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The Perpetual Night Forest’s edge…

Bao Ao was watching the battle in the silver city projected on the giant magic mirror. His face was solemn, while respect rose in his heart.

With Long Zhu’s partic.i.p.ation, they could resist Lin Meng’s and Nie Rou’s attack temporarily. Long Zhu had failed to settle the dispute between two sides. However, the five great alien tribes had witnessed his effort.

“Human Clan still has some sages. Long Zhu’s worth a wise oldie who has lived for so long. Not only he has an intimidating competence, but he could also see the whole picture. It’s not easy to do that.” Jie Ji also nodded. “We shouldn’t hurry. Long Zhu’s cultivation base and real competence aren’t less than any one of us. If he wants to kill himself together with us, one of us will have to bear that fatal danger.”

Clansmen of the Dark Devil Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Clan, and the Corpse Clan kept silent.

Long Zhu’s power had surprised them. Even the attacks of Lin Meng and Nie Rou had a tremendous impact. The alien tribes recognized that it wasn’t really as easy to uproot Human Clan as they had thought.

“This city’s tough to break. Human Clan still has some geniuses indeed. If this clan unites, we will find it strenuous to eradicate them.” Comoros slammed his brows together. “We should wait until their fight comes to the most drastic time. We will go there to clean the mess.”

“He’s worth the bloodline of our Demon Tribe. I have found that I like him more and more.”

Jie Ji laughed strangely. He rubbed his chin as he was considering what he should offer s.h.i.+ Yan later to make him become the member of his Ancient Jie family, the freshest flow of power for the new generation of this ancient family.

Inside the silver city…

s.h.i.+ Yan sat neatly, closing his eyes. He was checking his body, feeling the changes in every acupuncture points. The Essence Qi he took from outside of the city was being filtered ma.s.sively. However, his Essence Qi halo had been consumed to a great extent as well.

His soul consciousness scattered in the Sea of Consciousness like countless invisible threads, connecting to each barrier, formation, and restraint in the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. He was consuming energy each second.

When his Sea of Consciousness dried, without the energy of soul consciousness to support, he would have to use his own soul power. The soul power was the power of his life. If he spent it all, it also meant that his flame of life would be extinguished, and his life would come to an end.

The Inner World Five Devils got hurt, so they were now dormant in his Sea of Consciousness. They couldn’t provide him energy to resist further.

Nie Rou’s Ghostly Spirit Sword was really terrifying. It was worth the name of the evilest divine weapon in the entire region. If Long Zhu hadn’t helped him at that critical moment, s.h.i.+ Yan would have had to spend more power.

While contemplating, s.h.i.+ Yan waved his hand to pull the Soul Gathering Pearl.

s.h.i.+ Yan sent a beam of soul consciousness into the pearl and took some beams of pure soul power to his Sea of Consciousness in order to generate more power for his soul consciousness.

The Soul Gathering Pearl had purified a big amount of soul energy, but s.h.i.+ Yan had used them for the Creator’s Divine Pond. That pond required the constant supply of purest soul energy to operate its magical effects.

Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, Bing Qing Tong, and Han Cui could break through successfully thanks to the crystal clear soul power of the Soul Gathering Pearl, which made the pond work normally.

Before the fight, the Soul Gathering Pearl didn’t store much of soul power. It couldn’t provide soul energy sufficiently to him.

Thus, he needed to seize the time.

And, Long Zhu had given him a rare chance.

Qi Tian Oldie stood alone atop the city wall, in front of the furious gazes of Lin Meng’s team. Holding the dragon cane, his hands were moving, making magical symbols and hand seals.

Each hand seal was dazzling. The large ones were as big as a mountain range, while the small ones were like a door. They all carried pure energy, arraying neatly like natural wills. They formed a thin, visual layer around the outer city.

This thin layer was s.h.i.+ning with many colors, as if it were created by dozens of rainbows. Although they were beautifully glorious, people would be sunk into them if they looked at it for a while.

When Long Zhu made the hand seals, the aura on his body was fierce and stubborn, with an abundant murderous intent.

Countless ancient-styled patterns appeared on the thin, dazzling layer. People could see green foliage grow here and there, generating more mysterious lights. Those lights then tangled with each other, portraying a diagram of flying birds and swimming fishes. Gradually, a background of mountains and rivers was formed.

That thin layer was like an imaginary world, with Five Elements power moving, mountains, lakes and rivers, flying birds and swimming fishes, luxuriant green foliage, and giant trees.

“Five Element Primitive Realm!” Yan Ke cried with a solemn countenance. She slightly discolored. “This is one of his divine weapons! He got it from the foreign land. Originally, it had no power. He has put the Five Elements power into it from the Five Elements s.p.a.ce. This old man has wandered to many strange places in the continent, and he’s collected many magical items, which helped him form this Five Elements Primitive Realm.”

