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Chapter 1388: The Great War Is Coming

The G.o.d of War was not a G.o.d.

Just now, Han Fei thought that the G.o.d of War was a real G.o.d who might give an oracle or something. It turned out that the G.o.d of War was an Emperor in the Longevity Realm.

But even so, Han Fei’s Golden Body could only use two small drops of the essence blood of the G.o.d of War.

As the blood entered his body, Han Fei clearly felt the stability of his flesh and blood.

However, Han Fei discovered something else. This so-called emperor’s blood seemed to be trying to compete with the original golden blood in his body.

Han Fei thought to himself, No matter how powerful other people’s blood is, it’s still other people’s blood. You can be used by me and become a part of my energy. However, you want to swallow my original blood and replace it? That’s a little ridiculous.

“Swallow it.”

Han Fei activated his Dao Seed, and his blood surged. The golden blood was like worms, crazily tearing the essence blood of the G.o.d of War, which was rare but of high quality.

At this moment, the demonic energy in Han Fei’s body was surging, which consumed a lot. Almost every hundred seconds, two or three ultra-quality demonic stones shattered.

Fortunately, Han Fei had obtained so many ultra-quality demonic stones at once. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to hold on for long with his original reserve.

An hour later, Han Fei sensed that the power of the essence blood of the G.o.d of War had been completely refined but the power of his Phantom Gla.s.s Wings had been completely swallowed and melted into his flesh, blood, and soul.

After another three hours, his enforcing law was swallowed, and Han Fei’s skin grew again, which was quite fair, making him look more handsome. His flesh and blood were completely stable, and half of the essence blood of the G.o.d of War newly entering his body had been refined.

After another six hours, the essence blood of the G.o.d of War was finally absorbed.

At this moment, Han Fei’s physique was extremely lacking in energy.

When he absorbed energy from his surroundings again, Han Fei found that the Cloud Whale’s protective energy was no longer enough. His physique seemed to be too strong. This was the benefit of swallowing the blood of the G.o.d of War.

In an instant, Han Fei realized that sometimes, having too strong a physique was not a good thing. If he didn’t have the energy supply now, he might be devoured!

In terms of body size alone,

In the short half a day just now, because he had absorbed too much energy, he became fat and almost became a ball.

Then, due to the lack of energy in the outside world, he became thin and became a bag of bones!

Han Fei felt that it would be impossible to reverse this trend in another quarter of an hour!

With a thought from Han Fei, a dozen energy fruits floated in front of Han Fei.


Outside, Han Fei had disappeared for three days.

Since he returned to the Scattered Stars Island on the first day, he had killed a Venerable, killed many peak-level Dao Seeking powerhouses, and swept across the sea with his sword. The entire island was in an uproar.

Many people speculated that Han Fei had obtained a great opportunity and become a top powerhouse.

However, Han Fei disappeared soon. He didn’t appear at any of the celebratory banquets.

Some people who knew the inside story even looked at the Empyrean Waterfall where Jiuyin Ling was.

At this moment, Jiuyin Ling was still in her old yard. Next to her yard, Han Fei’s yard was still there, but it was surrounded by mist and seemed to be isolated by an array.

In Jiuyin Ling’s yard, two girls were drinking tea.

Jiuyin Ling was as elegant as before, but not as ethereal as before.

The woman on the opposite side seemed to be absent-minded. She had a pair of drooping braids at her temples, and there were two curved bangs in front of the braids, which showed a beautiful arc.

At this moment, the woman was holding a teacup, her eyes glazed.

Jiuyin Ling couldn’t help but ask, “Xiaoyu, you don’t seem to like to eat much recently. Are you too lazy to cook?”

Being called by Jiuyin Ling, He Xiaoyu came back to her senses. “Huh? Oh… I just feel that ordinary ingredients are just impurities. No matter how delicious the food is, it’s of no use. My spiritual heritage and talent are not as good as yours. If I don’t pay more attention to cultivation, how can I become strong in the future?”

Jiuyin Ling smiled and said, “Xiaoyu, you’re already very strong. Even people with a level-six or even level-seven spiritual heritage dare not say that their cultivation speeds are faster than yours. You just lack time!”

