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Chapter 57: Solo Battle Against Zhou Diaoyu

The broadsword was pitch black. No one knew what strange material was used to create the sword.

Such a broadsword was more commonly used by western region people and very few eastern people used it.

And it demanded a lot of the user’s wrist strength.

“Don’t b.u.t.t in, leave it to me.” Lin Xiu looked at Xu Wen and the others as he spoke up.

He jumped down from the android wolf at the same time.

The man’s aura was dangerous and he could tell that Zhou Diaoyu had killed many people before. To have a bounty of 200,000 union coins proved his strength.

But Lin Xiu was not afraid and even slightly excited.

As long as I kill this man, I can gain a lot of experience and increase my level to level 15!!!

Upon thinking about this, the spear in his hand started to tremble and produced a resonating sound.

“Lin Xiu! He isn’t any simple character, don’t try to be brave!” Xu Wen glared at him sternly and reprimanded.

Although Lin Xiu was powerful, the disparity between a rank 1 and rank 3 warrior was too large. It could even be said that it was impossible!

Although Li Yi and the others were afraid, they stood in place gritting their teeth.

It was not the style of the federal soldiers to back down just to survive!

And Lin Xiu was their comrade. Even if it was a fight between life and death, they could not abandon their comrade and run away!

“Interesting, I like how hypocritical you federal soldiers are.” Zhou Diaoyu’s eyes changed when he unveiled his broadsword and was like a completely different person, from being indifferent to a vicious man.

“Relax, he is not my opponent.” Lin Xiu shook his head.

“Hahaha.” Zhou Diaoyu could not help but laugh out loud when he heard Lin Xiu’s word, as though he had heard the biggest joke in the world.

“Let me see how strong you are. Even if you are close to a rank 2 warrior, aren’t you afraid that your tongue might fall off from such words!?” At this point, Zhou Diaoyu’s eyes became sinister.

Without waiting for Lin Xiu to take action, he raised his broadsword and charged over!

Fast, he was extremely fast!

Even Shadow could not compete with him.

Lin Xiu’s pupils constricted when he saw Zhou Diaoyu’s movements and shouted to Xu Wen and the others, “You guys, get back!”

Before his voice could dissipate, Zhou Diaoyu had slashed down on Lin Xiu!

How could he be so fast?!


Following the vacuum sound, Lin Xiu subconsciously dodged to the right.

The cloth on his shoulder was hooked and got ripped open.

Lin Xiu immediately felt a hint of fear. In theory, the black broadsword’s weight was definitely not light. But why was Zhou Diaoyu capable of lifting it on a whim?!

And he was even wielding it single-handedly. Who knew how strong his wrists were?!

“Interesting.” Zhou Diaoyu laughed sinisterly when he saw that his strike missed. Following that, he swung his broadsword and charged at Lin Xiu once again.

His offense was extremely tight and prevented Lin Xiu from counterattacking, leaving him to dodge continuously.

Zhou Diaoyu’s countless smashes formed many potholes in the ground and made the entire place uneven.

“Are we not going to help…?” Li Yi could not help but ask.

The other soldiers held their weapons tightly and looked towards Xu Wen.

Xu Wen chuckled bitterly and asked, “You think we can join such a battle?”

His hands were clenched extremely tight as well.

Lin Xiu’s growth was extremely fast. He thought that he was the strongest having been promoted to a rank 2 warrior, but who could have thought that Lin Xiu could contend and engage against a rank 3 warrior as a rank 1?

Although he looked to be at a disadvantage, to be able to resist a rank 3 warrior and not get killed by dodging his attacks was a type of strength as well!

Zhou Diaoyu frowned at this moment. Lin Xiu was clearly a rank 1 warrior with strength close to a rank 2, how could all of his attacks barely hit him?!

d.a.m.n it!

Zhou Diaoyu clenched his teeth and became even more berserk with his attacks.

When one of Zhou Daioyu’s attacks missed him, Lin Xiu grasped the opportunity, raised his spear, and launched a counterattack!

“Torrential storm of rose flowers!!!”

The spear moved like a silver snake and thrust forward while forming a few shadows.

Cold lights flashed, but they were caught by something!

“Insignificant skill!”

Zhou Diaoyu snorted as he held his broadsword and blocked Lin Xiu’s Torrential storm of rose flowers perfectly!

Clang clang clang-

A series of metal collision sounds rang out as the speartip struck the broadsword without posing a threat to Zhou Diaoyu!

“If you can gain enlightenment on producing 10 spears or above in a second, you might be able to hurt me. What a pity!”

Zhou Diaoyu snorted and just as Lin Xiu was about to thrust his spear forward again, he imbued his broadsword with source strength.

He struck forward and Lin Xiu was forced backwards into the sky like a kite with a broken string!

“Let me show you what real skill is !”

Zhou Diaoyu did not stop when he saw Lin Xiu being flung outwards. He roared out loud and summoned more source strength into his broadsword.

“Silver skill – Slash of the Sacred Crescent Light!!!”

At this moment, he had unleashed the skill with both hands on the broadsword. The black broadsword surface started to emit a large amount of light aura.

A powerful energy undulation seemed to distort the air around him.

Xu Wen could not help but inhale a breath of cold air when he saw it.

That is the might of a skill unleashed by a rank 3 warrior?! It’s too terrifying…

Li Yi and the others felt their legs go numb.

Lin Xiu was just about to stabilize himself when he saw Zhou Diaoyu and his pupils could not help but constrict.

Danger, immense danger!

“Go and die!!!” Zhou Diaoyu had finished summoning his power and roared once again as he performed a slash in the air towards Lin Xiu!


The light aura on the broadsword suddenly transformed into a crescent blade and soared towards Lin Xiu at extremely high speed!

All of the steel pillars that were in the way were instantly cut into 2!

The power of the skill was not something Lin Xiu could resist even with a weapon!

“Go and die!” Zhou Diaoyu roared in his heart as the crescent blade arrived in front of Lin Xiu.


A loud sound rang out while a large number of dust particles filled the air.


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