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Chapter 765: Significance of Disa.s.sembly

Han Fei was thinking, This place is called the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, so it must be a place to help sea demons to cultivate.

In this case, every demon realm here must have its own significance.

This second-floor demon realm definitely was not meant to make the entrants absorb the ownerless souls. That would be too difficult!

Very few cultivators were able to do this. Those ownerless souls probably belonged to those people who died here, and he happened to get the opportunity!

Then Han Fei’s heart trembled. As for splitting demonic energy: if he split spiritual energy into halves, would it be possible that the amount of the demonic energy doubled out of thin air?

Based on this idea, Han Fei had continued for three hours.

Finally, when Han Fei disa.s.sembled the demonic energy into about one-fifth the size of the original, he couldn’t move on. If he kept going, the demonic energy would collapse.

“It seems that I should go to the next floor.”

Han Fei didn’t know whether he had disa.s.sembled it to the extreme or not. However, as a spirit gatherer, he couldn’t do worse than those sea demons.

However, what Han Fei didn’t know was that on the Demon Stele outside, the name Yu Fei had ranked first place on the second floor, which shocked everyone once again.

Seeing Han Fei enter the third floor, all Heavenly Talents including Yu Ji felt shook. Did Han Fei stay on each floor for so long because he wanted to break the record on each floor?

But how did he know whether he had broken the record or not?

In fact, Han Fei certainly didn’t know it. After arriving on the third floor, the suppressing pressure became stronger and stronger. And the ownerless souls in the demon realm seemed to be a bit more than the second floor.

Han Fei used the Soul Splitting Technique once again to split out a piece of his soul to draw these ownerless souls together.

Then he still tried to disa.s.semble the demonic energy. Perhaps because of the different suppressing pressure, it was much easier to do this on the third floor than on the second floor.

Two hours later, Han Fei looked at the demonic energy that was still less than a quarter of the normal size of demonic energy and was lost in thought.

“I don’t know the ranking! It’s so annoying!” he yelled out.

“Forget it, this is my first time here. I won’t consider the ranking this time. Let me work at the ranking the next time I come!”

Floor 1.

Floor 2.

Floor 3.

When Han Fei reached the 18th floor, he was overjoyed. The suppressing pressure in the cave had already exceeded the suppressing pressure that a peak-level Hidden Fisher was supposed to have.

“The pressure has increased, and it actually stimulated my physique a little. Not bad.”

After a while, a faint blue ownerless soul was swallowed by Han Fei and became a part of his own soul.

Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes. “I’m only on the 18th floor, but my soul has been strengthened by about 10%. What an incredible speed!”

Han Fei was even a little bit horrified. This is not an increase in strength, but a boost in soul! Strengthening the soul by 10% might be equivalent to having one or even two breakthroughs.

For example, the range of perception of ordinary peak-level Hanging Fishers was far worse than his now. This was his advantage!

Powerful spiritual power was attributed to a strong soul.

Han Fei felt that if he could keep swallowing the souls all the way, his soul could be strengthened by 50% when he reached the 72nd floor. Then his soul would be even stronger than many Hidden Fishers’.

Then Han Fei continued to disa.s.semble the demonic energy. On the 17th floor, he had almost made the demonic energy half of its original size. On this floor, he should be able to do it!

Han Fei used the Spirit Gathering Art with one hand and the Spirit Fusing Technique with the other. A full hour had pa.s.sed.

Finally, that bit of demonic energy trembled for a long time but didn’t collapse. This meant that he finally did it.

Han Fei successfully disa.s.sembled a speck of demonic energy into two halves.

Han Fei was immediately excited, and almost subconsciously, he detonated the small ma.s.s of spiritual energy on each of his hands.

However, there was a violent explosion on each hand of his, setting off a huge splash. Its power was actually twice as powerful as normal.


Han Fei’s eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at his hands incredulously.

“Disa.s.sembling the demonic energy can increase its intensity?”

Han Fei took a deep breath. This meant that a speck of demonic energy could be used as two, and it was probably the same case for spiritual energy.

Han Fei suddenly remembered, With the improvement of one’s realm, one of the biggest differences between the weak and strong is the intensity of spiritual energy. The same amount of spiritual energy can exert completely different power.

At this moment, Han Fei seemed to open the door to a new world.

What if in the same realm everyone had 100 points of spiritual energy, but my 100 points could be used as 200 points, then what would happen?

Han Fei was immediately horrified. If every sea demon could do this, how terrible would it be?

What was coming up on the 19th floor?

Outside, there were more and more people gathered around! Among them, there were even dozens of strong masters at the sea demon realm.

Chixue Huan arrived late, and when he saw the Demon Stele from a distance, he was also terrified.

