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What should be arranged had been arranged. What they could do now was just wait.

Standing on the Sun Island, s.h.i.+ Yan, Ouyang Luo Shang, and Tang Yuan Nan wore solemn faces, looking at the expanding ghostly clouds in the sky. They knew that the two Great Demon Kings were about to arrive.

Indeed, not long after that, two figures appeared on the ghostly clouds.

In just a blink of an eye, those two figures descended on the Sun Island, standing in front of s.h.i.+ Yan and the others.

The Demon Kings Chi Yan and Bo Xun, the two peak warriors of the Demon Area, had finally arrived at the Sun Island. Chi Yan came from the Black Scale Clan, and Bo Xun came from the Dragon Horn Clan. They were both three meters tall with hefty builds. Intimidating surging energies were rippling from their bodies.

The main characters had arrived.

After they had come, Chi Yan glared at s.h.i.+ Yan and laughed with a surprised face. “Didn’t expect you’re here, too.”

Bo Xun was bewildered for a while, his eye cold and gloomy. “You are the brat that hurt Mo Qi Ta?” 

s.h.i.+ Yan frowned and nodded, “It’s true.”

“Good then,” Bo Xun harrumphed. “The Three G.o.ds Sect has been hiding in the sea for long. Well, this time that you dare to come out, I a.s.sumed you are tired of being alive. If the Three G.o.ds Sect surrenders, I will let you control the territory that belongs to you. But if you go against us, today, I’ll erase the name of the G.o.ds Sect from the Endless Sea.”

“Stop babbling,” Ouyang Luo Shang said, “If you want to eradicate the Three G.o.ds Sect, let’s see if the two Demon Kings here have good taste or not.”

“The terrific aura that came out from the sea doesn’t belong to you.” Chi Yan was still cautious, observing everywhere; he seemed to be trying to find out the targets. However, he couldn’t see anything abnormal. He was more surprised. “Who did that?”

The War Devil had hidden its aura, and the surging energy of its body had disappeared. Even the two Great Demon Kings couldn’t figure it out.

This showed that although the War Devil was just a black iron puppet, it had something special. Even the Demon Kings who had the Third Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base couldn’t find it, which revealed the extraordinary features of the puppet.

“Who?” s.h.i.+ Yan curled his lips into a smile. “You’re too sensitive. There’re so many things in the Endless Sea that you don’t know of. Do you think that you could embrace everything, and know every single event in the Endless Sea with just a flicker of your thoughts?”

Although Nu Lang and the King Corpse hadn’t come yet, he wasn’t anxious, just babbling with the two great Demon Kings.

The more time he could extend, the better his situation would be. Thus, he didn’t hurry to take action, just waiting to see if he could talk more.

No matter it was Nu Lang or the King Corpse, they all had the formidable powers. If they urged all their strength to fly there, they could arrive at the Sun Island not long afterward. If he could seize the chance, perhaps he didn’t need to utilize all of his forces and just borrow the powers from Nu Lang and the King Corpse to oppress the two Great Demon Kings.

“Cao Qiu Dao’s in the Tuta Sea. He’s always paying attention to things here. If he comes here, it’s going to be tough for us then.” Chi Yan was calm, as he said with frowning brows, “This battle shouldn’t go on for too long.”

Bo Xun understood the matter well.

Right after that, thick cl.u.s.ters of black clouds drifted over, covering the whole Sun Island in just a blink.

The light at twilight couldn’t pierce through those ghostly clouds.

The light on the Sun Island dimmed. A huge pressure pressed down from the ghostly clouds, just like a big mountain pounding on the hearts of s.h.i.+ Yan’s group.

When the ghostly clouds pressed down, Demon King Bo Xun took action first. He opened his mouth and spurted out ghostly spheres, each of them pitch-black and carrying a rippling energy like water waves.

Ten ghostly spheres lined up, forming a bizarre ghost formation. Loud impacts constantly arose from it.

Under the noisy impact, some shattered structures in the Sun Island were trembling as they couldn’t bear the pressure, about to collapse.

The ten ghostly spheres circled, taking in the energy of the ghostly clouds in the sky. Their size was increased from fist-size to a human head size. At the same time, the rippling energy inside the spheres was vibrating magically. It seemed like they had an evil force that could seal the whole s.p.a.ce.


All of a sudden, ten ghostly spheres burst off.

Beams of ghost light spluttered out from the inside, weaving a black coc.o.o.n covering the sky over the Sun Island.

The earth and heaven essence Qi gathering year-round on the Sun Island seemed to be confined directly, unable to move with the wind anymore. Under that ma.s.sive coc.o.o.n, the heaven and earth essence Qi was dispersing, discharging from the Sun Island.

Demon tribes didn’t need to borrow the essence Qi from earth and heaven. Bo Xun had washed away the essence Qi here to prevent s.h.i.+ Yan and his group from using it to enhance their strengths.  The thick, ghostly clouds in the sky hindered the moonlight, sunlight, and starlight, preventing them from continually supplying to the three Great Martial Spirits of Sun, Moon and Star.

