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Chapter 303: A Mysterious Man

Lin Xiu looked at Su Xie at this time and the expression on his face changed drastically.

The strength of this man was really terrifying. Based on what he said, Lin Xiu was probably not a match for him.

Lin Xiu looked at him and at the next moment, his body rushed forward with a sudden force!

“You still dare to rush over huh!?” Su Xie saw that Lin Xiu not only didn’t want to dodge, but he even rushed towards him and he was immediately taken aback.

But even when he was surprised, he had a sinister look on his face, then he held his long sword full of terrifying sword aura in his hand and attacked Lin Xiu directly!


The long sword had a cold flash as he rushed directly to Lin Xiu!

“‘Heavenly Dragon Wrecks the City’!” Lin Xiu didn’t hesitate at all. The moment the spear stabbed over, he used this skill directly and this was considered his strongest one so far.

With the use of Lin Xiu’s skill, at this moment, the powerful source strength on the Dark Edge spear emitted a large amount of black matter.

And in the next instant, these black substances turned into a black dragon and as Lin Xiu’s spear pierced it, the black dragon also impacted Su Xie’s body!

“Insignificant skill!” Looking at the long spear that Lin Xiu thrust over and the terrifying black dragon, Su Xie looked slightly surprised, but he did not stop the movement in his hand as his long sword with a terrifying sword aura aimed straight towards Lin Xiu’s body!


Su Xie’s long sword with a powerful sword aura directly pierced Lin Xiu’s black dragon and hit Lin Xiu’s body directly!


At this critical moment, Lin Xiu instinctively withdrew the spear that had been pierced out and blocked the long sword that Su Xie stabbed over.

At this moment, Lin Xiu was directly sent flying from the impact!

And he felt severe pain in his hand that was holding the Dark Edge spear and blood was flowing out.


With a dull sound, Lin Xiu’s body directly hit a tree behind.

“You are still a little too weak.” Su Xie looked at Lin Xiu who was directly sent flying because of his sword and said coldly.

This was the strength of a rank 7 warrior!

Su Xie held the long sword in his hand and continued to walk towards Lin Xiu. His eyes were full of killing intent. This time, he wanted to kill Lin Xiu directly!

Lin Xiu, who hit the trees behind him, felt a sharp pain in his body.


He tasted something sweet in his throat and vomited a mouthful of blood.

d.a.m.n, the gap between a rank 5 warrior and a rank 7 warrior was really too big and he was not a match for this guy at all.

And he hasn’t activated the skill of a rank 5 warrior t.i.tle yet, otherwise, after resisting 50% of his attack, it was possible for Lin Xiu to cause heavy damage.

Looking at Su Xie who was walking towards him with a long sword now, Lin Xiu’s eyes narrowed.

The cool-down time of the ‘Fury’ skill was over and now he could use the skill again.

When he comes, Lin Xiu would directly activate the ‘Fury’ skill and he would be able to attack!

“Where did you find this sword?”

But at this moment, a voice came from behind Lin Xiu.

Who is that!?

Hearing this voice, both Lin Xiu’s and Su Xie’s expressions changed at the same time.

Because the two of them didn’t hear anyone’s voice at all when they were fighting just now so when they heard this voice, they both became alert at the same time.

The moonlight was very bright tonight and it shone directly through the trees.

At this time, Lin Xiu glanced back and he could clearly see a tall and st.u.r.dy man walking over.

He was holding a long sword in his hand.

The long sword seemed to be very thin, but under the moonlight, there were distinct traces of cold light on it.

It was obvious that it wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

Isn’t this Luo Yue’s weapon!?

When Lin Xiu saw this, the pupils in his eyes constricted.

Luo Yue’s long sword and Lin Xiu’s backpack were all placed on the huge rock behind.

Because of the battle with Su Xie, Lin Xiu didn’t carry the long sword and his backpack.

Seeing this man walking over with Luo Yue’s long sword at this time, Lin Xiu’s body instantly tensed up.

“Who are you?!” Su Xie stared at the young man who came by, his eyes full of killing intent.

‘Is this guy an accomplice of that kid!?’

Su Xie thought to himself at this time and clenched the long sword in his hand tightly.

Because he could sense that this man was very strong and he was no weaker than himself!

“Tell me, which of you got this sword.” The man looked at Lin Xiu, then at Su Xie, and said indifferently.

“Put it down.” Lin Xiu looked at the man with a strong murderous intent in his eyes.

Although Lin Xiu could sense that this guy was really strong, hearing his words made Lin Xiu’s whole body tense up.

Does this guy have enmity with Luo Yue!?

“Oh?” Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, the man showed a look of surprise. He looked at Lin Xiu and said aloud, “So, did you get this sword?”

“I told you to put it down.” Lin Xiu stared at the man and said aloud.

“Are you mad?” The man looked at Lin Xiu and showed a look of interest, but at this moment, Su Xie on the other side had already rushed over, holding the long sword in his hand and was about to attack the man!

Because he clearly felt that the man seemed to be very strong, if he didn’t kill him first, he would be a great threat to him.

“Hng!” The man sensed Su Xie rus.h.i.+ng towards him and snorted coldly at this time. At the next moment, he held Luo Yue’s long sword in his hand and directly blocked the attacking Su Xie!


As the two long swords collided, a loud sound rang out.

“Boy, don’t meddle with my business.” Su Xie stared at the man and said sullenly.

“People who dare to say this to me are already dead.” The young man didn’t panic at all and replied indifferently.

In the next moment, rays of light burst forth from Luo Yue’s long sword!


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