Wen Di’s mood became heavy. “You shouldn’t enter it no matter what. Inside the Five Elements Primitive Realm, he’s the sole G.o.d! He can control anybody who is dependent on an element. In that place, he can affect many types of heaven and earth powers. The power we possess will lose its effect!”

Yan Ke and Wen Di were like Long Zhu; they were all recluses living in the Divine Great Land. They used to talk with Long Zhu, so they knew his Five Elements Primitive Realm.

“How to deal with it?” Lin Meng took a deep breath, trying to press down the anger in her heart.

She had always considered herself the genuine leader of the Human Clan in the Divine Great Land, a representative for the future of humanity. She deemed that when Long Zhu arrived at this place, he would contribute to support her in dealing with the tough challenge of the alien invasion.

However, everything had gone beyond her estimation. Long Zhu, the support she had a.s.sumed, had stood on the opposite side of her, supporting her enemy.

This big contrary had enraged her. She had thrown the respect she had for Long Zhu to h.e.l.l. Right now, she just wanted to kill him to prove that her decision wasn’t wrong.

“To break a realm, we need to dissolve its energy source,” Yan Ke contemplated and then said, “To deal with the Five Elements Primitive Realm, there’s only one way – neutralizing the power of the Five Elements. Without the energy supply, even if he knows many power Upanishads he won’t be able to use them. At that time, this realm will vanish.”

“Alright!” Nie Rou shouted with a malicious face. “When you attack that realm, I will try my best to control the Ghostly Spirit Sword to trouble that old dog. Don’t worry; I will disturb him so much he can’t totally concentrate on the realm. You guys should seize the chance and break that realm.”

Long Zhu had hurt him badly, which had inflamed the rage in his heart. He didn’t want to remember any favors the old man had given him anymore. His murderous aura started to surge.

Lin Meng nodded, throwing her glance at Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao, “Shall we?”

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lin Meng nodded.

“Elements move!”

Lin Meng extended her hand, pointing to the void. Five flows of radiant red light shot out from her fingers, hitting the Original Universe Returning Cauldron.

The ma.s.sive cauldron pressed down rumblingly. A pressure of a thousand-meters-high mountain came from the cauldron. People then saw many cl.u.s.ters of cloud drifting over, just like a fairy scattering flower petals. 

Different kinds of heaven and earth energies turned into countless beams in the sky. The clouds absorbed them all, making each cl.u.s.ter of cloud as heavy as a mountain. They fell like collapsing mountain, falling on the Five Elements Primitive Realm.

Dozens of rivers on the layer Long Zhu had condensed suddenly became alive. Torrential seething sound arose. The rivers became real, surging violently, crossing and merging with each other to create an immense sea. 

Rumbling explosions echoed from the heavy clouds, pressing the ma.s.sive pressure on the silver city, hitting the thin layer brutally. The vast sea on the layer seemed to turn into a giant mouth that would never be satisfied, swallowing the clouds.

At this moment, the Ghostly Spirit Sword struggled to escape the restraint of Long Zhu’s cedar red light column. It burst out with the tremendous murderous aura. Evil energy shot out everywhere, while fire sparks were fluttering.

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao exchanged looks. They were no more hesitant, and started to attack immediately.

Guan Hu touched his forehead. A magical sparkling small tree grew from his glabella. This tree seemed to be made of five-colored crystals, as it shone with a dazzling light.

This tree wasn’t big, just around one meters tall. It had many longan-sized fruits. Each fruit bore a kind of power Upanishad, with distinctive surging waves of energy.

This was the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree, the divine treasure of the Martial Spirit Palace. Rumors said that it had grown from the seed of the Life Fruit Tree of the Martial Spirit Palace in Antiquity Time.

At that time, the Life Fruit Tree was a famous divine weapon, which could bear the magical life power. It could even magically revive a dead person.

However, the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree didn’t have that miraculous effect. The Life Fruit Tree’s seed could grow into the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree. When a warrior who didn’t understand a power Upanishad ate a fruit of the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree, he could receive a martial spirit. He just needed to cultivate to grow his new martial spirit.

Anyway, martial spirits granted from the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree weren’t really outstanding most of the time.

However, during the recent ten thousand years, this tree had born some special seeds, the Tired Soul Martial Spirit fruit for instance. These fruits would be soon absorbed by the young elites of the Martial Spirit Palace.

Guan Hu took out the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree, using his thought to manipulate the ten fruits to make their energies seethe, turning the essence power Upanishads and das.h.i.+ng forward. 

The energy of heaven and earth disordered, and even the Five Elements Primitive Realm of Long Zhu was affected. Its energy seemed to be oppressed, unable to be promoted to the max.

Lu Miao’s sleeves flashed. A dark gold boat flew out, bobbing and then entering the Five Elements Primitive Realm, falling into the vast sea.

Water in the sea started to drain away right after the small boat touched it. The small boat seemed to be able to absorb all kinds of water, no matter it was real or illusory. As long as it had the water power, the boat could affect them all.

The pressure Long Zhu had to bear doubled instantly.


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