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Chapter 2174: Unt.i.tled

“I heard that she accompanied His Royal Highness around the clock, even at night.”

“If she keeps doing that, she might get pregnant soon.”

“She can’t do that! His Royal Highness doesn’t have a wife yet! A maid can’t give His Royal Highness his first child!”

Feng Wu frowned as she listened.

“Shut up, all of you!”

Chaoge ran out of her tent with a sword in her hand. She then threatened the gossiping women. “If I hear one more word out of your mouth, I’m going to kill you!”

Of course, these women were only maids and servants. The n.o.ble ladies wouldn’t have worded it so explicitly.

Everyone seemed to know how fearless Chaoge was. When she came out with the sword, those people scattered immediately.

“Stop! Stop right there! I’m going to kill you!” Duan Chaoge stomped her foot.


Feng Wu saw this from behind a tree and laughed loudly.

“Who’s there?!” Chaoge looked in her direction.

She was excited to see Feng Wu at first, but when Feng Wu wanted to run to her side, Chaoge snorted, threw the sword over her shoulder, and stormed off.

Shocked, Feng Wu ran after her.

Chaoge only picked up speed.

Feng Wu grabbed her sleeve and said, “Duan Chaoge, what are you doing?”

Chaoge brushed her hand off and walked even faster.

Feng Wu didn’t say anything.

It seemed that Chaoge was really angry.

And she had every reason to be.

To finish the ninth trial, Feng Wu had been staying with Jun Linyuan the whole time and hadn’t seen Chaoge even once. Even if she did see her, she had to follow Jun Linyuan when he walked away.

Feng Wu didn’t like how Jun Linyuan acted.

And she understood why Chaoge was angry at her.

However, Chaoge still cared about her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have defended her.

At that thought, Feng Wu smiled and quickly followed her. “Hey, Chaoge, are you really mad at me?”

Chaoge didn’t answer.

Feng Wu quietly tied their sleeves together.

When Chaoge tried to throw her off again, she saw that their sleeves had been tied together, and was frustrated.

Glaring at Feng Wu, she wanted to cut off her sleeve.

Feng Wu said, “Do that and we won’t be friends anymore!”

Hearing that, Chaoge glared at Feng Wu and grunted.

Feng Wu smiled. She knew that Chaoge wasn’t really angry. She was only being grumpy.

“I had a hard time as well.” Feng Wu tried to explain to Chaoge. “You know, I don’t like Jun Linyuan…”

“You don’t?” Chaoge smirked. “Then why were you following him around and staying with him? You didn’t even come back here!”

She poked Feng Wu’s forehead. “You’re a decent girl! Do you want to ruin your reputation?”


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