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Chapter 345: Luo Yue Becoming Stronger

That’s right! Luo Yue’s strength, indeed, was about to become stronger!

Lin Xiu was surprised and joined the battle with his spear!

This man has become more aggressive with his attacks due to the death of his companion, but at this time, as Lin Xiu joined the battle, not only did he have no advantage over the man, but he was in a disadvantageous position.

Luo Yue and Lin Xiu worked very well together, swinging their weapons wildly and attacking the man!

Dang dang dang——

Metals kept colliding and the man’s eyes were full of shock.

Because he felt that he seemed to have no power of resisting with Luo Yue and Lin Xiu attacking at the same time!


Luo Yue’s sharp sword went across his body and cut the back of his hand. Fresh blood flowed out in an instant.

“[Divine stab]!!!” This man was completely panicking at this time, he knew that if this went on, he would definitely be killed by Lin Xiu and Luo Yue.

He didn’t hesitate further and used his powerful skill directly. He must kill Luo Yue first!

Seeing this scene, the look in Lin Xiu’s eyes changed drastically, because he clearly felt that the long sword in the man’s hand had gathered a lot of source strength in it.

The man’s sword swung across the air and stabbed towards Luo Yue at an unbelievable speed!

“Go to h.e.l.l!!!” He roared.

The long sword was like a cold light and was about to pierce Luo Yue’s body!


But at this moment, there was a dull sound.

His eyes widened.


That’s right!

At this critical moment, Luo Yue actually unfolded Sphere directly!

His sword that pierced with a powerful force was stuck in the ‘Sphere’ and there was no way of reaching Luo Yue’s body!


At this moment, Lin Xiu had already stabbed towards the man’s body with his spear!

Although this man was shocked by the sudden increase in Luo Yue’s strength that she was able to unfold the ‘Sphere’ under such circ.u.mstances, he still reacted quickly when he saw Lin Xiu attacking him from behind.

He wanted to pull his sword out of Luo Yue’s ‘Sphere’.

But at this time, he discovered that no matter how hard he tried, it seemed that this long sword was stuck in Luo Yue’s ‘Sphere’ and there was no way of pulling it out!

The tip of Lin Xiu’s Dark Edge spear was about to stab him in the body. His expression changed drastically and then he gave up on pulling out the long sword and dodged directly to the other side.

His speed was very fast and Lin Xiu’s attack has failed.


At this moment, Luo Yue’s ‘Sphere’ disappeared and the man’s sword fell to the ground.

“You seemed to have become much stronger ah…” Lin Xiu said to Luo Yue with a little surprise.

Luo Yue nodded when hearing Lin Xiu’s words and then said, “It just absorbed the residual energy of the ice lotus fire and recovered a little from the previous injury.”

Hearing Luo Yue’s words, Lin Xiu couldn’t help feeling a little bit regretful. If Luo Yue was in her heyday, she should be a rank 7 warrior, right?

It was rarely seen for someone her age reaching the level of a rank 7 warrior.

Lin Xiu also felt pressured at this time, his current strength… was still too weak!

“Kill him.” Just when Lin Xiu was slightly stunned, Luo Yue said coldly.

At this time, he looked ahead and saw the man just now. He has now leaped to the opposite side and was looking at Lin Xiu and Luo Yue with eyes full of hatred.

He never thought that Luo Yue’s strength not only did not weaken because of the battle, but became stronger instead.

Although Lin Xiu was a rank 5 warrior, his combat ability was strong. The Dark Edge spear in his hand was made of some sort of strong metal and was extremely sharp.

What was he going to do!?

Now his forehead has begun to break out in cold sweat and he had no weapons in his hand, it was very unfavorable for him to continue fighting.

But if he leaves now, he couldn’t live with the defeat, he wants revenge!!!

“Hahaha, what? You can’t fight anymore?” Just when Lin Xiu and Luo Yue were about to continue to rush to the front and attack the man, they heard a voice.

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Xiu’s eyes widened. In a blink of an eye, he saw that on the other side, there was a battered and exhausted-looking middle-aged man.

This man, surprisingly, was the middle-aged man who had just fought Lin Xiu and was knocked out by Lin Xiu!

Lin Xiu did not expect that he wasn’t dead!

“You’re not dead!?” Lin Xiu was shocked. With his attack just now, even if this chap wasn’t dead, he couldn’t have walked back in this current state.

There was mud on his body and a lot of scratches on his face. He looked very battered, but he seemed to still have the drive and his muscles seemed to have swelled up.

“Oh? You weren’t killed by that kid?” The man saw the middle-aged man approaching and said coldly.

“Humph!” Hearing his words, the middle-aged man sneered, and with a wave of his right hand, he threw something towards him.

The man was taken aback, but still caught what he threw over.

“This is…” Seeing the small test tube in his hand with a light blue liquid in it, the man’s eyes suddenly changed.

“Do you think you still have a choice now?” The middle-aged man said icily.

As he spoke, Luo Yue and Lin Xiu had already rushed forward!

Lin Xiu saw the tube of liquid that the middle-aged man threw to another man just now and the look on his face changed slightly.

Now he knew why this middle-aged man could get up after being attacked by such a powerful skill.

He drank the… Forbidden Medicine!!!

“Get lost!!!” Seeing Lin Xiu stabbing with the Dark Edge spear, the middle-aged man’s eyes were full of hatred and he threw a punch directly at the Dark Edge spear!


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