away. Formidable——”

Feng Wu nodded her head at him indifferently, then turned around to support her mother into the tent. She suddenly felt an ice-cold gaze, just like a viper focusing on her!

“Who? Come out here for me!” Feng Wu casually grabbed a stone by the side, aimed at a corner, and directly smashed outward!


A body was struck, moreover, this body even let out a painful sound.

The shadow in the corner sobbed with a sharp and clear voice. “Waah——Feng Wu, you’re bullying me! What are you unhappy about that you’re surprisingly bullying me!”

Feng Wu saw Yan Yan run out from the shadows, and her eyes narrowed dangerously. “Bully you? I truly don’t feel that it’s worth my bother.”

“Cousin! Cousin! She’s bullying me! You personally saw it, right?” Yan Yan wailed and ran towards Feng Xun.

Feng Xun saw Yan Yan and only felt a headache coming on. He immediately frowned. “Aren’t you returning to Peaceful Distant City along with Eldest Aunt and the others? Why did you sneakily run here? Does Eldest Aunt know?”

Madam Yan naturally did not know. If she knew of this, she would’ve already had Yan Yan’s legs broken off.

Yan Yan focused on a detail to avoid the main issues. “Cousin, I want to return to the capital. I miss my younger brother and father. Just take me back to the capital, boo hoo hoo—-“

Feng Xun was dumbfounded. She missed her brother and father? Who would believe that! Was it not because Boss Jun was present on this journey, that’s why she shamelessly took the chance to come?

Feng Xun glared. “The supplies we brought are merely enough for our own use, so there’s no part for you. You just come like this, where are you going to sleep? After tonight, return to Peaceful Distant City at once tomorrow!”

“Isn’t there a tent here?” Yan Yan covered the b.l.o.o.d.y hole in her forehead smashed by Feng Wu’s stone. She was both crying and yelling. “Let me sleep in this tent, wouldn’t that be fine? It’s not like I’m sleeping alone. Isn’t Feng Liu injured? She certainly won’t be able to resist the cold. Just have me and Feng Liu stay together.”

Feng Xun scowled. “How’s that fine? ! This tent actually belongs to Feng Wu’s family!”

Why did Feng Wu beat up Feng Liu just now, wasn’t it because Feng Liu wanted to seize her family’s tent?

“But I want to lie down~Cousin, Cousin~~isn’t this the tent that you guys brought? Why don’t you just a.s.sign it to us, OK?”

“No!” Feng Xun refused very straightforwardly!

Feng Xun had reason to believe that if Yan Yan also dared to fight over the tent, she would absolutely cause Feng Wu to explode and give her a beating. Currently, that girl was terrifying.

Don’t mention that he was afraid of Feng Wu. Even if he did not fear Feng Wu, it was still absolutely impossible for him to open his mouth.

In his heart, Feng Wu was actually much closer to him than this brainless, idiotic younger cousin of his.

It was unknown which screw was loose in Yan Yan’s head. She unexpectedly summoned her courage and ran to Jun Lin Yuan’s side. She bit her lower lip and spoke weepingly, like she wanted to cry. “Crown Prince Jun……is it possible, will you please……have Feng Wu’s family’s tent…….a.s.signed to us…….you see it, too…….Feng Liu is covered all over in wounds, how pitiful she is?”

Wasn’t it said that Crown Prince Jun loathed Feng Wu quite a bit? Therefore, if he were to choose, Crown Prince Jun would certainly be willing to give them the tent, and not to Feng Wu, right?

Feng Wu’s pair of ice-cold eyes stared at Jun Lin Yuan. The two little flames in her eyes grew without restraint. She had a tent. It was actually inside her isolated s.p.a.ce, but she had not had the chance to take it out, that’s all.

Jun Lin Yuan proudly stood up and cast an arrogant glance at Feng Wu.

[This girl is so stubborn. Would it kill her to ask him for something?]

Feng Wu glared at Jun Lin Yuan, at the same time, Jun Lin Yuan also glared at Feng Wu——-

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