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Chapter 1818: Face-slapping, Act Seven (3)

Zuo Qingxian raised a hand.

“Argh!” Feng Liu cried out.

The next second, Zuo Qingxian’s fingers were around her thin, fair neck!

“Hm —”

Feng Liu was pushed against the wall and lifted off the ground.

“Young Master Zuo!”

Both Feng Yiran and Feng Sang were astonished!

To Zuo Qingxian, they were no more than two petty ants. He couldn’t be bothered to look at them, let alone show them respect!

Feng Liu was the first to react.

“Young Master Zuo, am I incriminated because I’m related to Feng Wu? I’m innocent!” Feng Liu yelled loudly.

“Although Feng Wu is my cousin, everyone knows how much we hate each other!

“We didn’t get along when we were little, and we can’t stand each other now. We try to set each other up all the time. She’s not my family. She’s an enemy!”

As she yelled, she felt Zuo Qingxian’s grip on her neck loosen a little.

An idea suddenly hit Feng Liu.

She yelled, “There’s no love lost between Feng Wu and me! To tell you the truth, I’ve been jealous of her since we were very little! I’m jealous of her talent, her beauty, and how much my family values her!”

Feng Liu was willing to say anything to keep herself alive!

“Young Master Zuo, please listen to me. She and I were born only months apart. Why was she treated like the star in the sky while I was considered no more than a weed? I won’t accept it! I’m so jealous! I wish she were dead!”

Zuo Qingxian frowned and studied Feng Liu. He then let go of her and stepped back.

But Feng Liu was too excited to stop talking.

“Therefore, when Feng Wu lost her cultivation ability and became a good-for-nothing, I was over the moon! I was so happy that I almost lost it! I really wanted to take that great opportunity and kill her!

“Unfortunately, Feng Wu was too smart. She fled to Northern Border City after things went south for her, and I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way out there to kill her. Plus, I thought she would die there eventually.

“But Feng Wu was good. Not only did she survive in Northern Border City, she flourished. I wanted to kill her on the spot when I saw her again.

“Actually, that was what I tried to do. On our way back to the imperial capital, my brother and I kept trying to kill her, but she was just so lucky. Moreover, Feng Xun was helping her all the time, and our attempts were all rendered futile. Isn’t that right, brother?”

Fearing that the others wouldn’t believe her, Feng Liu turned to Feng Yiran for confirmation.

Behind them in the hall’s inner s.p.a.ce…

Feng Wu held the Spiritual Fossil Stone and recorded every single move they took and everything they said.

She wondered how much trouble this video would stir up when she released it to the public one day.

“Well, just how many enemies do you have?” The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu and laughed at her.

The look on Feng Wu’s face remained as cold and indifferent as ever.

“Aren’t you angry with all those who hate you? Don’t you feel sad?” the white fairy asked curiously.

“Angry? Sad?” Feng Wu glanced at the white fairy with her calm eyes and told her, “You have too much imagination.”


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