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Chapter 2081: Unt.i.tled

However, Ranmil said decisively, “If I can’t marry Jun Linyuan, I’d rather die! Go, now!”

No matter what Qingcao said, Ranmil wouldn’t change her mind.

Finally, Qingcao had no choice but to take the letter.

“Princess, there’s no turning back when I leave with this letter…”

“Just go!” said Ranmil coldly.

Qingcao was filled with despair, but since her princess had made up her mind, she had to follow her order.

She took a breath and stepped out of the door.

“Come back!” Ranmil suddenly said.

Qingcao was delighted and quickly ran back to her.

While she thought that her princess was going to change her mind, Ranmil only took back the letter, unfolded it, and put a red leaf inside.

“It’s a red-heart leaf. Make sure that His Royal Highness gets it,” Ranmil stressed.

Qingcao didn’t let her emotions show and only said, “Yes.”

Outside Jun Linyuan’s tent.

Baiye was on duty tonight, so she couldn’t leave.

However, when she saw Qingcao again, she almost walked away.

“Baiye —” Qingcao smiled.

“Go away —” Baiye gestured at her to go away.

Qingcao walked up to her with a smile. “Don’t worry. I won’t trouble you.”

But Baiye didn’t believe her. “You should go away. Otherwise, I’ll have you removed.”

Qingcao smiled. “You’ll be in trouble if you disturb the crown prince.”

Baiye said, “You!”

Qingcao smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell Granny Gong that you took a lot of money from me and told me information about His Royal Highness.”

“You!!!” Baiye glared at Qingcao.

Qingcao smiled.

Baiye lowered her voice. “Are you threatening me?”

Qingcao said, “Sister Baiye, I’m only asking you for a little favor. It won’t cost you anything, nor will it threaten your safety.”

“What on earth do you want?!” Baiye grew impatient.

Qingcao laughed inwardly.

She said, “You said it yourself just now. His Royal Highness was intrigued and only said no because Miss Feng Wu stopped him. So —”

Qingcao took the letter out of her sleeve. “Just take this letter to His Royal Highness.”

Baiye wanted to say something, but Qingcao went on. “What His Royal Highness wants to do after that will be his choice, and you’ll be off the hook.”

Baiye took the letter and hesitated.

Although the crown prince usually stayed out of household affairs, he wouldn’t allow such things.

Qingcao said, “If I’m guessing correctly, in five minutes, you’ll change s.h.i.+fts with Xiangcao, right?”

She was trying to hurry her up.

Baiye gritted her teeth. “I just need to give His Royal Highness this letter and nothing more?”

Qingcao said, “Yes.”

Baiye said, “Do you mean it?”

Qingcao said, “Of course.”

Baiye couldn’t run into the tent just like this. If the crown prince was offended, she might be killed.


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