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Chapter 2173: Unt.i.tled

Jun Linyuan looked into Feng Wu’s eyes and poked her head. “You lazy b.u.t.t. Why didn’t you want to run around before?”

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan. “Who are you calling a lazy b.u.t.t?”

Jun Linyuan found her amusing. “Aren’t I right? You hardly ever left the carriage.”

Feng Wu wanted to smack Jun Linyuan on the head.

Why did he think that happened? He had been cultivating in the carriage all the time. With the ninth trial still running, where could she possibly go?

But she couldn’t tell him that.

Jun Linyuan looked at the pouting girl and was pleased. “You’ve been following me everywhere. Anyone would think that you really are my maid.”

Just then, the carriage stopped moving.

Feng Wu stuck out her head and saw that they had reached a clearing that was suitable to make camp.

Emperor Wu seemed to have noticed that the journey was getting dangerous, and wanted to slow down.

Feng Wu didn’t care about that. She immediately started packing.

She had acc.u.mulated quite a few things here, since she had lived with Jun Linyuan for many days.

The crown prince was surprised when he saw the girl start putting things into a bundle. “What are you doing?”

Feng Wu tied up the bundle, threw it over her shoulder, and raised her chin. She waved goodbye at Jun Linyuan and walked away without looking back at him.

The crown prince was shocked.

Was she really leaving?

Jun Linyuan shook his head. No, she had done this before, but she always ran back to him before she took ten steps. Therefore, he decided that she wouldn’t leave him.

At that thought, he went on reading his book and didn’t try to stop her.

Five, four, three, two, one!

She must have returned!

But when he looked up, Feng Wu was nowhere to be seen!

He was usually a calm man, but he was shocked.

“Wow, Boss Jun, I saw little Feng Wu run away with a bundle. Did you have a fight?”

Feng Xun came to Jun Linyuan as soon as he got off his horse.

No matter how hard Feng Wu tried to mimic Jun Linyuan, she still wasn’t him, and people would notice the difference.

Feng Xun thought that “Boss Jun” had been much more friendly recently and wasn’t as easily offended.

Therefore, he took every chance to strike up a conversation.

But today…

As soon as he stepped into the tent, he realized that something had changed.

That serious and strict Boss Jun was back.

As expected, the first thing Jun Linyuan said was —

“Feng Xun, do you want to get your a.s.s kicked?”

Feng Xun cleared his throat and dashed off. “I’ll go find us some fruit!”

While Feng Xun fled from Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu went back to her own tent.

People had already started gossiping.

“Look, Feng Wu has moved out of His Royal Highness’s tent.”

“That should teach you a lesson. Don’t be a second Feng Wu.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Feng clan doesn’t know how to properly bring up their children. That girl has been following His Royal Highness around without permission. That’ll only ruin her reputation!”


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