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Chapter 156: Hurry And Run! ! !

“Wolf! That’s the howl of a wolf!” Qiu Ling looked at the cultivating Feng Wu, and also looked at Uncle Qiu. “Uncle Qiu, what should we do? Can you kill this wolf?”

“This wolf?” Uncle Qiu smiled bitterly. “This is the Black Luminary Wolf pack’s wolf king. Once the wolf king howls, how can there only be one? I’m afraid that within a few minutes, there will be thousands upon thousands of wolves charging over here! Nanny Zhao, Qiu Ling, you guys return to your carriages and sit tight. We’ll immediately increase our speed now!”

Originally, Nanny Zhao was rus.h.i.+ng towards the two carriages at the back. However, how could she run faster than Black Luminary Wolves while carrying such heavy luggages?

Nanny Zhao and Qiu Ling were both well trained, as they rapidly jumped onto Uncle Qiu’s horse carriage. During the split second just as they rushed up, the whip in Uncle Qiu’s hand streaked across the sky in an arc and with a ‘crack’, it struck the horse’s back.

The inherently strong and vigorous horse’s hooves instantly soared to the extreme!

However, because the speed was very quick, the shaking inside the carriage was a bit more severe than previously.

Seeing Beautiful Mother’s deer like limpid and innocent eyes, Nanny Zhao’s heart ached as she held the other’s hands tightly to comfort her. “Second Madam, it’s alright. It’ll be alright for sure……”

However, Nanny Zhao’s consolations didn’t affect her at all, because——

Qiu Ling lifted the carriage’s curtain open. Because the sky wasn’t completely dark yet, she clearly saw all of the Black Luminary Wolves converging. Each of them were plump and strong, with s.h.i.+ny fur, like fiends and devils, murderous-looking!

They charged down from the hilltop with a kind of extremely aggressive and tyrannical posture.

Their four limbs stamped on the ground, as if they stepped on the pit of Qiu Ling’s stomach!

She became so frightened her complexion turned pale and her figure stiffened.

Uncle Qiu also became aware that there’s something wrong with the situation as he shouted at Nanny Zhao at one. “I’m handing over the carriage to you. Take everybody and escape away!”

After he spoke, Uncle Qiu threw the whip in his hand to Nanny Zhao as he somersaulted once to meet head-on with the king of the Black Luminary Wolves!

Nanny Zhao and Qiu Ling’s tears emerged from within their bones and rolled down. So many, so many black wolves, densely packed and filled their vision, each and every one dark and oppressive. How could Uncle Qiu defeat them? Once he’d gone, he’d undoubtedly die this time for sure!

However, Nanny Zhao didn’t have much time to think. The Fifth Lady and Second Madam’s lives were in her hands!


Nanny Zhao fiercely swung the whip!

For so many years, Nanny Zhao had been able stay by Second Madam’s side and protected her, so it’s not that she wasn’t strong.

However, no matter how much Nanny Zhao swung her whip, no matter how she whipped, the two horses in front of her still stared dumbly in the distance and remained motionless, their entire bodies as rigid as stone.

Qiu Ling shouted. “Not good! The horses have been frightened by the pack of wolves and are simply unable to move! That won’t do. We need to get off this carriage!”

However, at this moment, there’s no longer enough time to get off the carriage.

Due to the terrain, currently Feng Wu’s group were at the very center of the canyon, while the Black Luminary Wolves were coming down from higher elevations. They were surrounded from all directions, therefore——

Qiu Ling discovered that they’re caught without a path of retreat!

“What’s to be done? ! These Black Luminary Wolves will arrive soon! We’ll be eaten alive without even bones leftover, right?” Qiu Ling was both afraid and unreconciled!

“I don’t regret dying, however, it was with great difficulty that my lady’s able to cultivate once more, yet she’s going to die like this……even if I become a ghost, I won’t forgive those two people!” Qiu Ling knew that these Black Luminary Wolves wouldn’t come charging over here for no reason. It must’ve been something done by those two people.

While she was talking, the Black Luminary Wolves already charged to the front of the carriage!

Uncle Qiu turned his head around to look and immediately became worried!

He quickly returned to help, however, there were truly too many, too many Black Luminary Wolves gathered around him.

These Black Luminary Wolves were able to tell that this uncle was the strongest member among the people in this procession.

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