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Chapter 1802: Face-slapping, Act Four (2)

The second prince and Jun Wuxia were very close. Hence, he was infuriated to see Jun Wuxia like this.

He couldn’t believe that someone would try to kill the princess of the empire!

“I’ll go after them!”

Putting down Jun Wuxia, Zuo Qingxian dashed off after Feng Wu.

“Run! Faster! That Zuo Qingxian will catch up with you in less than ten seconds!” The white fairy almost burst into a cold sweat.

With a serious look in her eyes, Feng Wu remained silent as she ran at top speed.

“If he catches you… He’s a Spiritual Lord, and there’s no way you can defeat him,” said the white fairy.

“He’s going to see Zuo Qingyu’s body.” Feng Wu didn’t lose her head, and her voice remained very calm.

The white fairy was confused.

Feng Wu added, “Zuo Qingxian and Zuo Qingyu are siblings.”

“I see —” The white fairy now understood. “That’s why you left Zuo Qingyu’s body out in the open. You’re trying to mess with his head.”

The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu.

Even in a critical moment like this, she was calm enough to set a trap first. The fact that she was able to remain calm in such a desperate situation was worthy of respect.

The white fairy remembered the way her father used to look at her in resignation and say, “My dear daughter, if you can keep calm when you’re cornered, I’ll let you inherit the throne no matter what.”

The white fairy smiled bitterly and wondered if she really wasn’t as smart as a mere Spiritual Elder girl.

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingxian —

He looked up and saw a figure wearing dark red clothes disappear around a corner.

He was confident that in another three seconds, he would be able to catch the person!

At that critical moment —


Something heavy fell off the roof.

Zuo Qingxian immediately smacked the thing away.

He smirked. “If you think such a little trick can affect me —”

But he froze before he could finish the sentence.

Because he saw the face of the body.

Although his smack had mangled the body, her face was still recognizable.

“Qingyu? Qingyu!!!”

Seeing the face of the body that had just fallen to the ground, Zuo Qingxian paled and froze on the spot.

He ran up to the body, sat it up, and studied its face.

It really was Zuo Qingyu!

He then put a finger under Zuo Qingyu’s nose and was dumbfounded!

She was dead…

He had just killed her own sister!

No, it wasn’t him…

Zuo Qingxian checked Zuo Qingyu’s body carefully and saw the b.l.o.o.d.y hole on the back of her head. She had died from blood loss.

Who did it?

“Who did this?! Who killed Qingyu?!”

Holding Zuo Qingyu’s dead body, Zuo Qingxian bellowed, his voice resounding in the empty hall.

But the only reply he heard was his own echo.

Meanwhile, the second prince had arrived with Jun Wuxia in his arms.

The prince frowned when he saw Zuo Qingyu’s dead body. “What happened?”

Zuo Qingxian’s face was covered with tears when he looked up, and his eyes were filled with rage. “Someone killed Qingyu, my sister! d.a.m.n it!”

The second prince’s face darkened as well.

Because Jun Wuxia had been severely injured.

“The same person must have killed Zuo Qingyu and injured my sister.” After checking their wounds, the second prince reached a conclusion. “That person killed Zuo Qingyu first. The fact that they killed her with one strike means that the person is a very capable cultivator.”


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