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Chapter 905: Heaven Sealing Sword Tide • Sword Drawing Technique

“Ah! Murderer, help…”

Li Luoluo ran while throwing bugs behind, which were colorful, just like gra.s.s and vines. If others saw this scene, they would think Li Luoluo was a manipulator.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

In front of Sun Mu, a scarlet sword shot out into the sky and chased Li Luoluo.


Li Luoluo’s head seemed to be chopped off. But then she popped up from the other side. And the thing that was chopped was actually a blade of gra.s.s.

Li Luoluo jumped into the distance, with one hand on her hips and the other hand pointing at Sun Mu, and said, “Hey, why are you chasing me? Do you want to molest me? If you don’t stop, I will eat you.”

Sun Mu coldly snorted. “Shut up.”

The ultra-quality Divine weapon flashed again, and Li Luoluo disappeared again. Anyway, she had so many bugs, and killing bugs couldn’t kill her.

However, Li Luoluo was still a little distressed when she saw her bugs being hacked to death. After escaping five or six times, Li Luoluo suddenly stood still, her face cold. “B*stard, let me teach you a good lesson!”

Then, one after another, soul-eating beast phantoms appeared, rushing towards Sun Mu.

“Young Master, be careful. This demon girl is rather deceitful.”

Besieged by the soul-eating beasts, Sun Mu suddenly shouted, “Red Lights Everywhere!”

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Long swords flew out one after another, and Sun Mu’s swords had all become Semi-Divine weapons.

For a time, there seemed to be millions of rays of sun, and those soul-eating beast phantoms were all shredded. Every time a soul-eating beast died, a bug would fall. Li Luoluo’s face became colder and colder.


Li Luoluo’s speed suddenly soared by seven or eight times, and two daggers appeared in her hands. She seemed to slash once, but in fact, she had slashed dozens of times.

Sun Mu sneered. “This is my Deity Slaying Array. Do you think you can injure me here?”

Li Luoluo didn’t say a word. Her figure flickered and she rushed towards Sun Mu’s subordinates.

Sun Mu was furious. “How dare you?”

The man targeted by Li Luoluo frowned and guarded himself with his sword.

However, a scarlet eye suddenly appeared in the air, and the person immediately felt a bug in his eyes. Not only his eyes, but also his body, mouth, ears…

“No, it’s an illusion!”

“Too late!”


Li Luoluo killed this guy and hurriedly retreated. With a bang, her figure disappeared and Sun Mu’s long sword failed to touch her.

“Ten Thousand Swords in One!”

Sun Mudan controlled the swords with one hand in an attempt to kill LI Luoluo.

At this moment, a voice came from the sea.

“Phew! Isn’t this Sun Mu? What a coincidence… Who are you fighting?”

In mid-air, a cloud of colored mist flashed, and Li Luoluo’s eyes were cold. “Han Fei, come here and help me kill him.”

“Li Luoluo?”

Han Fei was taken aback for a moment, then increased his speed sharply, and hurried over from more than 100 kilometers away.

Sun Mu sneered. “Great! Another enemy of mine has come. Let me send you two to h.e.l.l today.”

The crimson long sword was spinning in front of Sun Mu’s palm. He was actually waiting for Han Fei to come over and seemed to intend to kill him here indeed.

After a moment.

Han Fei approached, floated in the air, glanced at Li Luo, and said, “Why are you fighting?”

Li Luoluo glanced at Han Fei coldly, which sent a chill down Han Fei’s spine. I came to help. Why are you staring at me?

Li Luoluo gritted her teeth. “He killed my bugs! I must kill him!”

Han Fei bared his teeth. You want to kill him just because he killed your bugs?

However, Han Fei liked it, so he immediately smiled. “Nice, I want to kill him too. Let’s take half of his life each.”

Sun Mu turned his head, his face cold, and 108 swords were hanging in the air.

Han Fei grinned. “Why? Are you going to use Red Light Everywhere or Ten Thousand Swords in One? Or something new?”

Li Luoluo warned, “He is holding an ultra-quality Divine weapon in his hand.”


Han Fei raised his brows. He could tell the long sword was extraordinary, but he thought it was a low-quality magic weapon. So was it even comparable to the Cosmic Sword?

Sun Mu’s voice was indifferent, “Now I no longer need the Sea Token, but I don’t mind having one more… Heaven Sealing Sword Tide.”

As Sun Mu set up an array, waves of a radius of one thousand meters surged up. Sun Mu’s momentum was soaring, giving Han Fei a sense of crisis.

“d.a.m.n it, this guy has become stronger!”

Han Fei took out a mint leaf and stuffed it into his mouth. As Han Fei issued an order in his heart, the Void Lines rippled in the sea. At this moment, the Void Lines would definitely not be able to catch Sun Mu. However, during the battle, it might be possible.

As long as he approached Sun Mu, he would have a chance.

Han Fei grinned. “Okay! Do you think I’m afraid of you?”


