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Chapter 1547: That’s Awkward (4)


What Granny Gong had considered a done deal took an unexpected turn.

“Miss Wu, why is that?” Granny Gong frowned.

“His Royal Highness is 10% angry.”

Feng Wu heard the voice in her head before she said anything, and she was thrilled.

Good. Jun Linyuan had heard her, and as expected, he was angry.

“Because —” Tilting her head, Feng Wu tried to come up with a reason. “His Royal Highness is mad at me at the moment, and if he knows that I’m the cook, he’ll only get more upset, won’t he? That’s why I can’t do it.”

She tried to sense the change in Jun Linyuan’s mood as she spoke.

However, he didn’t react to her excuse at all, which made her even more conflicted.

“I don’t buy it.” Staring at Feng Wu, Granny Gong said, “Miss Wu, I’m going to need something more convincing than that.”

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was trying to figure out what could trigger Jun Linyuan’s anger, so she immediately came up with another excuse. “Well… what if I say that I just don’t want to cook?”

“Why?” Granny Gong frowned. “Is it because it’s so exhausting?”

Feng Wu said, “Well, not really. I just… don’t want to cook for His Royal Highness anymore.”

“Jun Linyuan is 20% angry.”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

She seemed to have faintly detected something, but she couldn’t exactly pick out what.

Granny Gong frowned even harder. “Miss Wu, you’re joking, right?”

She shot a warning glance at Feng Wu as she spoke.

The walls were very thin here, and the crown prince was in the room right next door. Therefore, he could hear everything Feng Wu said.

But what she didn’t know was that Feng Wu wanted Jun Linyuan to hear her.

“Ahem, Granny Gong, I’m serious.” Feng Wu smiled bitterly. “I really don’t want to cook for His Royal Highness anymore.”

“Why?” Granny Gong wouldn’t let it drop.

“Because —” Feng Wu racked her brain, trying to find an excuse. “Because… because it’s too much work. Granny Gong, you of all people should know what I mean. To make a meal delicious, I need to activate a formation every single time, which consumes a lot of energy. I fear I’ll be drained of spiritual essence if I keep doing it.”

Feng Wu smiled bitterly as she tried to sense Jun Linyuan’s reaction.

With her blatant refusal, she was confident that Jun Linyuan would be even angrier now.

But to her surprise —

“Jun Linyuan is 5% angry.

“Jun Linyuan is 1% angry.

“Jun Linyuan is no longer angry.”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

What the heck?!

While Jun Linyuan was no longer angry, Feng Wu almost jumped to her feet in frustration.

She had refused to cook for Jun Linyuan, but why did he stop feeling angry so quickly?

How unpredictable could Jun Linyuan be? There was no way to tell what could set him off.

What should she do?

“Miss Wu? Miss Wu?” Seeing that Feng Wu was lost in thought, Granny Gong called out to her.

Just then, Feng opened the door and walked out of the tent.

He smiled very kindly at Feng Wu.

“If Miss Wu doesn’t want to do it, she won’t have to. From now on, you can choose what to do freely, and no one can force you.” Feng smiled when he told Feng Wu, “That was what His Royal Highness said, word for word.”


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