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Chapter 203: The disadvantage is that it’s too strong

Seeing the Monstrous flames coming toward him, Koshiro could only master his Haki to the max and strike with his full power to defend.

After this, Koshiro used his last drop of power to send a huge sword energy which finally could split the flames in half, the flames flew toward the peak at the distance.


A magma curtain comes down from the peak, impressively the green mountain turned to ashes. The trees and everything else turned to dust.

As if the mountain was an erupting volcano.

Koshiro barely split the flames, still even with his body covered in Busoshoku, He wasn’t Garp or Kaido.

Even with the Haki, if the flames just rubbed him he will be burned.


Koshiro clothes were burned to ashes, His hair was scorshed, his sword was inserted into the ground and he was relying on it to barely stand.

He looked at the Mountain behind him with shock.

“Flames… Can reach such a level?”

“Ordinary flames, of course, won’t be able to reach such a level, If mine has the temperature of the Sun’s surface.”

The sun’s surface temperature is about six thousand degree.

Such a flames, even steel would be turned to ashes under it, Almost nothing in the world can withstand such temperature.

If there is a disadvantage, then it would be that this… Is too powerful!

Powerful enough to make Yamamoto the captain commander of the of the Gotei 13. He didn’t use his ability too much because he worries about causing too much damage.

“You win.”

Koshiro looked at the scene in front of him and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Although he didn’t completely lose the capability to continue, but there was no need to do so anymore.

The gap was too big!

The mountain behind him was turned to magma by Roja’s strike, but the terror is that even the magma didn’t slow down because it was evaporating!

In Another village near the mountain, every person threw the thing in his hand when they saw the green mountain turn to fire.

“Is this a volcano?!”

Countless people were shocked.

Such a scene was a disaster.

Roja looked at the mountain in front of him, the sword in his hand disappeared and the fire slowly disappeared along with it.

“The only downside Is that the destruction caused by it is too much!”

looking at the flames going out, the magma dripped for a bit then extinguished.

The whole mountain was black, there were no green places anymore.

In this world, The only person who didn’t want to use his full strength was the strongest man Edward Newgate.

the power of the Gura Gura no Mi is too strong, if it were to be fully used, it was enough to destroy an island and let Edward himself with no place to stand.

Now Roja himself had the same problem, if he used the Shikai completely, an island would probably evaporate and disappear like nothing.

“I don’t know how strong I am compared to Whitebeard who is at the peak.”

Roja murmured in his heart, he didn’t know his power now, at least, now he can easily defeat the Admirals and Shiki.

His current strength reached the peak already only the Yonko level of power could be his match.

That is to say, From this day onward, he is already at the peak of the world.

Koshiro conceded, So Roja didn’t continue to attack.

After getting the Shikai, he finally stood at the pinnacle of this world, he didn’t get arrogant or complacent, he asked Koshiro for advice.

Roja walked away after hearing something to the way to get stronger as a swordsman.

Koshiro was surprised by Roja as he answered him.

To reach the Grandmaster swordsman realm, you have to walk your own way as no language can describe that, Koshiro could only give him a little bit of advice from his experience.

but even so, Koshiro’s answers were like the light at the end of the cave to Roja as he figured his way to move beyond the fifteenth compression.

Shinigami’s ability come from their swords, and Swordplay is their strength.

Roja didn’t ask Koshiro any longer, He didn’t even bother about the things that happened with the revolutionary army, He went straight away toward the water and left the island.

on the sea, Roja moved toward the west a huge strange fish suddenly emerged and swallowed him, but with just a wave of his hand, he sent it ten meters away then turned into blood mist.

Is it the soul sword… Roja Zanpakuto or something else.

At the end of the battle Roja no longer stayed in the Shinigami state, the sword disappeared automatically, but he could retrieve it with just a thought.

Roja continued to move on the sea then suddenly stopped and looked at the property bar.

Fifth stage: the perfect soul sword +0

ttributes: Attack +1200, Strength +400, Agility +400, Physical +400, Spirit +400

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Met the initial condition)

Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.

Energy: 1/340

Before, Roja didn’t really see what were the changes occurring after reaching the fifth stage. Roja walked on the sea while observing the new properties.

Reaching the fifth stage, a new attribute was added, a green attribute which strengthens the soul.

Without this property, Roja my have a little bit of difficulty to use Ryuhin Jakka for a long time.


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