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Chapter 514: Fifth Gate Open

Inside the tower, Uchiha Sasuke’s upper body was naked, numerous weird letters above his body started moving and finally formed a circle around the seal on his neck.


Beside him stood Hatake Kakashi, who was performing the Evil Sealing Method on Sasuke.

Kakashi took his hand back as he relaxed and said: “When the seal reacts again, the Evil sealing Method will suppress it, but… The individual will would be needed to suppress its power.”

Sasuke listened to Kakashi without giving any response. He finally fell down to the ground, unconscious.

“You were that tired Huh.”

However, almost instantly, a voice directly entered his head, making his whole body stiffen as he was terrified.

“You actually know the Evil Sealing Method… Kakashi, you are getting stronger.”

Kakashi suddenly turned his head and saw a familiar face and suddenly felt dread.


“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Kakashi.”

Orochimaru evilly walked toward him without paying attention to Kakashi.


Looking at Orochimaru, Kakashi’s face was stern.

Orochimaru evilly smirked and said: “The person I come to find isn’t you, it’s the one behind you.”

“What do you want?”

Kakashi was even vigilant now, his eyes looking fierce as he looked at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru calmly said: “The sound village that was recently established belongs to me.”

“You ambition would be only causing trouble for yourself.” Kakashi sneered.

Orochimaru hands were inserted in his pocket as he said: “Probably… But in order to complete it, I need ma.s.sive chess pieces.”

Kakashi’s eyes turned fiercer as he said: “Sasuke won’t be you so-called piece in the game you want to play.”

Orochimaru’s mouth raised slightly as he said: “No, Sasuke is… He is a rare piece.”

Orochimaru’s eyes turned fiercer as his aura suddenly skyrocketed.

“Don’t proceed further.”

Kakashi shouted as he said: “Although you are one of the Sannin, I can perish along with you.”

While saying this, Kakashi prepared the hand seals as a ma.s.sive amount of Lightning chakra gathered around him.

However facing this threat, Orochimaru smiled. Although Kakashi was good, in Orochimaru’s eyes, he was still too young.

He is one of the Sannin, even if Kakashi was the Fourth Hokage’s student, he was too young when Minato died and regardless of how good he is, there is a big disparity between their strength.

Almost when Orochimaru was laughing wildly, a third sound came from behind them.

“Perish together is also an option, but you’re worthy Kakashi Hatake, you probably have a Fifty% chance here…”

These words made the two pales. Both of them shook as if time stopped, and they turned their heads back.

In the darkness, He was leaning on a pillar with a bored expression while looking at them.

He didn’t just arrive here, and he was here for some time now waiting for them.

Kakashi and Orochimaru were frightened as they looked in fear at the person who was said to be a G.o.d, Roja.

Both of their foreheads were filled with sweat, right now, they didn’t dare move, they weren’t in control anymore.

The only question they were thinking about now is, How is he here?!

Roja looked at them as if he saw everything they want to do or thought of doing and said: “Don’t misunderstand, I won’t interfere; you can continue.”

Kakashi: “…”

Orochimaru: “…”

Seeing Roja, Orochimaru’s mind was running a hundred miles per hour, trying to understand what’s happening completely. He didn’t know how Roja appeared in Konoha.

The Mist attached great importance in the Chunin Exam as they not only sent Yak.u.mo Kurama, they sent Kurenai, and Roja himself appeared here.

Orochimaru was similar to a snake, and he was sinister and deceitful. When Roja appeared, he started thinking about whether he should continue with his plans or not.

After thinking for some time, he started talking to Roja.

“I didn’t think that the G.o.d of Shin.o.bi would come to Konoha, may I know what reason you’re here.”

“Nothing, I’m just bored, you can continue, oh you can continue as well.”

Roja turned his head toward Orochimaru, revealing a profound gaze and directly turned his head and disappeared in the darkness.

Orochimaru looked at where Roja stood before, and his thoughts were unclear. As he looked up, he saw Kakashi who although was unable to calm down and his arm was shivering slightly, he didn’t want to continue talking nonsense.

“You said you would kill me, well I will let you try, if you can that is…”

Saying this, Orochimaru disappeared into the darkness.


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