He put on the Feather Suit of Wind, activated the Overlord’s Technique, and punched out with a boom.

At the moment when Han Fei attacked, Li Luoluo also launched a strike. The ground and water instantly turned colorful.


Sun Mu shattered the golden fist mark with a cut and sneered. “How can evil prevail over good?”

Han Fei frowned slightly. The Art of Invincibility isn’t normally easy to deal with. Besides, I activated the Overlord’s Technique, but how did Sun Mu break the Art of Invincibility so easily?

It must be because of the ultra-quality Divine weapon.

However, wouldn’t the use of the ultra-quality Divine weapon consume spiritual energy? With Sun Mu’s level and ability, how could he use such a sword move at the same time when he launched a killer move?

Han Fei guessed that Sun Mu didn’t consume his own spiritual energy at all when he used this sword. Rather, just like him, he had a certain means of storing spiritual energy.

If this was the case, he would have to use Snowmourne.

Han Fei wanted to explode it with Infinity Water, but the cooling time of Infinity Water was a bit long and its power had not been restored.

Seeing that within a kilometer, the billowing waves all turned into swords, Han Fei shouted, “Li Luoluo, solve his men, Sun Mu is mine.”

Without a word, Li Luoluo swept towards Sun Mu’s men and Han Fei stretched out one hand, and Snowmourne appeared in his hand.

Han Fei chuckled. “I also have a sword, which is bigger than yours, but I don’t know if it will be stronger than yours.”

Although Han Fei had learned the Cosmic Sword Technique, he was definitely a lot weaker than Sun Mu who had been practicing the Deity Slaying Array for many years.

Therefore, he drew his sword without a word.

“Sword Drawing Technique.”


The seawater collapsed, Han Fei’s spiritual energy was absorbed in an instant, but the reserve spiritual energy was also gushing out. As he brandished the sword, it turned dark and colorless all around, and half of the Heaven Sealing Sword Tide was shaking.

Han Fei fell to the bottom of the sea. Although it consumed a lot of energy and he was starving like h.e.l.l, he still stared at Sun Mu. “Try taking this sword move of mine.”

Sun Mu was a little stunned. Heaven Sealing Sword Tide was a continuous ma.s.s destruction attack method. He had planned to use this sword to slowly consume Han Fei and Li Luoluo to death.

However, when Han Fei made this sword move, he didn’t know how to resist it!

“Ten Thousand Swords In One.”

At this time, Sun Mu’s only way was to withdraw 108 swords, and then use the Ten Thousand Swords in One again!

However, when Han Fei’s sword was about to reach him, Sun Mu burst out in a cold sweat. There was only one thought in his mind, Don’t try to parry this sword.

Immediately, three amulets floated in front of him. Sun Mu used the Ten Thousand Swords in One and retreated in a hurry.

Two of his men turned pale. “No! Protect Young Master.”

“Body Protecting Sword.”

“Sword Shield!”


The Ten Thousand Swords in One was torn open by the Sword Drawing Technique that flew past and shattered two amulets of the two peak-level Hidden Fishers…


There was a very small sound, and the two were swept by the long sword.

At this moment, the Void Lines attached to the two of them, not giving them the chance to use their Immortal Seals.

As for Sun Mu, the three amulets shone with a strange light. With triple light shields protecting him, Han Fei wasn’t sure whether he could shatter them.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three amulets were broken one after another. Sun Mu was horrified. Seeing that he was about to be chopped, a long sword burst into pieces.

The Semi-Divine weapon was detonated and sent him flying. He actually used this to protect himself from being hacked to death.

Seeing this, Han Fei looked disappointed. He failed to kill Sun Mu. Sure enough, a Heavenly Talent from a big clan was different, as two people sacrificed themselves to protect him.

“Young Master, go!”

There were still two peak-level Hidden Fishers left, who guarded Sun Mu to escape.

As for why there were only two? Because Li Luoluo killed one just now.

Seeing this, Han Fei immediately shouted, “Li Luoluo, come here.”

Swish, Swish!

Li Luoluo’s figure flashed and landed in front of Han Fei.

At this moment, the billowing sword tide had already struck over. Although Sun Mu had stopped in the middle, half of the sword tide had already been formed.

Han Fei drew three fish-skin charts in a row!


In the bottom of the sea, a big turtle was lying on its stomach as a violent sword tide poured down like rain, and soundwaves were surging.


The first Coiled Turtle Array lasted for three minutes before it collapsed.

Immediately afterwards, the second Coiled Turtle Array glowed.

This time, it lasted for five minutes.

The third one began to take effect. This time, it lasted a full 10 minutes.

At this point, Han Fei had no Coiled Turtle Array in his hands. As he issued an order in his mind, Infinity Water wrapped him and Li Luoluo.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

When the sword tide disappeared, Han Fei and Li Luoluo were in a mess, both vomiting blood.

Han Fei exclaimed, “I have to admit that the Sun Family people are really good at using swords. Even three Coiled Turtle Arrays failed to resist that sword tide.”


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