“Every floor he pa.s.sed, he got first place. Yu Fei is really something!”

Beside Chixue Huan, a cold-faced sea monster looked puzzled. “Chixue Huan, I went to the secret realm with Yu Ji. Although they said there was a second guardian creature, I didn’t find any trace of it. Did Yu Fei conceal something purposely?”

Chixue Huan snorted coldly. “Yu Hanjia, although Yu Yue’s talent is okay, I don’t think you’ll care about him so much. What you care about is the Fateful Sacred Gra.s.s, right?”

This Half-Merman was the eighth-ranked superpower among the Eight Wings of Blue Feather, Yu Hanjia, the nominal master of Yu Yue.

Yu Hanjia didn’t answer Chixue Huan’s question but said, “This guy has such great potential. Why did he come to our Ten Thousand Demon Valley? I’m afraid he can even go to the Royal City, can’t he?”

Chixue Huan sneered. “Even you and I don’t know where the Royal City is. How can he know it? He was a legendary creature. If he can make it to the 72nd floor and take the first places of all the floors, he’ll definitely become the top of the younger generation.”

Yu Hanjia asked, “Didn’t you have an agreement with him? To let him go after he does three things for you? Do you think a genius like him will stay?”

“As long as we can give him enough benefits. For example, Divine Weapons… Or, for example, cultivation techniques above the heaven-level…”

Han Fei had already entered the 19th floor.

This time, there was no suppressing pressure. Han Fei glanced at the harpoon in his hand.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Although Han Fei couldn’t perceive it, he had activated the Eyes of True Vision, so he saw some invisible creatures lurking in the water. At the moment he appeared, they had launched attacks on him.

“Dark Thorn Fish?”

A Dark Thorn Fish was an a.s.sa.s.sination-type creature, a hunters’ favorite beast.

This fish was very dangerous. If one encountered a school of Dark Thorn Fish in the ocean, the consequences would be dire. It was like encountering thousands of hunters, and ordinary people would probably have no chance to survive at all.

Although there were Dark Thorn Fish for sale on the Scattered Star Island, they were mostly fished by Hanging Fishers from the air. No one dared to catch them in the sea.

Han Fei murmured, “F*ck, these are much more dangerous than Soul Explosion Fish.”


When the first Dark Thorn Fish hit Han Fei, he felt pain in the place where he was. .h.i.t.

“It’s over level-45. Maybe it’s level-46 or even level-47?”

“No, it hasn’t reached the realm of an advanced Hanging Fisher, but has definitely reached that of a peak-level intermediate Hanging Fisher.”

Han Fei was horrified and didn’t dare to take these fish lightly. He clutched the harpoon and the demonic energy gathered.



A ray of light burst out, and dozens of Dark Thorn Fish rolled and flew away.

Han Fei used the Water Spinning as A Shield technique of the Impermanent Golden Halberd. In the face of endless attacks like this, only this powerful defensive water shield could protect him.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The invisible Dark Thorn Fish pounced at Han Fei one wave after another and all ended up bursting into ma.s.ses of demonic energy that dispersed in the water.

And the water shield in Han Fei’s hand was smashed again and again but was re-condensed again and again.

Han Fei cursed in his heart, “There are so many of them. Ordinary people wouldn’t have so much demonic energy to block them!”

But then he thought, What if I disa.s.semble all my demonic energy into halves? Didn’t it mean that one speck of demonic energy can be used as two?

He shouted, “That’s it! But how do I disa.s.semble it in battle?”

Fighting for half an hour, Han Fei was aching all over. Half an hour ago, the Water Spinning as A Shield was no longer working! That was because there were too many Dark Thorn Fish here.

At this moment, countless pale red fist marks swept across the water. The Seventeen Dragon Fists were fierce and domineering, and there was even a touch of golden light on the pale red fist mark.

Clang… Clang… Clang… Clang…

When Han Fei was completely reduced to a target, he sighed. “Forget it, if I secretly use the Art of Invincibility, people outside won’t find it, right?”


Outside, On the Demon Stele, the name Yu Fei kept rising at the line of the 19th floor, and countless people were silent.

Yu Ji murmured, “So, what kind of Azure Sea Blue Demon are you?”

Yu Yun and the other sea demons, who had tried to trick Han Fei, were all horrified at the moment.

Someone looked at Yu Yun and said, “Forget it, this person’s rise is already unstoppable. If you can find a way to mend things with him, try.”

Yu Yun opened her mouth. This guy literally occupied the first place of all the floors! This was a miracle unprecedented in thousands of years! How could she have known it before? Now she had already offended him. How could she mend things with him?

Someone sighed. “An Azure Sea Blue Demon… An Azure Sea Blue Demon that has broken the record of 18 floors in a row! This is insane!”


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