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Chapter 49: a.s.sa.s.sination

“You boy… You’re too perverted…”

Under the moonlight, Xu Wen and Lin Xiu practiced together for a long time. Soon after, Xu Wen began to pant and put the saber on the ground.

He then looked at Lin Xiu who looked like he didn’t know what tiredness was and was still brandis.h.i.+ng his long spear.

Xu Wen knew that Lin Xiu’s long spear weighed much heavier than his saber.

“I want to continue practicing, you guys can rest first. I will keep watch.” Lin Xiu smiled, then continued to brandish his spear.

Although he was a little tired, he still kept practicing the fundamental spear arts.

Lin Xiu had traveled to this future world and even had a system in his body, but he still felt very insecure.

Especially since he had so many images of being bullied in the past in this body which made him want to become stronger.

Strength was everything.

“En, I’ll rest for a while, call me up when you want to rest later.” Xu Wen nodded, seemingly tired.

While Lin Xiu continued to brandish his long spear, the figure in the distance began to slowly get closer to him.

Swish swish swish——

His speed was so fast that the wind made whistling sounds as he charged in the direction of Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu, who was still brandis.h.i.+ng his long spear, perked up his ears and seemed to hear a strange sound.

Lin Xiu’s ears were very sensitive. Initially he was brandis.h.i.+ng his spear, but he sensed something at this moment and instinctively bent backwards 90 degrees.


A sound reverberated through the air, and Lin Xiu felt a handful of his hair being cut off.

That blow was similar to Xu Wen’s “Rending Slash” skill.

The one who attacked him must be a warrior and must have observed him for a long time. The attacker was waiting for him to get tired from training to give him a fatal blow.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Xiu suddenly got up and saw a cold blade appear in front of his face.

Lin Xiu reacted swiftly with his long spear, the tip of the silver spear immediately blocked that cold blade.


“Oh?” The man in black raised his brows and seemed a little surprised by Lin Xiu’s reaction.

“Who are you!?” Lin Xiu used force in his arm and sent the attacker flying.

The man rolled backward and directly stabilized himself. Under the moonlight, one could clearly see that he had two curved daggers in both hands, giving off a sinister aura.

“Someone who wants your life.” The man stuck out his tongue and licked the dagger in his hand, then said in a gloomy voice.

He looked a little thin, but Lin Xiu sensed the strong power from his body.

Rank 2 warrior? No, he could be a rank 3 warrior!

His eyes were full of murderous intent, and it was clear that he wanted to kill Lin Xiu!!!

“Who’s that!?” Xu Wen, who was resting, suddenly opened his eyes. He then looked at the man in black in shock.

“It’s none of your business.” The man sneered coldly, then swerved the dagger in his hand.

The two air blades were released in an instant and hit Xu Wen’s side directly at high speed.

Xu Wen was startled, then he pulled out his own saber to block the attack.

“You know “Rending Slash” too!?” Xu Wen was surprised when he saw those two nicks appearing on top of the saber he used to block.

His own saber was made of special metal, and his skill could actually leave a nick on it.

‘How powerful is this skill?’

Xu Wen didn’t know, but he was certain that this man was stronger than him.

At least a rank 2 warrior.

“Quickly leave, he’s only here for me.” Lin Xiu looked at the soldiers who were slowly waking up and hurriedly told them.

It was clear that he was only targeting Lin Xiu from the intention to kill the attacker revealed just now.

Also, together with what happened earlier, it was likely to be someone from the Tang Family.

“Are you from the Tang Family?” Lin Xiu suddenly asked as he looked over.

Sure enough, at the mention of the Tang Family, his gaze changed instantly. Although it was only a small change, Lin Xiu still caught it.

It seemed like his guess was right.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The man sneered coldly, then continued to charge over like a demon.

He was so fast that Lin Xiu could only see a shadow.

“Kill him!” Xu Wen exclaimed.

The rest of the soldiers didn’t leave either, and they all attacked the figure over there.

“Courting death!” Looking at the soldiers who were blocking in front, his body spun instantly and the dagger in his hand left silver traces in the air.

“Silver skill – ‘Extreme Spiral’!”

Dang dang dang——

Xu Wen and the others were shocked. The man in black spun as he charged over at high speed, and the weapons in their hands were struck by the silver traces. They immediately felt a strong impact as their weapons all flew out of their hands.

“Don’t come here, all of you!” Lin Xiu was touched when he saw that Xu Wen and the others were helping him fight off the man in black, but they were not a match for the man in black. If they came over, they would be throwing away their lives in vain.

As soon as Lin Xiu said that, he ran to the other side.

The man’s eyes narrowed when he saw this scene. He ignored Xu Wen and the rest, and quickly charged at Lin Xiu.

Soon, the two men disappeared into the night.

“Who the h.e.l.l was that?” Xu Wen looked at the man chasing after Lin Xiu and frowned.

But it was clear that that person was strong.

Lin Xiu might be in great trouble this time.

“Xu Wen, what do we do now?” A soldier looked in the direction where Lin Xiu disappeared and asked Xu Wen.

“Of course we have to save Lin Xiu. How dare that man attack someone from our Xing Yao army? He’s really bold,” Li Yi said to the soldiers as he picked up the saber and placed it on his shoulder.

Xu Wen nodded, picked up his weapon, and rushed out with the others.

“You think you can flee?” Just as Lin Xiu covered some distance, the man in black immediately appeared in front of him and sneered coldly.

He was still holding the two daggers that exuded a cold aura as he looked at Lin Xiu like he was looking at a dead man.


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