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Chapter 232: Breaking Through The Sea

In the sea, Roja was moving like an arrow, wherever he pa.s.sed, huge waves emerged. Roja didn’t bother looking back.

Roja’s Soru was driven to the extreme, He even opened the shinigami mode directly.

He wasn’t good with geography, but as long as he knew the location he can get there without any problem.

“Whitebeard Jr… Edward Weevil? I was looking for you.”

Roja moved as fast as he could. In the original story, Weevil attacked Z, He killed all the students and cut Z’s arm, then later he became one of the Shichibukai which resulted in Z becoming completely disappointed in the Marine, which led him to be more extreme than Akainu.

Roja has long wanted to stop this from happening, He also tried looking for this man but he still couldn’t find him.

When this guy become a Shichibukai, No one knew if this guy was really WhiteBeard’s son or not.

“I thought that this won’t happen, I didn’t expect him to really show up. Do you want to cut teachers arm? I’d like to see if you can do that!”

Roja’s killing intend was surging to the sky. Wherever he pa.s.ses, the underwater creatures almost fainted from fright, they didn’t dare come out.

Some area of the sea was constantly shaking. there was a huge storm, and inside the storm, two ships were entangled. On the warship, Z was confronting a figure.

The warship was full of blood.

Many elite recruits were lying either dead or injured on the ground.

Z was turning crazy from anger as he roared at his opponent.

“d.a.m.n you!”

Z was really angry to the extreme, every student of his even if not as good as Roja is still his student. He tried his best to teach every student of his like his one of his family.

He had no family, as they were killed by pirates, so those children were almost like his only family that is left in this world.

Now someone is attacking them and killing them.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d Marine… This should teach you a good lesson…”

The one fighting Z was someone with a silly look, he held a long pole and had the same mustache as Whitebeard. It was Edward Weevil.

Although he is stupid, he was strong, Both his Haki was physics are superior to the current Z.


Z fiercely punched, it collided with Weevil’s punch which led to Z’s retreating and blood stains appearing on his fist.

“This guy…”

Z knew that he wasn’t this guys opponent, but when he saw his students covered in blood, his life and death didn’t mean much to him anymore. The anger in his heart was stronger than anything.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Z and Weevil continued to attack each other. The momentum kept on getting stronger but Z was old after all, he wasn’t as strong as Garp, Among the Admirals, he was relatively weak, he couldn’t withstand Weevil’s attacks for too long.


Weevil moved quickly and arrived beside Z and directly wanted to cut him.

“Eat this.”

Z Defended using his hand.

A sound of Metals colliding was heard, Weevil’s weapon cut through Z’s Haki and blood splashed out.

Z was injured, but he was angry and disregarded his injuries and punched Weevil in his stomach.


Weevil reacted quickly, he directly avoided it and roared as he dropped his weapon on Z.

If this. .h.i.t it will one-shot Z.

Z couldn’t avoid it, he could only use His Busoshoku to the extreme and try to defend with his hand.

Weevil also used his Haki to the max, He put every bit of his power on that blow, This attacks power was more than Z can take.

At this time, a wave of Sword energy came from the west, it cut open the see on its way.

This attack was aimed at Weevil If he didn’t move and continued his attack then he will be injured.

“Who is it?”

Seeing this attack coming toward him, He turned his hand and met with the attack using his weapon.


As they collided, an earth-shattering explosion erupted, The whole ship was almost destroyed, Z stepped back awkwardly, His expression finally loosened as he knew who came.

“Attacking the Marine in bright day, Who gave you the courage?!”

Roja’s figure appeared about a thousand meters away, Most people couldn’t see him, they could only hear his words as he roared like thunder.

He held into his Sen Maboroshi as he moved across the sea.

“Another Marine?”

Weevil revealed a very angry expression as he yelled.

“You dare to stop me, d.a.m.n you all!”

Weevil was stupid, his eyes stared at Roja and waved his weapon toward him with a roar.


Roja’s killing intent surged as he received the attack with his sword.


Roja’s current swordsmanship has already reached a new height, he already completed the fifteenth fusion of the sword. He was only one step away from being a Grandmaster swordsman, coupled with his Shinigami form and Getsuga Tensho, his power is no less than a Grandmaster swordsmen’s full attack or even stronger.

This attacks sent Weevil back!

“Teacher Z, Go treat those students, I will take care of things here.” After making Weevil retreat, Roja directly said to Z.

Before hearing his words, Z was still angry and wanted to kill Weevil, but after hearing him, He immediately took a breath and suppressed his anger so he could treat those students.

Z finally nodded.

Although the enemy was really strong, he believed in Roja, Roja was his best student, he was the pride of his life, there is no way this guy could stand against him.


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