He Xiaoyu shook her head slightly. “No, I know what I’m capable of. Even if I’ve gained a great opportunity, it only improved my Spiritual Heritage by one level. I’m still far away from most of you!”

Jiuyin Ling raised her head and looked at the clouds not far away. She said indifferently, “If he were here, he would say that this is all nonsense. Spiritual Heritage can only determine a person’s apt.i.tude, and hard work can also become a kind of talent.”

He Xiaoyu curled his lips and asked curiously, “Xiao Jiu, did he really kill a Venerable?”


He Xiaoyu couldn’t help but hold her chin. “A Venerable! The legendary super powerhouse. I hadn’t seen him many times since I came to the Scattered Stars Island. Even if I saw him once in a while, I only caught a glimpse of him from a distance. I didn’t even see clearly what he looked like. I’m afraid that people of this level will only appear in the legends in our village, right?”

In fact, Jiuyin Ling wasn’t much better than He Xiaoyu. Although she was born in the Thousand Star City and had seen Venerables, it was still unimaginable for her to fight a Venerable.

In the past, everyone said that her cultivation speed was unparalleled.

But now, Han Fei had been able to kill a Venerable! What kind of cultivation speed was this?

He Xiaoyu suddenly said, “Let’s not talk about him. Xiao Jiu, when are you going to transcend the tribulation? You’re already so strong. You can definitely transcend the tribulation successfully, right?”

Jiuyin Ling still shook her head. “Only at this point did I know that transcending the tribulation wouldn’t be that easy. I’m not a body refiner, so I can only use the power of my law, the Dao of Nine Sounds to resist the tribulation. In fact, when these are all pushed to the extreme, peak-level law enforcers can still become stronger, but it requires enough energy to polish our bodies. However, with my physique, I need to become twice as strong to have the ability to transcend the tribulation.”

He Xiaoyu couldn’t help but gasp. This is too difficult!

However, He Xiaoyu’s heart did a flip. Her physique was very strong among her peers. Since practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies, few people on the entire Scattered Stars Island had surpa.s.sed her in physique…

He Xiaoyu felt that she had mastered the technique that Han Fei gave her. Although she had cultivated several other body refining techniques over the years, she felt that they were much worse than the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.

He Xiaoyu thought that at least Jiuyin Ling didn’t know this body-refining technique. Now, even if Jiuyin Ling wanted to learn it, the effect wouldn’t be good enough because it would be difficult to change the foundation she had laid before.

Toot! Toot!

Suddenly, above the Empyrean Waterfall, a loud conch sounded.

A Law Enforcer arrived on a boat and shouted, “Everybody from the Empyrean Waterfall, let’s go to the Sea of Pearls. The sea demon army is coming! We need reinforcements, now!”


Beams of spiritual energy burst out, and in the blink of an eye, a hundred people flew across the sky and gathered on their boats.

“Big Yellow, come back.”

Granny Yin shouted, and a yellow figure flew into the sky and instantly pa.s.sed above Jiuyin Ling’s home.

Seeing this, He Xiaoyu immediately said, “Xiao Jiu, I have to return to my team. Be careful!”

Jiuyin Ling also looked solemn. “Okay!”

An operation involving the entire Empyrean Waterfall couldn’t be simple.

Although there were many strong masters on the Scattered Stars Island, as well as many peak-level Hidden Fishers and Law Enforcers, those who could live in the Empyrean Waterfall were all very strong.

Even if Jiuyin Ling said that her physique wasn’t strong enough, when she really entered the battlefield, few people could resist the nine sounds and her enforcing law of sealing!

He Xiaoyu returned to her team, only to see the sky full of fishing boats and teams. Tens of thousands of Hanging Fishers and seven or eight Hundred-Hidden Fisher Teams flew past.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The fishing boats broke through the air one after another, leaving one after another misty aura in the sky, which exploded all over the sky.

He Xiaoyu caught up with them and returned to her team.

At this moment, Jing’er, who had been eating and drinking to her heart’s content on the Scattered Stars Island, was stunned.

She had never seen such a scene.