Next, Chi Yan took action.

Both of his hands were pulling something from the void. Then, a giant demonic dragon was pulled down from the ghostly cloud. This demonic dragon was made from his energy, looked true to life, and hiding a terrifying surging energy in its body.

He had pulled down twelve demonic dragons in total. Each four of them grouped, attacking s.h.i.+ Yan and the others separately.


s.h.i.+ Yan shouted. The eyes on the mysterious giant sword in his hands opened. At the same time, a strong, evil world-destroying aura gushed out from the War Devil standing behind him all of a sudden.

Dark halo bloomed on the black iron body of the War Devil. His dark heart pounded as he extended one arm, s.n.a.t.c.hing the oncoming demonic dragon.

Chi Yan and Bo Xun had their eyes lit up, looking at the War Devil.

At this moment, no one dared to be careless watching the aura expand from the War Devil. It even frightened the Demon Kings.

The War Devil stretched its arms. The dark light blinked in its palm, and a large, pitch black hole appeared. It seemed to be able to devour all the light, and was like the most mysterious black hole in the galaxy that could even drag all the stars in.

The four demonic dragons plunging to s.h.i.+ Yan were wiggling crazily even before they could reach him. The dark hole on the War Devil’s palms was enlarging. Within three seconds, it expanded to the size of the abyss in h.e.l.l, flying out from the War Devil’s palms like a giant mouth of a ferocious beast, swallowing the four demonic dragons.

The four demonic dragons struggled in the air in an attempt to get rid of the devouring force of the dark hole. However, the more they moved, the closer to the hole they got. Eventually, the four demonic dragons had turned into four beams of dark light, disappearing into the pitch black hole of the War Devil.

“What foreign thing is that!”

Chi Yan discolored. Looking at the War Devil, his face stiffened.

Before he came here, he didn’t expect to meet such a bizarre thing. It could release a tremendous aura, and it seemed to have intellect. This made him instinctively tense.


s.h.i.+ Yan pointed to Chi Yan, his face cold. “Use all forces to kill him!”

One year ago, Chi Yan had attached to the flesh body of Xiao Han Yi, crossing the void to enter the Sun Island. At that time, he had savaged Xia Shen Chuan and killed Linda within a short period.

That was a disastrous defeat.

He could only open his eyes and see Xia Shen Chuan and Linda get killed without being able to do anything. Chi Yan had taught him what the so-called hopelessness was.

Also, after that battle, he was more determined, walking on the training path to thrive his powers. He had to make himself stronger at any cost not wasting even a fraction of a second as he focused on his cultivation, which would enable him to take revenge one day.

Today, it was the same place – the Sun Island, and the same enemy.

However, today was different from one year ago. Today, his cultivation base was equal to the Spirit Realm. He had the giant mysterious sword, the King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm.

And the War Devil.

In this battle, he had to take back the humiliation he had suffered that day from the one who initiated it.

The War Devil acted as ordered.

Its body was like a beam of dark light, appearing in front of Demon King Bo Xun in just a flash. Dark light bloomed on its black iron armor. An earth-destructing aura covered the entire Yuan Luo Sea from the puppet.

Chi Yan wore a stony face. He couldn’t help but be more cautious, pouring out all of his powers to counter the War Devil.

Two dark lights intertwined above the Sun Island. Wherever they pa.s.sed, land slid, and the earth split apart.

Although the War Devil was just a chunk of iron, its reflexes were fast as lightning, with the aura like a rainbow. Unexpectedly, it could perform all kinds of mysterious martial arts that could hardly be predicted. Under the urge of its dark heart, the dark energy on its body was torrential as it was playing hard on Chi Yan without falling into a disadvantage.

Holding the giant sword, s.h.i.+ Yan was calm, watching the War Devil and Chi Yan fight. He cracked a cold smile while seeing mountains get leveled where the other two pa.s.sed by.

The War Devil didn’t fail him.

Even Demon King Chi Yan couldn’t gain the upper hand while fighting against the War Devil.

All kinds of earth-shaking attacks from Chi Yan were blocked by the black armor on the puppet. At the same time, the armor didn’t have any signs of being cracked or broken. Quite the contrary, dark light radiating on it became more dazzling, revealing a solid cold aura.

“This puppet follows your orders?” Bo Xun didn’t take action yet. He frowned, looking at the War Devil and Chi Yan fighting. Ghost light shone from his pupils like lanterns that could take people’s souls away.

“It’s true,” nodded s.h.i.+ Yan callously.

“Then I have to kill you first.”

A light crossed over Bo Xun’s eyes as he swung his left arm. A giant white claw appeared in the sky. It was transparent like white jade, with patterns that looked like its veins where strange energy was moving. The white claw was like a mountain with its five fingers as five hooks, pressing down on s.h.i.+ Yan.


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