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Chapter 1906: Unt.i.tled

Then there was the seventh prince, and Jun Linyuan was angry at her for no reason…

Feng Wu felt that she had just had the most unlucky day.

Everyone was turning against her when she didn’t do anything.

“I’m fine.” Feng Wu barely had any strength left to speak. She felt drained both mentally and physically.

Feng Xun patted her on the shoulder.

A short distance away, Feng Liu and Dugu Yamo were whispering together. “She must have gotten scared when she heard that Qingluan is coming back.”

Feng Liu said, “Of course she’s scared. When Sister Qingluan comes back, she’ll be nothing.”

“Ha, she can’t be arrogant for long.”

“I hope Sister Qingluan comes back soon.”

Feng Xun wanted to smack them.

But the whispers disappeared as soon as he turned around.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

“Talk about Xiao Wu behind her back again and I’ll use my Purple Sun Sword on you!”

Feng Xun then struck at a statue in front of him.

The statue was sliced into half and fell apart.

Feng Liu was speechless.

So was Dugu Yamo.

They lowered their heads and ground their teeth, but didn’t dare utter another word.

“Hmph!” Feng Xun snorted.

What a bunch of bullies.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to see them.” Feng Xun was going to take Feng Wu away, but at that moment —

Crunch —

The open door of the hall made a strange sound.

Everyone turned their heads involuntarily.

The bronze door closed at a tremendous speed.


Feng Xun tried to make a run for it with Feng Wu, but he was too late.


The door slammed shut when he was almost at the doorway.

It nearly caught his Purple Sun Sword.

“What’s going on?” Feng Xun jabbed the door with his sword in frustration.

It might look like a normal bronze door, but when Feng Xun poked his sword at it, he finally realized how solid it was.

“Why did it close so suddenly? Did someone trigger it?” Feng Wu frowned.

“Look at that statue’s face! It wasn’t smiling like that, was it?” the second prince cried out.

Immediately, everyone looked at the statue that had been sliced into half by Feng Xun.

It was true…

It had been a statue of a monk with closed eyes and a serious look on its face, but now… Its eyes were still closed, but there was a strange smile on its face.


“That smile is so creepy.”

“He looks so satisfied.”

“What a cunning smile!”

Everyone read the smile differently, but one thing was for sure: The statue of the monk no longer looked kind at all.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel that the light has gone dark?”

“You’re not alone! I feel that it’s getting darker, too!”

“Hey, do you feel that the temperature is dropping?”

“It’s not just that… The coldness is seeping into my bones.”

“I feel a chill going down my spine…”

“My legs are going to give way…”

“Oh G.o.d. What’s happening? What have we run into?”

A lot of people gave Feng Xun accusing looks; if he hadn’t damaged the statue, they wouldn’t be trapped here.


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