She knew that Han Fei had a fishing boat and had heard that there were many fishing boats in the Yin-Yang World. However, she never expected that everyone here had a fishing boat. Everyone could ride a fishing boat and fly in the sky or dive into the sea. Even Hanging Fishers had their own fishing boats!

Although the fishing boat was not fast, it was rare!


Jing’er was holding seven or eight skewers and various snacks in her hand.

While watching the magnificent scene in the sky, she exclaimed, “The Yin-Yang World really has a lot of wars. I’ve seen several battles since I came here. This time, it seems that it’s a big war again! However, why hasn’t Han Fei come out yet?”

Jing’er knew that Han Fei went to the Empyrean Waterfall. She also felt that there seemed to be something mysterious under the old turtle. However, this was a matter of the Yin-Yang World, namely, the business of Han Fei. She could only watch.

Quickly eating the skewers in her hand, Jing’er curled her lips. “Although it’s delicious, it’s not as delicious as what I made. It seems that Han Fei is right. His culinary skills are indeed unparalleled.”


Then, Jing’er took out several cups of fiery liquor from nowhere, which were still being burnt in flames. Jing’er poured the liquor into her mouth.

“Ah! This one is interesting.”

At the same time, in a certain carnival shop, a waitress cursed, “Who the h.e.l.l stole the liquor? Forget it. The war is coming. Maybe you can’t live long.”

Sea of Pearls.

Hundreds of thousands of sea demons rushed over.

It was impossible for the Scattered Stars Island not to notice this. Someone had already noticed it when they were still more than 200,000 kilometers away.

At this time, the fishing boats from the Pearl Divers’ Port flew to the Scattered Stars Island one after another. After all, most of the pearl divers were disabled. Although they could fight, there was a high chance that they would die.

Some bold pearl divers made up their minds. “We can’t be disabled forever. Let’s fight it out.”

Another three days pa.s.sed.

Except for the clams in the sea, the entire Pearl Divers’ Port was empty. It could be foreseen that no matter what happened in this battle, the currency of the Thousand Star City would inevitably have some change…

On this day, a storm was raging.

The sky was no longer clear, and the sea was dimming. In the raging waves, around the Pearl Divers’ Port, at least 50,000 people lined up in dozens of arrays.

Unlike the sea demons, human beings had five major professions. Apart from the professions, there were also organizations such as the Guild of Fishers, the Pioneer Group, and the Dark Hunter Legion.

At this moment, they had all been prepared.

An Explorer roared, “Where are the soldiers? Why haven’t they come over yet?”

An explorer replied, “No, the sea demons attacked very decisively this time. The Scattered Stars Island is surrounded again with countless marine creatures outside.”

Xue Shenqi stepped out of the void. “Don’t panic! Elder Bingyun, there are many bugs on the west coast of the Scattered Stars Island. Please guard there to prevent the enemy’s Venerables from taking advantage of that.”

The beautiful woman was nowhere to be seen. Her leisure voice sounded. “Okay!”

Xue Shenqi said again, “Patriarch Six Swords, please guard the east of the Scattered Stars Island and the ancient battlefield with Elder Jian Sanqing in case the Venerables of the other party attack us.”

“No problem.”

The sword light flashed and Patriarch Six Swords had already left.

Xue Shenqi continued, “Venerable Cao, we have to defend the Twisted Jungle, but it’s easy to defend but difficult to attack. I’m afraid that the Venerable will attack there. Please guard it.”

The Cao Family Venerable simply said, “Okay!”

On the other side, as soon as the Cao Family Venerable left, a Venerable from the Ye Family said, “Hey! They are all defending, but we have to fight?”

Yang Kun also said, “Marshal Xue, isn’t your arrangement a bit biased?”

Sun Baisheng also said, “Arranging the Venerables of our big clans to fight in the front line? Indeed not appropriate.”

Xue Shenqi’s eyes turned cold. “The enemy is right in front of us. I hope you can pay attention to your words. Venerables are just restraining the enemies and rarely take action. Don’t ruin our morale! Otherwise, even if I lose the Sea of Pearls, I’ll kill him.”


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